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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some outdated stuffs

Today is 28th and I think they are rocking Bali hard now!
And I already stuck at home for TEN days!
Also, updating blog is a difficult task whenever I have my semester break.(though I have 24 hours WI-FI connection at home)
Perhaps, nothing deserves a proper update of this blog of mine. (but still I want to update something)
Since I will be having my vacation to Sabah this 30th Dec, I think I shall not let my blog certified!

Right after exam on 16th, I spent most of my time at Westlake 1318 because I'm too free and I thought I could help Shirley out with her Finance cause she will have her exam the following day. But, I think I did nothing. Haha~ Feels so bad cause can't help her much as memory is deteriorating.

I bet you are wondering why I'm not back right after the exam as every semester I won't fail to do that. Maybe photos below will give more hint to you. ^^

Ta daa~ My makeup artist a.ka. my ever-so-cute rommie!

My rommie is so sweet that she helps me applying eyes shadow as I'm bad at it! We took almost an hour for eyes shadow, and we had so much fun! I will be missing her when the next new semester as she won't be around at Kampar due to her internship. Here, I wish her all the best and hope she have fun interning!

DONE and camwhoring is a must!
Edwin Go said I put a lots of "bedak" and I looks fair. WTF!

4 of us and 2 of them can't be revealed :X


 Joelle babe

 Ashlee babe

this photo

I them

We had so much fun at Voodoo and that is one of the best night of clubbing for me! Speaking about the place, it is just a seafood court that lacks of leng chai la. Some even 5 years younger than us.WTF! Can you imagine that?


18th, I reached home and welcomed by Bobby. At first I'm so afraid that he will bite me.
Yet, he didn't and well, I guess I fell in with him!
I can't accept other's dog but so suprise that I don't even scare of Bobby and we clicked well too!
I so fell in with Bobby

5+2 Bobby

He is so mischiveous and hardly can take some nice photo of him and this 2 photos are also after he being grabbed by daddy!
Now, I think he is sick and I'm quite worry of him!
He vomitted what he just ate.
Tell me is this normal?
I pray that he will be fine and stay healthy. This is my very first pet and I don't wish anything bad will happen on him.


Wanted to post more but don't have mood when I turn and look at him. I really hope that he will be fine! *Praying hard*
Guess I shall start packing my stuffs now!
Will be updating soon if I do have time and of cause Internet connection at Sabah
I can't wait to meet you, my

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Triple Suay!

Everything come so fast and when will it only stop?
Why today so suay?
The last suay, (hopefully is the last!), and the sketch below summarize it all.

In the forest, there are many kinds of species and the PIGs whose job is to do all kinds of job which is  to protect the forest and others' species.(Hell yeah, but those are just the surface. Deep inside is full of bribing) And so, there are in their operation today and managed to block the innocent species which I can said that bring no harm at all! Fine! They tried to ask for bribe and of cause the educated species won't give in their way and just let the PIGs to just fine whatever they want! BUT, the PIGs started to raise up the voice and ask for species' grandma and grandpa! WTF! Why on earth this could happenned?
Well, does justice exist? Or the PIGs are the the only one with power, that us can't do anything?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Colour me Corby

Different colours represent different personality and characteristic of individuals.
( I bet that you always received zillion of forwarded mails discussing about colours associated with personality/characteristics, don't you? )

Different individuals prefer different variety of colours from white to black.
( Right? I ♥ YELLOW! How about you? ) 

Due to the span of life is short, our life must be coloured by happie colours instead of gloomy colours.
( Don't you agree with mie? )

FYI, happie colours = yellow, orange, red, pink and by all the means BRIGHT!, whereas gloomy colours = grey, black and is totally DARK!

So do Corby! Corby is Samsung’s latest offering, featuring an eye-catching, compact design available in four vibrant colours.

Yea, let's get started with the task I need to do, Errr, a blog post titled of my colourful life? What the heck?!

Hmmm*thinking hard*, about my "COLOURFUL" life?

I could say say that my life is no doubt pretty static where I am still working hard in my undergraduates studies in UTAR pursuing Bachelors of Degree in Business Administration.
The bad is the place where I study, which is a small town in Kampar, Perak! <--- Can you sense the "colourful" life of mine there?
Speaking about the small town, no doubt peace and serenity is always what you can find in Kampar but when it is too over of that, here come pathetic life!
Why so pathetic? As the saying goes,  all works but no play makes Jill a dull girl

Lucky of me, come across the nuffnang page about this "Colour me Corby" and it is undoubted enlighten me a lots!
This is because not only I have chance to participate in different games and activities, but I will get to know a lot of friends as 4 will be in a group and totals of 75 participants will be involved! Sounds cool right?
The best part is pathetic feelings absolutely zappp~ GONE!

