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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Strangling with emotion

Nuffnang has their very own inaugural Nuffnang Asia Pasific Blog Awards and it is basically going to be held in Singapore.
Anyone can be nominated of any awards that have been highlighted or could nominated the one you think deserve to win those title.
I have nominated somebody :p well, basically I think he/she deserves anyway... and anyone could be in this right?

But, deep in my heart, I wonder how are they really going to judge it. Or it is just back to reality, only those famous blogger only could win? Like Fourfeetnine, Cheesie, SuetLi? Haha~

Later, I'm going for a charity work at Ipoh at 3am++ with mummy, aunty and my cousin. I wonder what charity work that need to get me moving so early in the morning.
But, I hope it will be a good experience and after this I will be more good enough to handle my own time cause I have been procastinating since yesterday!

For God sake, I also don't know what the hell happen to me and once and once again I have been so lazy. So lazy until I can't describe it. Hate it! Hate it! FML!
If this continuing, I might screw for my final and this is the thing I won't want to see it. Never again! Sigh~

Eyes damn itchy and watery now, headache since evening, what happen to me? Damn it! Stress! Sometime, i also don't know what the hell I am stressing myself. But, the feeling of stress is really appears!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Another enjoyable weekend of mine

I think I been tagged by Adam a.k.a SinTze Loo, Kar Fay and my dearest bestie, Ashlee... =_="
Now, I shall accomplish my taggie. :) But I found tagging is quite not so interesting to include as a blog post. Well, is just my opinion :p
Anyway, everything got its first time but I just found out rupa-rupanya, this is the 2nd time :)
and I announce here, this is also the last time I do tag. Any after this will not be entertained :p

Since I shall just choose one of them, then it will be KarFay. Reason is because Saf wrote about Ash, and Ash wrote about SinTze. Lol. SEE la, I so give face to you all :p

Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik mengenai pemberi award ini
(1) Definitely a good friend and willing to help whenever I have problem with my laptop
(2) Loves to sing
(3) People call him "fa jie". Sumpit more worst, call him "fa fa"
(4) Don't get me wrong in (3). Definitely a pure male.
(5) I suppose he is David Tao hardcore fan

Setiap blogger harus menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya
[F]act (1) : I hate backstabber, liar, betayer, sarcasticor
[F]act (2) : I love eating and always craving for nice food
[F]act (3) : Family/relationship/friendship are important to me
[F]act (4) : I hate Mathematics and Accounting subjects
[F]act (5) : I can cook :p
[F]act (6) : I feeling blue and strange recently
[F]act (7) : I'm cracking my head for the fact that I need to fill in
[F]act (8) : I think I miss Raymond now!
[F]act (9) : I love my family and siblings a lot!
[F]act (10) : I am who I am

anda perlu memilih penerima award seterusnya,dan describe tentang mereka
Now, I shall officially close this tag :)
No more tagging, so people, thanks me :p


Last weekend back to hometown again after class on Friday cause I just love to be at home as I grown older. I also don't know why.
But, this time I home with Shirley too!
She is craving for TI so called best chu cheong fan, thus she followed me went back TI.
Once we reached TI, the first place we went is not my home but to Beauty and Bold Boutique.
Lol! She bought for RM280++ without looking for price tags!
Seeing her shopping like this make me envy also cause I'm totally broke to shop anymore, thus I just bought myself a lingerie in order to make me feel better :p

After hour plus of shopping, we had ko kei hor fun. Glad that she love it.
Seriously, ko kei hor fun is 100000000000000x way more better that lou wong nga choi kai :p
Right after that, we went to grandma house to visit her as mummy told me grandma fall sick.
At grandma house, she saw a piano and as you know, music lover will never resist the temptation to play and present wonderful song to their surrounding, thus she played several cool and nice music and this is one of the video that I've recorded.

Receive call from Lynette and then we headed to mcD for yum char session. Lynette a.k.a the mummy still as usual, so hyperactive and hilarious all the time. You will never get boring to be her friend. Waiting forward to see Tyan and her baby girl also but too bad, I don't have time. Shall be next week I guess if both of them still at TI ")

Finally, after yum char at mcD, we headed to buy chee cheong fun and FINALLY went back home. The feeling of being at home is so good!

