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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I hate "shit"

My life should be fun and happening as I'm still young.
I considered age of 22 is just the beginning of another chapter of life.
But, why I felt so pathetic?
Why I always overreacted(I suppose I am) whenever I have problem that need me to be solved?
The typical selfish me want to skip all those negative things that I might actually need to face it.
Can I?
Tell me what can I do to help you?
The selfish me would actually want to just close my eyes and see, hear and feel nothing about it.
I know I am selfish and passive but I'm just 22.
Can I just do what I'm suppose to do like all the 22 are doing?
Focus on study, enjoying life and not thinking how to solve this shit?
I am really pissed off at myself for saying such things but I just don't know what can I do.
God, please tell me what should I do to help him. Please guide him to the correct path.

P/s : Final is approaching as well. Haigh :(

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