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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mummy, Happie Birthday

Why all the bad things like to come together?
People always say when you are in the worst state, yet those bad things won't stop but they keep coming.
That's quite true.
First, laptop's charger area loose and have to get it fixed = RM200. Wtf.
Then, this morning, walk from East gate to block A for the sake of submitting assignments and late to meet lecturer because of the stupid idiot moron guard. Wtf.
Then, check OB assignment with the lecturer and got to know different tutors want different things. Wtf.
Then, just now split over laksa at the touchpad. Wtf.
Then, phone's memory card can't detect. Wtf.
What's more?
Can all those bad things just fullstops at this moment? :(

Hmmmm... Today is mummy birthday! So sad I can't be at home and celebrate with her. Yet, I still want to take this opportunity to wish her Happie Birthday and wish her always remain healthy and happy and all her dreams will come true! (I know she views my blog sometime to check how her daughter getting on with her life at Kampar and hope she see this)

Happie Birthday Mummy!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Please tell me everything is alright at home!
I'm worried!
I want to cry but I'm just so afraid to cry

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fcuking miss Home

I got a feeling of going back home so desperately.
Hmm, although is near, but yet I can't
I can't put everything aside and run back.
How I wish I can do that like others.
Perhaps, I'm sick of being caged in Kampar for so long.
I want freedom! I miss my family also.. :( and at the same time, I want to go shopping!
Shop for Konad, shop for apparels, shop for shoes, shop for EVERYTHING that can make me happy!
I felt so stress recently, a lot of thinking and questions in my mind.
But yet, sometime, I choose to escape which explained why I can sleep anytime that I want.
So unhealthy!
Everything by hook or by crook must be done before 7/8/09 so which mean I have roughly weeks plus to get things done and going back to my lovely home!
Can you imagine just a weeks plus to get 2 tough assignments done?
Oh, ya! There's still a midterm on 1/8/09! I'm gonna die!
I'm don't know how to separate myself for that cause seriously I don't want to screw for my midterm.
God, bless me please! Please bless me with wisdom and strength like how you gave me last semester!

P/s : Yasmin Ahmad died, but I bet is nothing great compared to MJ cause not much people knows about her.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Sorry

Below post is just rekaan semata-semata.
Thanks for concern but is just the attempt to attract attention from you all. Haha~
Don't mad at me ok?
Although now is the crucial time for me, but yet I choose to face it in a more calm way.
Peace yo! (",)
But the 4 top things which I hate is damn true.
So, I hope non other my friends will do that to me, ok?

P/s : Please help to click my Nuff's adv. Arigato!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

-4 top things that I hate-
I used to hate:
(1)Ppl who lie me
(2)Ppl who betray me
(3)Ppl who backstab me
(4)Ppl who give excuses

Angry! Disappointed! Frustrated!
What's more?
That's my feeling towards you right now!
You can't blame me for being so mad, but would you just look at yourself and realize what you have done that make me feel so upset?
You asked me to help you, but you are the one not only not helping yourself but holding me from helping you.
I'm being freaking boring to hear excuses anymore! "Do" or "Do not". That's it!

P/s: This post does not have any bad intention to disgrace others. What's in the content might not be what as you perceived.

P/s : Please ignore me from being freaking emo

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Way we communicate

While cracking my head for the content of the assignment, there he come,
and that's the way we communicate MOST of the time


P/s : Good luck for your exam! Muacks

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Don't feed them with fish,
instead teach them to fish

Today is Sunday again!
Beautiful Sunday as I can say.
Went to church with Shirley. She is the pianist of today. So envy seeing her playing the piano because I was keen into learning piano too when I was young but just daddy didn't allowed me instead he wanted me to learn computer. Sigh! Told myself one day when I start working and able to be independent financially, I might as well learn it. But, can I still doing that with a pair of 24++ years old hand? Haha~ Or maybe I will let my future children to pursue my dream?
Back to now, I just had my lunch cause after back from church, I slept again! Too exhausted until I can't explain why.
SICK? Yea, can feel it. I hope not so fast. I still got a lot of assignments waiting to be done and I can't fall down at this moment even though my babe fall down before me. Happy to hear that she will be recovered on Monday, that's mean tomorrow! Can't wait to get her back!

I like this song. The melody and the rhythm is nice!


Before the world began
You were on His mind
And every tear you cry
Is precious in His eyes
Because of His great love
He gave His only Son
Everything was done
So you would come

Nothing you can do
Could make Him love you more
And nothing that you've done
Could make Him close the door
Because of His great love
He gave His only Son
Everything was done
So you would come

Come to the Father
Though your gift is small
Broken hearts, broken lives
He will take them all
The power of the Word
The power of His blood
Everything was done
So you would come

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am


Mummy, I think I've let you down...
I said it was easy but I don't get the good results that I'm aiming.
I felt so bad for myself for this.
I don't know why I will feel this way but,
I just know I don't have mood after I know the result.
Damn it, I need to work 150% harder than now.
And I don't know why I'm acting like this,
Perhaps, is a good sign towards what I'm aiming?
Yea, I'm aiming something big.
Something real BIG!
I told him and I think he is the only one knows what's about that.
You want to know?
Now's not the time!
Just wait and see...