That night, we slept at 3 am plus after we watched Taken(2008).
A nice and cool movie.
The story plot is about a 17 years old girl went for holiday at Paris alone and got abducted by those human traficking and how his dad use all his way to save her daughter by the little information provided by her daughter before she get caught.
Although this is not a new movie, but it is recommended to watch to whom like me who is so outdated with 2008 movie although now is 2009.

I have sleepless night and barely have nice sleep cause later 6am plus I drove Shirley to KhoonYan's house so that they can went back together to Kampar.

To my dear Shirley, hope you enjoy your stay in TI although is a short one :) If got chance, I will sure go over your place at Seremban.

Saturday night, went to Chui Chak for dinner as we can't dine in TI. ( I only knew the reason when we are on the way to Langkap) Lol!. 13 of us went with 3 cars. Saf treated us as for his birthday celebration. Thanks for your meal ya and I here to wish you all the best in your life ya! Welcome to join the 22th group! May all your wishes come true :)

After dinner, we have gathering in CheeKoon house.
CheeKoon house is ibarat party house or house with everything.
As you see, house for new year eve gathering, house for partying, house for drinking, house for gambling, house for killer game, house for pokering and last but not least, house for unlimited porn :X
Wuahahahahaha~ I hope he won't see this :p

Yea, that night we had poker. We poker until 5am in the morning. Guess what, Ashlee and me both won some money that enough for petrol our car to go back to our place :)
and poker is fun! Better than lembu!
When we still can have gathering huh?

and this is another sleepless night I had...

Sunday is just so good for me after hardcore gathering, partying and pokering as this is the time I can seriously stay at home to have my own sweet time with my family.
Not forget that, I have good chit-chatting time with mummy and at night, whole family went to Giant to have a walk after dinner. My 2 naughty bros definitely like to mingle around me and pestering me for treat. Poor sis can't join us cause she can't spare herself back to hometown due to work.

Kinda long post I have here. Hope it won't irritates you all. Oh yea, I'm fasting from facebook-ing. So, ppl please scold/whack/punch/tease or whateva you can do to me so that I'm outta facebook alright? Is all about for the final exam purpose!

P/s : Waiting for Friday again!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's been raining this few days... the weather is so cold and is best when you are going to your dreamland :) How I wish I could too!
I guess I just need to start myself to adapt going bed not too early as final is approaching soon! You see, final is when the time you hardly can't get a good sleep and that's the reason why I preparing myself for this.
Sounds torturing right? :X That's me! :0

Back to the main things of today's post.
Attended Shiseido make-up class by soft-skills just now.
Overall, is quite interesting when you actually learn/know the do's and dont's of how to take care of your skin, apply proper skin care products, putting on make-ups.
The speaker is charming too, and just so adorable... cute!
Too bad, I forgot to snap any photos to prove it :(
The talks are way too short and imagine for 2 hours, it is quite impossible to learn anything right?
What's more for me, this lazy and idiotic of make-ups' people...

Here's the sample that we got from them.
We are also given the voucher of skin analysis and makeover session and it's FREE! FOC!
I don't think I got chance to use it as the expiry is on 20 Sept 2009 cause in between this period, I won't happen to bump in any Shiseido's counter :(
Anyone interested? Can grab it from me :)

-The sample and the booklet by Shiseido-

After marketing tutorial, went to Sushi King with Shirley the lioness :X
We ate too little but we are just so full. Btw, if you love Unagi, don't forget to dine in there as they are having Unagi Time promo basically offering all unagi rice-based sushi! and it's till 31 Aug 2009 only!

