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Monday, August 17, 2009

Fabulous weekend :)

As mentioned I had a wonderful weekend in my pm at my Msn, so here is some update on previous weekend that I had. I attended career talk by Genting Malaysia Berhad. I went to Ipoh on the same day after the career talk. I joined soft-skill (Thinking Out Of The Box) on Sunday :)

Let's talk about Saturday. 15/08/2009

Well, woke up early in the morning to get myself prepare to attend career talk by Genting Malaysia Berhad(formerly known as Resorts World Berhad).

Young and smart speaker as I can see. To our surprise, he told us that he was graduated from UTAR last December, which means he is our senior :) He came with another HR Exec, Mr Francis Khoo. I still remember vividly that he is the first man who interviewed me when I was looking for a part-time job in Genting 5 years back.

To make things short and simple, I shall concluded what I have learned from the career talk. Well, he taught us on how to deal with some interview questions that might ask from the interviewer. Those frequently asked and tricky questions. He talked about the effectively grooming so that we can please the interviewer when we attending interview. He talked about benefits of working in Genting. Etc, etc, etc.

After the talk, I drove to Ipoh to meet Ashlee for lunch and movie. We watched District 9. If you want me to rate, it would be 6/10 :P After movie, we both move on our separate way. She and her friends heading back to UTP for AmySearch if I'm not mistaken. Me and Jason of cause won't waste our time to do some shopping spree :) He bought a lot of apparels for himself while I bought apparels for myself and also for dear since it is considered worth to buy after discount. I shall spare putting up photo on the apparel I bought for dear so that dear will eventually be more happy when he actually got it :P
I bought myself a sandal too cause my heels make my legs damn pain when I was walking shop by shop :P
I bought a cheap pefume cause I like the smell. Wtf. =_="
I bought myself a shoe rack so that my shoes can be arranged nicely :)
I didn't buy a blink-blink apparel and a blink-blink heels that I love it so muchieeeeee!! Damn sad! The reason : I considered that I might get myself starving all the way to the end of the August which resulted of giving up on my desired :(

Saturday done and here come Sunday. 16/08/2009

Despite of tiredness and lack of sleep, I told Shirley that I wont attend church on Sunday and told her to message me after she settled for church thingy so that we can go together for the soft-skill that we had registered early in July. Before I continue my post, I strongly recommended to all the Utarians to join Thinking Out Of The Box under the Creative Thinking section that organized by the Soft-skill department.

I think most of us had fun there and learning something new too, perhaps. We learnt SCRAMPER. Well, SCRAMPER is a strategy that can be used to assist students to generate new or alternative ideas. It is a tool to suport creative, divergent thinking. It is an acronym for substitute, combine, adapt, modify/magnify/minify, put to other uses, eliminate, reverse/rearrange.
Actually, we learnt a lot other than SCRAMPER. To have more details of the programme, you should have take part and experience it yourself :P
Now, let me show you some photos that were taken during the day :)

Kian Meng presented our idea of healthcare products that have been assigned to our group.
We name our company LIFE

This is taken during our break. Shirley loves to camwhore and she can camwhore everywhere at any moment as well :P

and I love to pose and did a candid one as well :)

All the managers were given tasks by CEO which were building a tall, strong and neat telecommunication tower, designing 3 party hats and cutting a paper so that it can fit two peoples inside but the condition is without tearing the papers and the papers must be in shape :P AND doing a container for the eggs so that when it drop from high, the egg won't broken

Can you see the serious-ness of us in getting our tasks done?

Still doing...

and keep doing... CEO is looking, so I better do nicely :)

and I'm hoping that our peak does the tallest among all :)

Indeed, we are the tallest among all the design...

and strongest :)
Checking by the CEO :p

CEO checking the eggs :)

Time to throw the eggs from the 1st floor :P
-Our group's-

We managed to camwhore when they were throwing the eggs out :P

It happened to landed nicely but the eggs broken because of the bad position of the egg :(

Our group photo :)
YipiYaYa @ LIFE

-Other's groups photo-

and we ended the session taking photo with Capt. Arivananthan with his wife together with someone that suppose not to be inside :X
*evil me*

P/s : Hoping to join other soft-skill that is interesting next semester :p
P. p/s : Tagging post is on next. Kena tagged by Adam, Karfay and Ashlee :(

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