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Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's been raining this few days... the weather is so cold and is best when you are going to your dreamland :) How I wish I could too!
I guess I just need to start myself to adapt going bed not too early as final is approaching soon! You see, final is when the time you hardly can't get a good sleep and that's the reason why I preparing myself for this.
Sounds torturing right? :X That's me! :0

Back to the main things of today's post.
Attended Shiseido make-up class by soft-skills just now.
Overall, is quite interesting when you actually learn/know the do's and dont's of how to take care of your skin, apply proper skin care products, putting on make-ups.
The speaker is charming too, and just so adorable... cute!
Too bad, I forgot to snap any photos to prove it :(
The talks are way too short and imagine for 2 hours, it is quite impossible to learn anything right?
What's more for me, this lazy and idiotic of make-ups' people...

Here's the sample that we got from them.
We are also given the voucher of skin analysis and makeover session and it's FREE! FOC!
I don't think I got chance to use it as the expiry is on 20 Sept 2009 cause in between this period, I won't happen to bump in any Shiseido's counter :(
Anyone interested? Can grab it from me :)

-The sample and the booklet by Shiseido-

After marketing tutorial, went to Sushi King with Shirley the lioness :X
We ate too little but we are just so full. Btw, if you love Unagi, don't forget to dine in there as they are having Unagi Time promo basically offering all unagi rice-based sushi! and it's till 31 Aug 2009 only!

-8 plates only.(Us) Rare one.-

They are also having their own Sushi King's mooncake. It offers yam+pumkin flavour(as shown below) and green tea+citrus flavour. Both for RM21 only! Grab it for your beloved in this coming mooncake festival :)

-Look quite nice huh?-

Exam mode officially starts starting this week! I need strength and to be persistent enough! I know I can do it! Cause is just the matter of whether I want it or not :) Ima having final from 12/09/2009-25/09/2009. Wish me luck and do pray for me ya :P

P/s : Going to Shirley's hs now to help her to ..... :P

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