-8 plates only.(Us) Rare one.-

They are also having their own Sushi King's mooncake. It offers yam+pumkin flavour(as shown below) and green tea+citrus flavour. Both for RM21 only! Grab it for your beloved in this coming mooncake festival :)

-Look quite nice huh?-

Exam mode officially starts starting this week! I need strength and to be persistent enough! I know I can do it! Cause is just the matter of whether I want it or not :) Ima having final from 12/09/2009-25/09/2009. Wish me luck and do pray for me ya :P

P/s : Going to Shirley's hs now to help her to ..... :P

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hmmmm.. too bad..

Ima got instinct to get this, thus I check my mail. Take note, I haven't check my mails for ages.
To my surprise, I did got it.
I know is not a big deal and fuss about it, but just too happy cause that the 1st time I leave a comment said that, I want to watch Orphan :p
and got myself invites with a pair of tickets to the premiere screening...
too bad I'm not based in KL right at this moment,
which means I never can be going either :(
Hmmmm... too bad...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I hate "shit"

My life should be fun and happening as I'm still young.
I considered age of 22 is just the beginning of another chapter of life.
But, why I felt so pathetic?
Why I always overreacted(I suppose I am) whenever I have problem that need me to be solved?
The typical selfish me want to skip all those negative things that I might actually need to face it.
Can I?
Tell me what can I do to help you?
The selfish me would actually want to just close my eyes and see, hear and feel nothing about it.
I know I am selfish and passive but I'm just 22.
Can I just do what I'm suppose to do like all the 22 are doing?
Focus on study, enjoying life and not thinking how to solve this shit?
I am really pissed off at myself for saying such things but I just don't know what can I do.
God, please tell me what should I do to help him. Please guide him to the correct path.

P/s : Final is approaching as well. Haigh :(

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fabulous weekend :)

As mentioned I had a wonderful weekend in my pm at my Msn, so here is some update on previous weekend that I had. I attended career talk by Genting Malaysia Berhad. I went to Ipoh on the same day after the career talk. I joined soft-skill (Thinking Out Of The Box) on Sunday :)

Let's talk about Saturday. 15/08/2009

Well, woke up early in the morning to get myself prepare to attend career talk by Genting Malaysia Berhad(formerly known as Resorts World Berhad).

Young and smart speaker as I can see. To our surprise, he told us that he was graduated from UTAR last December, which means he is our senior :) He came with another HR Exec, Mr Francis Khoo. I still remember vividly that he is the first man who interviewed me when I was looking for a part-time job in Genting 5 years back.

To make things short and simple, I shall concluded what I have learned from the career talk. Well, he taught us on how to deal with some interview questions that might ask from the interviewer. Those frequently asked and tricky questions. He talked about the effectively grooming so that we can please the interviewer when we attending interview. He talked about benefits of working in Genting. Etc, etc, etc.

After the talk, I drove to Ipoh to meet Ashlee for lunch and movie. We watched District 9. If you want me to rate, it would be 6/10 :P After movie, we both move on our separate way. She and her friends heading back to UTP for AmySearch if I'm not mistaken. Me and Jason of cause won't waste our time to do some shopping spree :) He bought a lot of apparels for himself while I bought apparels for myself and also for dear since it is considered worth to buy after discount. I shall spare putting up photo on the apparel I bought for dear so that dear will eventually be more happy when he actually got it :P
I bought myself a sandal too cause my heels make my legs damn pain when I was walking shop by shop :P
I bought a cheap pefume cause I like the smell. Wtf. =_="
I bought myself a shoe rack so that my shoes can be arranged nicely :)
I didn't buy a blink-blink apparel and a blink-blink heels that I love it so muchieeeeee!! Damn sad! The reason : I considered that I might get myself starving all the way to the end of the August which resulted of giving up on my desired :(

Saturday done and here come Sunday. 16/08/2009

Despite of tiredness and lack of sleep, I told Shirley that I wont attend church on Sunday and told her to message me after she settled for church thingy so that we can go together for the soft-skill that we had registered early in July. Before I continue my post, I strongly recommended to all the Utarians to join Thinking Out Of The Box under the Creative Thinking section that organized by the Soft-skill department.

