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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Never too late for 2014! [This is just to BEGIN]

2013 is forever gone! So, why not just look forward!
Best is yet to come, which is quite true *law of attraction*

I believe 2014 is definitely going to be better with a new role.
And thankful for 2013 on strengthening me, makes me a better one.
I strive to achieve more in this 2014. *determined.jpg*

Although I know it's gonna be not easy, but I'm ready for it!
Let's start the ball rolling!
One of the thing I need to change is the way I handle my EQ!
I can definitely burst if I am under stress or face unpleasant situation.
I hope I can strengthen on this especially

 Last but not least, believe in Him for Him who knows better than us.
Always believe in Him and leave the rest to Him!
" I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
-Philippians 4:13-

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday de 13th

Fingers crossed that it will eventually be a good day despite today is Friday, the 13th

I will be back soon! Real soon! *pinkypromise*

Monday, October 14, 2013

What my BLOG means to me

I'm not sure where to start off. I got a lot of things running in my mind.I'm kind of losing the mojo or direction to blog. Yet, I would not wish to quit. Reason is because this blog has been documented my growth and I believe when I look back this in future date, it definitely mean something for me and that's the reason why I should go on. Sometime I do amazed that how could I write so much during my university life. Perhaps I gossiped and complaint a lot?

I wish to do so much changes to my blog, I wish to change the layout, I wish to just revamped my blog; to delete all the posts and to get the real deal of what's the objectives of blogging, something like finding a theme to go with it. So much of thought but so less of action. Lol! Yeah, forever like that. If you know me, you should know! Heh!

Started this blog 5 years ago, which is in 2008. Most of the contents displayed about my life, my thoughts and my feeling. I suppose not a very mature post, and what's more none other than many deficiency vocab, grammatical errors and etc. However, every time when re-reading back, I'm amazed how God has change my life, and how my past experiences has shape me to whom am I today (though nothing much changes :D )

Today, I wish to come back to write. To write about everything, just everything that I want to and let this to be re-read in future date. I wish I could do this and spent at least once a week to write of the event I have been thru, the people that I've met and the thought of the week and posted with a lot of photos to beautify this piece of my land. I hope I'm able to do it!

Ending today's post with a photo of my recent activity. I hope I could blog this one day. I'm not sure about my feeling to rock climbing but the satisfaction of able to reach the top is so awesome! I'm not sure whether I'm really into it or not, but this is something new or unusual I would do.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


First of all, want to rant over blogger.com.my. Why the access to blogger seems harder?! I'm suppose to blog about SHAPE / Skechers GoTrain workshop which was already expired, but I can't seem to log in until today when I got the sudden urge to jot down few thoughts or things which is happening in my life.

So... what's about the decision? You're wrong if you think I'm gonna say I'm getting married because obviously that's not going to happen so soon, not within this year or next year. Even though so many of the age of mine is walking down the aisle, but I'm still not so fortunate enough to be wedded. FML!

Everyone's make decision every day and every moment. Thus, whether it is a good or a bad, you just got to accept whatever consequences of the results you will receive. Currently, I'm given an opportunity to learn foreign payroll. The plus point is I will be getting much broaden exposure and it could build up my resume as well. When there is a plus point, of cause there will be the drawbacks. The drawback that I'm going to face is to let go of the current process that I'm doing. It's quite pity and heavy-hearted to let go of the things you have bought up quite well. Besides, the hardship of starting again from the scratch is just too horrendous!

Right after I agreed to take up the opportunity, when I had my first day of doing bits of transition, I felt so tense up because everything seems so alienated to me! My subconscious mind keep rejecting whatever I learnt. I felt so moody to work, that's the sign that I know I must stop immediately, or else, I can't enjoy work and have no passion into it anymore.

Luckily, I'm very fortunate to have my own manager that I could always seek advice and blurted my worries and my concern. At least, at that moment, I feel better because I'm no longer keeping all those problems that I've encountered, my worries and etc. I'm more delighted that they found way to help me to go through and guide me along way. Feel so bless that I'm surrounded with good peoples at work. Besides, today just right after I thought myself couldn't carry anymore and almost wanted to give up, a senior colleague of mine had a talk with me, and he really help me a lot! He help me to clear up my mind, make me to understand what's my direction suppose to be, encourage and definitely enlighten me!