P/s : Sincerely from her

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Story about HER

Truth are hard to be found but
yet easy to be revealed

Truth? What is truth?
I just discovered one big weakness with me; which is too easy to believe in others which I related them as my friends, buddy or whatsoever terms you might want to give to someone you thought that are your real friends.
Haigh? Why this world is just full of these type of sarcastic homosaphien? Why this world is so cruel and why the facts is just so heart-paining?
Why when this young lady try to capture things positively in this beautiful world believing everything is indeed beautiful and out of sudden, is just like all vanished. All! All gone!
It is just so cruel. I pity her living in this world. World of emptiness.
But, she considered herself lucky enough to have her dearest family, her dearest man, her dearest ashlee, "ji muis' and buddies that are always be her side no matter what. And her dearest rommie and housemates of cause!
She needs to grow up. She is taught to be aware of people but she thinks that world is not all about this. World is about love and no matter what, she will be persistent enough to prove that she is right one day! People might laugh and tease about her regarding on her naive-ness but she don't give a damn care. All she need is courage, faith and support from someone that is real for her.
Dear God, I pray that you will lead her to a correct path and show her what is correct and grant her wisdom to differentiate what is the real in this world.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I need YOU

Lady luck, aren't you always beside me?
Where are you?
How could you let this happen when now is the most critical time for me to get all my things done basically?
I need you! Desperately!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

And it is so random again

It's Saturday and it is time for me to sit back and relax.
How I hope so but I couldn't cause I got Marketing mid-term next Monday and tonne of assignments waiting to be done.
Oh, and the last minutes for COU as I'm not the secretary of COU anymore. Phew~ So glad.
I just nailed down 1 mid-term yesterday. 50 MCQs of MIS and is not that hard, well, we see how it will turn up to be. *pass will do for me*
Recently, hook up into cooking. Well, I always love cooking but the fact is I just know some simple dishes while I think I should learn more, maybe from mummy :)
and at Kampar here, I do cook instead of eating outside as I feel boring about those same food that I have been consuming since 2 years ago.
Planning to study early in the morning failed badly as I haven't touch any of my notes yet. Teehee~ Anywhere, I still got my night. I'm happy as the Singapora drama, 'Table of Glory' is available in Youtube. Finally, I can watch it. Oppss, new discovery=new disaster! Don't want to get addicted into drama or else, I can watch 24 hours :)
One more thing, I'm slowly get used to my life here without him. I am force to, if not, end up, it will be more suffering for me. We do hang up in phone but sometime just the timing not so correct, I should say. When I've nothing to do, he don't call but when I found something to do, that's the time he call. Haha! He said he miss my cooking. Well, I do miss seeing you enjoying my cooking :P
Lastly, I want to @#%#^^%&%#$#$@$#%&*()(*&^$#@$#$#%$%$^%&%#$!$^%&^*&*^&^%#$%^%^6*^^^^&%$%$%$%%%%$%$%$%#*&^&#$@@#!(*(*&%^%^$%@$!#$@$@$@$@$#$#$#%%$%$^$^#$%@#!#!#!#@#@$@$#$#$#%$^%&^*^*%^&%^#%@$@$#$%^$^%&^%&^*^&*&(*&)(&*%^#$@#!#@$#^%&^*&(*&(^&*%&$
Phew! All negative things throw out! So satisfied. Well, get used to my way to bitch about people and to voice out my unhappiness that stuff inside me :P

P/s : Dish of the day, Kong Poh Dory Fillet and Kacang Buncis

Monday, July 6, 2009

Addicted to LOVE

Don't ever get addicted to LOVE

It can kill. It can make you feel devastated. It can make you drowning. It can make you emotional. It can make you lifeless. It can make you doing nothing. It can puzzle you. It can make you shed tears and cry.

However, at the other side, it can make you laugh, it can make you feel blissful, it can make you happy, it can cheer up you where there is something bothering you, it can feel your time and it can shape you to be a better one

P/s: I think I' m addicted to you!
He is leaving soon... another 8 more hours, he will be leaving me back to the place where he is suppose to be.
If deduct the sleeping time, there will be 2 hours we will be seeing each other before we apart from each other.
My feeling? I don't know how to say but I guess I will be moody until I can adapt my life without him by my side messing around with me :P
Reason is because I'm too used to be with him for the past 2 months and so sudden we will be apart from each other for a long period until we meet again!
Seriously, I'm the loyalty type according to OB which means I'm suffered in silently. Lol! That's what OB teaches me.
No doubt, I will miss You!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bla bla bla

Tired... Exhausted.... Satisfied....
Cause I got do little bit exercise today. I played futsal just now!!!
But, not that fun cause the guys stereotyping as they think I don't suppose to be inside the game.
9 boys Vs. me!! Nah, is 5 Vs. 5.
I scored 2 goals FYI. Lol~ Cause Saf "fong sui" on a particular goal.
What's now? Waiting Seng come over to fetch me for 2nd attempt of steambot buffet at Poh Loong Banquet Hall... (",)

P/s : He said I didn't mention his name. R.A.Y.M.O.N.D!!! My baybee!!! Love you lots lots~