I think most of us had fun there and learning something new too, perhaps. We learnt SCRAMPER. Well, SCRAMPER is a strategy that can be used to assist students to generate new or alternative ideas. It is a tool to suport creative, divergent thinking. It is an acronym for substitute, combine, adapt, modify/magnify/minify, put to other uses, eliminate, reverse/rearrange.
Actually, we learnt a lot other than SCRAMPER. To have more details of the programme, you should have take part and experience it yourself :P
Now, let me show you some photos that were taken during the day :)

Kian Meng presented our idea of healthcare products that have been assigned to our group.
We name our company LIFE

This is taken during our break. Shirley loves to camwhore and she can camwhore everywhere at any moment as well :P

and I love to pose and did a candid one as well :)

All the managers were given tasks by CEO which were building a tall, strong and neat telecommunication tower, designing 3 party hats and cutting a paper so that it can fit two peoples inside but the condition is without tearing the papers and the papers must be in shape :P AND doing a container for the eggs so that when it drop from high, the egg won't broken

Can you see the serious-ness of us in getting our tasks done?

Still doing...

and keep doing... CEO is looking, so I better do nicely :)

and I'm hoping that our peak does the tallest among all :)

Indeed, we are the tallest among all the design...

and strongest :)
Checking by the CEO :p

CEO checking the eggs :)

Time to throw the eggs from the 1st floor :P
-Our group's-

We managed to camwhore when they were throwing the eggs out :P

It happened to landed nicely but the eggs broken because of the bad position of the egg :(

Our group photo :)
YipiYaYa @ LIFE

-Other's groups photo-

and we ended the session taking photo with Capt. Arivananthan with his wife together with someone that suppose not to be inside :X
*evil me*

P/s : Hoping to join other soft-skill that is interesting next semester :p
P. p/s : Tagging post is on next. Kena tagged by Adam, Karfay and Ashlee :(

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary to Us

4 years!
It is already 4 years we been together.
Without me even realize, we been together for 4 years!
How time flies.
Too bad, we didn't manage to celebrate it for 3 years because you is far away from me, far away from peninsular Malaysia.
And to be exact, I don't have any memory of anniversary in my mind and my heart.
Haigh, a bit disappointed on 14/08 whenever he is not around.
Sometime, I will envy seeing other's blog seeing those some sort of anniversary post and yet I've got nothing!
So pathetic.
How about next year?
What I want or wish, I will never get I. I know it. Cause we have different perspective views on this matter.
I'm just an ordinary lady and wishing to be get treated like how I supposed to be treated.
Anyway, I just want to say Happy 4th Anniversary to you. I love you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crapping entry

Haiyo! It is already Wednesday night. I have been so free and doing nothing.
Seriously nothing!
I've been progressing so damn slow cause I'm damn lazy
Can I blame it to my auntie? :X
She's the one who make me felt so restless, whole body ache, sleepy and yawning all the time although I have enough sleep.
I got a lot of things which to be done by this week and I do hope I can accomplish everything by this week.

Let's see...

I want/need to...
(1) print out past year exam paper(which I am doing now! cause I'm too boring. Wtf.)
(2) clean my wardrobe
(3) clean my room(cause I felt it is too messy! :P)
(4) filing all my certs in the new file that I bought(checked this morning :) )
(5) start my revision for final exam
(6) attend career talk by ex-company this Saturday
(7) attend soft-skill(thinking out of box) this Sunday to fulfill my soft-skill marks
(8) do a lot of things which now I still can't figure it out

Tomorrow I got a presentation but I don't know why I didn't preparing anything. Hmm, I'm not flattering that I'm a good presenter and seriously, I think I'm the worst in the class.(please don't compare with those bad, but those good one)
Perhaps, I do the whole assignment, that's why I think no one will understand the contents more better than me :P which is also the reason for me procastinating

I can't log in to my MSN. I miss him :( We been communicating less recently. :(

I noticed that my post containing more words than photos recently.

To Ashlee, let me show you my look-alike-kid's fringe that you want me to show you.