So, decision is made! I won't give up that easily, I will accept challenges that I'm facing quite soon, I just need to always prepare myself to be physically and mentally ready to accept the next phase of working life, which is to grow :D

The-pessimistic-your's truly-

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Update #1

While waiting for the "old man" to go back together, I decided to do a quick, short post on my current status. I have not updating my blog here for a thousand years! (trying to give more emphasis on how long I eventually stop updating my blog)

Aside from job changing to another company, I knew I was never ever updated it frequently too after my university life. I shall come back to the main point, and yes, I have resigned from my previous company obviously and joined my current company, DHL for a better prospect and to challenge myself to step out from my comfort zone all this while when I was in my previous company.

It was not easy at all, and until now I still couldn't get used to it, in terms of the time management and of cause the workload pressure sometime that I might face.

For the time issue, life was not a bed of roses anymore where I can have long idle time in bed rolling over waiting for the time to strike 8.00 am every morning before I out from house. NOW, I need to wake up the latest by 6.15 am (provided I don't need to wash my hair / iron my working attire). Reason is I need to go out to work at 7.00 am to make sure WE can reach there before 8.00 am! FML!

To clarified some questions that might popped up; #1 I'm now car-pooling with the OM because I don't want to drive, #2 If we go out early, we might reach about 7.30 am or 7.40 am to catch up for breakfast together, #3 I don't have enough time apparently is because we need to tolerate with each other when we want to go back, so like now, I'm using my idle time at office to update this blog while I already off work at 5.30 pm and eventually can go back sharp!

For the work issue, it's totally different from what I did in Leeden. But, one thing for sure, I learnt a lot of Excel skills during this short period of time in DHL! I was amazed that in fact, all of my colleagues are Excel's guru! They are so awesome and never failed to share their knowledge as well. Fainted one point when I calculated totals of 30++ reports I need to send every month aside from day-to-day adhoc reports requested by the business partner! From managing approximately 130++ HC, now I'm in-charged of two entities(DHL Supply Chain and DHL Global Forwarding) which the totals of HC are approximately 1200++

To be continued... *OM called and I can go back now* :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quarter of Century!

Officially quarter of century on the 5th June 2012!
Feel like not wanted to admit that I'm such old, you know, quarter of century neh!
Who ever wanted to admit that they're old? Lol!
This year nothing much different from previous year, except that I've got cake! Not only one but TWO! Lol!

 From the Bafutians, advance bdae celebration at Poh Loong @ 3rd June 2012

From my babe, Ashlee, just a moment ago at Nando's

Back from Pangkor, the gang decided to have dinner at Poh Loong before headed back to KL, thus steambot we go! And I've never expected them to celebrate with me though, considered it was still early, and very surprised when they did it! They really surprised me, the forever smart one without me being suspicious to any of them!  

Just look at the surprise face of mine! Ahahaha~ One word, priceless! I still remembered, I was telling the boyfie, who sat next to me that, "Look, there's someone bdae!" which I thought is the behind table of us! But surprisingly the lady was walking towards me with a bdae cake! Omg! Feeling blush because the place is pack with a lot of peoples! Nevertheless, I did appreciate for the Bafutians for this lil surprise! Thanks everyone and you know who you are!

So, today, on the exact of my birth date, my bestie celebrated with me at Nando's just a moment ago! Thanks to her for a simple celebration, the meal and the cake! A cake without a candle yet with a candle after her creativeness as usual! Hee! Torchlight will be replaced by burning candle and off it went after the fake blowing cake ceremony! Wtf! One of something special at least in my 25th! And I will always remember that! Lol!

So, what about the boyfie? Guess everyone will point this question to me! As usual, he is not a romantic guy and I've give up on hoping or wishing for something special from him! Not to say I've give up on him but just that, I know he will definitely did better or at least, I know how much he cares for me of all the time! He gave me this!

Something which is more practical and something that I love! Never thought that he is so detailed and remembered I did complained about my skin is dry after Pangkor getaway and he bought me this moisturizer as my bdae pressie! I know I'm so easy contended with such a small pressie but at least a sincere heart of a sender will make me become a happy receiver! I'm just as simple as that!

