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Monday, August 24, 2009

Another enjoyable weekend of mine

I think I been tagged by Adam a.k.a SinTze Loo, Kar Fay and my dearest bestie, Ashlee... =_="
Now, I shall accomplish my taggie. :) But I found tagging is quite not so interesting to include as a blog post. Well, is just my opinion :p
Anyway, everything got its first time but I just found out rupa-rupanya, this is the 2nd time :)
and I announce here, this is also the last time I do tag. Any after this will not be entertained :p

Since I shall just choose one of them, then it will be KarFay. Reason is because Saf wrote about Ash, and Ash wrote about SinTze. Lol. SEE la, I so give face to you all :p

Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik mengenai pemberi award ini
(1) Definitely a good friend and willing to help whenever I have problem with my laptop
(2) Loves to sing
(3) People call him "fa jie". Sumpit more worst, call him "fa fa"
(4) Don't get me wrong in (3). Definitely a pure male.
(5) I suppose he is David Tao hardcore fan

Setiap blogger harus menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya
[F]act (1) : I hate backstabber, liar, betayer, sarcasticor
[F]act (2) : I love eating and always craving for nice food
[F]act (3) : Family/relationship/friendship are important to me
[F]act (4) : I hate Mathematics and Accounting subjects
[F]act (5) : I can cook :p
[F]act (6) : I feeling blue and strange recently
[F]act (7) : I'm cracking my head for the fact that I need to fill in
[F]act (8) : I think I miss Raymond now!
[F]act (9) : I love my family and siblings a lot!
[F]act (10) : I am who I am

anda perlu memilih penerima award seterusnya,dan describe tentang mereka
Now, I shall officially close this tag :)
No more tagging, so people, thanks me :p


Last weekend back to hometown again after class on Friday cause I just love to be at home as I grown older. I also don't know why.
But, this time I home with Shirley too!
She is craving for TI so called best chu cheong fan, thus she followed me went back TI.
Once we reached TI, the first place we went is not my home but to Beauty and Bold Boutique.
Lol! She bought for RM280++ without looking for price tags!
Seeing her shopping like this make me envy also cause I'm totally broke to shop anymore, thus I just bought myself a lingerie in order to make me feel better :p

After hour plus of shopping, we had ko kei hor fun. Glad that she love it.
Seriously, ko kei hor fun is 100000000000000x way more better that lou wong nga choi kai :p
Right after that, we went to grandma house to visit her as mummy told me grandma fall sick.
At grandma house, she saw a piano and as you know, music lover will never resist the temptation to play and present wonderful song to their surrounding, thus she played several cool and nice music and this is one of the video that I've recorded.

Receive call from Lynette and then we headed to mcD for yum char session. Lynette a.k.a the mummy still as usual, so hyperactive and hilarious all the time. You will never get boring to be her friend. Waiting forward to see Tyan and her baby girl also but too bad, I don't have time. Shall be next week I guess if both of them still at TI ")

Finally, after yum char at mcD, we headed to buy chee cheong fun and FINALLY went back home. The feeling of being at home is so good!

That night, we slept at 3 am plus after we watched Taken(2008).
A nice and cool movie.
The story plot is about a 17 years old girl went for holiday at Paris alone and got abducted by those human traficking and how his dad use all his way to save her daughter by the little information provided by her daughter before she get caught.
Although this is not a new movie, but it is recommended to watch to whom like me who is so outdated with 2008 movie although now is 2009.

I have sleepless night and barely have nice sleep cause later 6am plus I drove Shirley to KhoonYan's house so that they can went back together to Kampar.

To my dear Shirley, hope you enjoy your stay in TI although is a short one :) If got chance, I will sure go over your place at Seremban.

Saturday night, went to Chui Chak for dinner as we can't dine in TI. ( I only knew the reason when we are on the way to Langkap) Lol!. 13 of us went with 3 cars. Saf treated us as for his birthday celebration. Thanks for your meal ya and I here to wish you all the best in your life ya! Welcome to join the 22th group! May all your wishes come true :)

After dinner, we have gathering in CheeKoon house.
CheeKoon house is ibarat party house or house with everything.
As you see, house for new year eve gathering, house for partying, house for drinking, house for gambling, house for killer game, house for pokering and last but not least, house for unlimited porn :X
Wuahahahahaha~ I hope he won't see this :p

Yea, that night we had poker. We poker until 5am in the morning. Guess what, Ashlee and me both won some money that enough for petrol our car to go back to our place :)
and poker is fun! Better than lembu!
When we still can have gathering huh?

and this is another sleepless night I had...

Sunday is just so good for me after hardcore gathering, partying and pokering as this is the time I can seriously stay at home to have my own sweet time with my family.
Not forget that, I have good chit-chatting time with mummy and at night, whole family went to Giant to have a walk after dinner. My 2 naughty bros definitely like to mingle around me and pestering me for treat. Poor sis can't join us cause she can't spare herself back to hometown due to work.

Kinda long post I have here. Hope it won't irritates you all. Oh yea, I'm fasting from facebook-ing. So, ppl please scold/whack/punch/tease or whateva you can do to me so that I'm outta facebook alright? Is all about for the final exam purpose!

P/s : Waiting for Friday again!


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