The cool, amazing, awesome, great, fun part is you can WIN a  SAMSUNG CORBY mobile phone too promise that your group win in the 1st prize! Double cool right?

If you are slightly unfortunate in 1st runner up, you also could win up cash prize in total of  RM3000!


Sounds exciting? For all of you out there and hope to win yourself an invite to the Samsung Corby Carnival, just follow the simple steps below like what I had done:

(1)Write a blog post titled “Colour Me Corby” and share with your readers how colorful your life is (literally, or not)

(2)Take a picture of yourself themed with one of the colors of Samsung Corby.

(3)Submit your details, permalink and upload your photo at the Submit Page (http://www.nuffnang.com.my/samsungcorby/submit/)

  5+2 YELLOW

Corby, splat me with YELLOW please?
Have you corby-ied? 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Y2S2 checked officially today!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

What a


Saturday, December 12, 2009

1 down and 2 to go!

I managed to ditch off the E-commerce successfully, thanks god...
I hope I can get a very good grade for this paper!

1 down and 2 to go!

Feeling so lazy to hook up on PM as is not easy for me anymore after really 2 years never studied in Bahasa.
Many that took this paper before told me is damn easy and no need to be scare, for sure, will pass as this paper didn't counted in CGPA and required us to pass only.
But, the problem is, is it really very easy to pass?
In nutshell, I just want to pass, God...

RR, another sad case la, why on earth BA got so many theory papers? Im not weak on theory papers but everytime before this type of papers, sure said will fail this kind of statement but eventually come out still fine! So, in a nutshell, hope can do in RR as well.

In nutshell, I want to get good grades!!!
I think I almost cuckoo already!!
I need to study, study and study till 16th...

P/s : Why I need to study leh? Why I can't be genius that no need to study? FML!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Short MIA

Gotta be MIA for temporary...
Seriously, just for a while cause final gonna ends next Wed(16/12/09) Really FTW!
Sometime, wish to have more time for revision and yet when thinks of so much fun I will have after my final, I wish it to be end soon!
Now, Im just finish a particular chap to be covered and 2 more chaps of E-com to go wey... Hopefully done tonight!
Oh ya, I'm very grateful cause I'm not at home doing revision, if not.. I don't think I will move my ass fast!
Thanks for the tenants in 1318 that allow me to stay there and I'm feeling so much comfortable having my revision.
Love it when we chit-chatting out loud and yet we could really have a serious revision going on when we fullstop!
Oh, it feels so good cause is raining right now and the weather is so mesmerizing

Btw, if you happens to be my friend in FB, or yet to be my friends or NOT wish to be my friends, can pls cast me a "LIKE" in my photo? It is actually a contest by KLIA-LCCT's
I'm sincerely thanks for everyone that had "LIKED" my photo there and hope to have more "LIKE" from anyone haven't "LIKE" it

- This photo that I mean -

Here's the link of the photo :

♥ you guys alot

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do you ever mask-ed yourself when in front of others?
You mask-ed yourself is fine with me but don't ever reveal your mask when it is not necessary.

If not, I will feel disgusted with your 一举一动

Thinking back of what you had done and told me, I'm not angry of what you had done but I felt myself so stupid for once and once again believing you.


Monday, December 7, 2009

I told a friend of mine,
Must treasure your gf,
never breaks her heart.
Once is broken, it is forever!

Well, why it is just so easy to advise others but not easy to solve the problems that we have, having or had?

Life is unpredictable so do love. It can be so strong at a moment and yet so fragile at the other moment.

And the most important, what is LOVE?
Everyone needs love, deserve to love and deserve to be loved

In this rotating globe, do you think you have met the right one?

Saturday, December 5, 2009


finally drop again!
Don't ask me anything, for sure I don't know the reason.
Ipx hppe jf xf ofwfs t***u

Friday, December 4, 2009

♥ Baby Hayley ♥

I received mms from Lynette on 2/12/09 but unfortunately the msg corrupted and I just got the mms right now, so here it is...

Baby Hayley, born on 02/12/2009
In case you are wondering who is this cute lil Hayley, I'm here to tell you that she is none other than Lyne's baby
I suppose Hayley is a girl rite? ♥

P/s : Don't you think Hayley is sweet? Awww~ I adore ♥