Look at him, the background of the gift! I told him to hold that and I wanna take a photo of him holding the gift but he refused, thus secretly captured that when he was obsessed with his tower defense! Aahahaha!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, thanks for everyone's warm wishes and regards via SMS, FB or personally called me via phone to wishes me bdae! Nothing much I can return back but a sincere thanks and appreciated the effort of remembering and drop me some wishes although FB did alerted everyone that is my bdae today! At least, the effort of scribing something at my wall does matter! THANKS!!! :)


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life is NOT fair

This few days addict to sing! Therefore, youtubing a lot for better musics, better covers that done by so many talented human across the globe! In fact, I can't imagine if this world without music, without rhytm, how would it be? Dull, silent and dead! A dead world!

To my surprise, I come out with a conclusion that is, 'life is fair!' To the extent, life is fcukingly awesome fair! Below Youtube says it all! Imagine, she did a crap, but she can garnered fcuking 23 million views and become feature video in Youtube. 

That is double of viewers compared below Jayesslee's cover, which only garnered 12 million viewers! This pair of twin did great covers, and I'm madly in love with their music! So jelly of them, great voice, pretty face and life is not fair lah.  Why god make them so perfect huh? Must be past life did a lot of good things! WTF~

Thus, don't ever say life is NOT fair!

Peeps, Happy Wednesday!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tong Pak Fu @ Empire Gallery

Since I've got approximately half and hour before I off from work, I thought of to update some dessert gluttoning I did last week with my colleague-in-crime!
My lovely colleague, Irene

We went to Empire Gallery for some dessert because I was goddamn full that day, so why not some 'lighter' stuff for dinner? Thus, 'Tong Pak Fu' was just right!
I've heard of it for some time but just not bother to check it out as I've never heard people hoo-haah about it, unless those like Chatime or even Snowflake! Perhaps, now the hitz is for bubble tea?

Ok! Shall review what we actually had!

Grass jelly with chilled mango sago creme and pomelo

Tracka durian snow ice

Glutinous rice balls with black sesame & peanut toppings

Mango napoleon with vanilla ice-cream

Of all of it, tracka durian snow ice is the best! Not to say the rest is bad, but I personally that! Idk why because mango is suppose to be my all-time-favorite but now, that durianish dessert has its position in my heart :) By the way, all of the dessert we ordered is with the thumb-up! Thus, everything is great!

When we were having our uber yummy dessert, we saw a pair of friend next two table of us having a bowl of dessert sharing, and we just felt that we were so sinful, for swallowing all in our tummy! And nothing left! Nevertheless, we were happy though because I can't resist such uber yummy dessert! I don't know how about Irene. But, can you? :)

P/s : I thought of updating my dental related stuff into blog previously, but decided not to do so, because it is wasting time to remind and to screw the fcuking dentists who gotten me into so much of misery! I lost so much this time, but I know I'll eventually gain back, maybe more than I lost next time! =)



Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vday = Sickday 2012

OMG! Now only I realized this is the first post of year 2012 which I just about to write it, and still clueless about the content. 
Nevertheless, I'll make sure that it will be kind of an updated post, and of cause it was none other than the Vday!
Vday just passed, in fact, yesterday was the actual day of Vday! 

How you celebrate yours?

Mine was just a simple dessert gluttoning and in fact, I dont think we were celebrating it though.
Well, let's see mayb we do the same like Avril Lavigne which the Tune Talks decided to shift Vday on this coming 18th! *notsosurewhetherwewillcelebrateon18th*
Disappointed that I'm unable to go to her concert! Only God knows how much, how desperate, how eager am I to go to her concert!!! Well, guess God got a better plan for me ;)

Let's recall yesterday....
Fever still there, I was like unable to recall what been said or been told, guess the medicine takes control on me! *boo*
Had MC! Bored like hell rolling on the bed up and down!
Managed to go to the bank to settle some saving things, but the stupidity hits when I just forgot to bring out the passbook and had to went twice just to settle a small amount of monies! *dumbass*

Medicines are super duper suckssss!!!