P/s : I want to learn Photoshop. Anyone willing to teach?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

H1N1 again

I don't know how the seriousness it affected my university but indeed got 1 UTAR student died of H1N1.
Seems like after the news not long, people tend to be more aware. I noticed many of the students are actually wearing mask to protect themselves from affected.
And for me? I don't really influence by the news I guess..
Right until now, I still believing that, it is not easy to get infected after all. :X
Dying of H1N1 is better than any cause you don't feel the pain.
According to Jason, it is more like a sudden death and you actually don't have any acknowledge of it and he said that is not worth cause we haven't inform of our will.
Thus, I told him, if I ever died of H1N1, all my belongings will goes to my family and please tell UTAR to burn one First Class Honour Degree certificate to me so that I died with no regret :X

Friday, August 7, 2009

All done

Done! DOne! DONe! DONE!
Finally, everything is done!
Y2S1 assignments officially ends today!
Thanks for all my groupmates. I believe without all of you, we can't easily do our things!
Hope we have a better experience to perform better in next semester.
Love you all!
and glad to be at home, finally... after 5 weeks!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dedicated to the Irresponsible "Person"

Please allow me to release my anger and frustration here.
Btw, this is my blog and why I'm asking permission? Wtf.

Damn [A]ngry, [F]rustating, [I]rritating, [F]laming I'm right now!

I tried my best to control my anger and feeling towards this particular "person" but yet I failed cause of some irresponsible answer that the "person" finally gave me at 21:51pm

Let me just highlight the problem that occured,

Today, mood of attending class is so so as I considered I woke up quite late, 9.30am(due burning midnight oil) to get prepared for the early class and quickly got myself dress up and prepared for the only class for today which is 10am-12pm. Take note that I'm not fortunate enough to obtain car sticker this semester that causes me to drive all the way to East gate, got parked, walk all the way to Block D, D116 and once I stepped near the class, I realized that it is empty and asked Jason to call somebody to ask. And that somebody said class is cancel and he received notice of class cancellation roughly at 8am plus

Based on above explanation, do you think that I can be not fcuking FLAMING?

Let me tell you what the "person" had said.
"Person": I went back hometown last night, my phone din have your contact number, so cannot tell you. I just come back only(21:40pm)

The question is, I asked the "person" why didn't inform that the class cancel to me.. And I really think the "person"
is bullshitting a lot by saying, "I went back hometown last night" which I don't think is necessary to inform me your whereabout.

Ok! Fine! Since the "person" don't have my number, the "person" HAS Jason number!

About the bullshitting things the "person" said just now really make me wonder whether is true or just a lie. But I don't think there's the need to lie.
Going to and back from JB approximately needs 10++hours if only by car and more than that if taking public transports and I last saw the "person" on Monday 5pm. Going back on Monday, 5pm and seeing the "person" on Tuesday,4pm++ online but the "person" told me, "I'm just back!"(21:45pm)

Is it possible? It is really puzzled me! and at the same make me thinks that it is quite impossible(take note : merely my own assumption)

The more I think, the more I got pissed off! Wtf.
I don't know why I'm wasting time to talk on worthless "person" for me here instead of getting my butt on the real business that I should have focusing right now!

When the angers just couldn't get off, you will see the horrible side of the girl bitching about the "person" right now!

Is time to get on cold shower and let all the angers GONE! All GONE

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Finally, 1 day fasting from on9 since yesterday, I'm back into action again!
Last mid-terms officially end today, and that's the good news...
Well, the bad news are 2 assignment haven't done and deadline due next week. Argh!
So, which means is still the same, no play hard for me!
Mid-terms result? All are just average and so so...
But, just not happy with finance's mid term result.
Can you imagine my roomie exaggerate and yell about losing just o.5 marks and how about me, myself and other some of the classmates been deduct 9 marks which equivalent 3.6 marks for just putting a tiny marks that we shouldn't put... not fair!
Hmmm, what to do? We are just students and we have to accept the lost of 3.6 marks... Damn! 3.6 marks! It does make a lot of different wey! Wtf.
Can't wait to be back next week!
I want to watch Hannah Montana in TI's cinema. Who's interested?

P/s : Should I absent for MIS next week? -_-"