This Vday I don't have any fancy / luxurious gifts, no candle light or fine-dining pun! In fact, every year also don't have! Even to receive a bouquet of flower also none. But, I did remember he gave me roses once, it was in upper six if I'm not mistaken, and that day seems to be Vday as well, 6 months after we got together. Well, this 2012 Vday will be the 6 years and 6 months we got together!

We don't really exactly celebrate any occasions like it was a must, probably due to LDR we had back in 3-4 years of our university time that make us even do it less until now. 
We like normal couple faced cracks in our relationship once and we struggled so much to mend it back and thanks that we are still together, having each other as our companion is yet a delightful things that I should feel bliss!

But, a woman never feel satisfied and of cause demands more! If you ask me, I think I am the one too! But, after deep consideration and thoughts, all of that was not really what I wanted, but in fact, as long as we are living together in the present, enjoying every moment together, then it is more than enough! *right?agree?*
So, why should we compare when we already have the best? 

Felt guilty of not having a proper talk and leads to minor quarrel since Monday! Sometimes, I just don't know how to express myself in words, and in fact, I never win him in words pun! Perhaps, for the rest of my life, I will also be stomp under his feet. Bwahahaha~ I know I sounded nuts, but sometimes, this is the so called "xin fu" that is indescribable! Just imagine, even sometimes he make you cry, you also will laugh! *somesortlikethat,andialsodon'tknowhowtodescribe*

I know our relationship sounded weird for most of the people out there, but this is what we are as together as real, so why should I give it a damn care to the world outside? Bwahahahaha!
I came across in FB and saw so many of LDR video posted due to this year Vday and that already makes me   realized that as long as two peoples are able to live together in the present, other stuffs are not matter anymore!

Some random Vday video of LDR 

Thus, be grateful that the silly him is still living peaceful with me! Lol! Love him loops and if only I am expressive enough, maybe he will feel that I do really care and concern him a lots! Lots that myself can't imagine! Seriously, I never had this feeling for my exes, none of them ever make me wanna surrender my egoness, but just him! I know I'm not a perfect one in his eyes, because I knows no one is perfect, but yet, for him, I'm willing to change to become an understanding one! *givemesometime,imchanginghard!* =)
I hope we can hold our hand together as we grow old! *Canwe?*

His simple Vday gift!

His return for me 

Dessert gluttoning time 

Rating : 7/10


Rating : 5/10



A super adorable yet mischievous kiddy that fills a lot of laughter in my life at Subang!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

One-of-the-crap OTY

It is December now! How's your almost-one-year of 2011?

Recalling back this January up till now, I've been through many ups and downs, but life is getting more challenging as I step into another phase of life. I don't know or predict when is the time for again another phase of life, but thanks God cause I'm still breathing and living in this world.

Well, of cause certain things might change so we just have to go with the flow of how it wants to lead us to.
I believe when you gain, you will lose on the other hand. Morever, the more you gain, don't expect you will forever same because you can read the proverb itself, "No pain, no gain" 
But, I am more greedy than anyone else out there, "Can I just gain, but without pain. or maybe lesser pain?"

Blogging have not been consistenly in my mind as I hardly can put in words of my thoughts, I feel that myself is weak in expressing myself. I rather choose to be silent even though there's been harmless miscommunication, or in one term we named it, "lazy" Yea, I'm forever a lazy bitch but tell me, is any out there is "hardworking"?

I went for a movie yesterday midnight with my colleagues, I felt touched by the story plot. I just hate why ppl tend to keep silent in their heart rather than voice it out their preference towards each other? Will it be just so sorry that the two souls are deeply in love but just can't be together? Why? Why? Why? I know it  is sweet if the two forever stay in that stage of ambiguity, just the world for both of two, BUT, I just feel so amiss or sorry! It is such a waste! This world is never a happy-ending world, but why since small, we are fed by all those happy ending fairy tale stories? Ain't it just so cruel to shattered a small kid dream?
I always said this this and that that, but when it really hit my butt, I failed to do what I've just said this this and that that. FML! I know I'm such a failure!

Crap is done! Welcome to my real crappy world, as if I'm healed, I will come up with more proper blog post!