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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vday = Sickday 2012

OMG! Now only I realized this is the first post of year 2012 which I just about to write it, and still clueless about the content. 
Nevertheless, I'll make sure that it will be kind of an updated post, and of cause it was none other than the Vday!
Vday just passed, in fact, yesterday was the actual day of Vday! 

How you celebrate yours?

Mine was just a simple dessert gluttoning and in fact, I dont think we were celebrating it though.
Well, let's see mayb we do the same like Avril Lavigne which the Tune Talks decided to shift Vday on this coming 18th! *notsosurewhetherwewillcelebrateon18th*
Disappointed that I'm unable to go to her concert! Only God knows how much, how desperate, how eager am I to go to her concert!!! Well, guess God got a better plan for me ;)

Let's recall yesterday....
Fever still there, I was like unable to recall what been said or been told, guess the medicine takes control on me! *boo*
Had MC! Bored like hell rolling on the bed up and down!
Managed to go to the bank to settle some saving things, but the stupidity hits when I just forgot to bring out the passbook and had to went twice just to settle a small amount of monies! *dumbass*

Medicines are super duper suckssss!!!

This Vday I don't have any fancy / luxurious gifts, no candle light or fine-dining pun! In fact, every year also don't have! Even to receive a bouquet of flower also none. But, I did remember he gave me roses once, it was in upper six if I'm not mistaken, and that day seems to be Vday as well, 6 months after we got together. Well, this 2012 Vday will be the 6 years and 6 months we got together!

We don't really exactly celebrate any occasions like it was a must, probably due to LDR we had back in 3-4 years of our university time that make us even do it less until now. 
We like normal couple faced cracks in our relationship once and we struggled so much to mend it back and thanks that we are still together, having each other as our companion is yet a delightful things that I should feel bliss!

But, a woman never feel satisfied and of cause demands more! If you ask me, I think I am the one too! But, after deep consideration and thoughts, all of that was not really what I wanted, but in fact, as long as we are living together in the present, enjoying every moment together, then it is more than enough! *right?agree?*
So, why should we compare when we already have the best? 

Felt guilty of not having a proper talk and leads to minor quarrel since Monday! Sometimes, I just don't know how to express myself in words, and in fact, I never win him in words pun! Perhaps, for the rest of my life, I will also be stomp under his feet. Bwahahaha~ I know I sounded nuts, but sometimes, this is the so called "xin fu" that is indescribable! Just imagine, even sometimes he make you cry, you also will laugh! *somesortlikethat,andialsodon'tknowhowtodescribe*

I know our relationship sounded weird for most of the people out there, but this is what we are as together as real, so why should I give it a damn care to the world outside? Bwahahahaha!
I came across in FB and saw so many of LDR video posted due to this year Vday and that already makes me   realized that as long as two peoples are able to live together in the present, other stuffs are not matter anymore!

Some random Vday video of LDR 

Thus, be grateful that the silly him is still living peaceful with me! Lol! Love him loops and if only I am expressive enough, maybe he will feel that I do really care and concern him a lots! Lots that myself can't imagine! Seriously, I never had this feeling for my exes, none of them ever make me wanna surrender my egoness, but just him! I know I'm not a perfect one in his eyes, because I knows no one is perfect, but yet, for him, I'm willing to change to become an understanding one! *givemesometime,imchanginghard!* =)
I hope we can hold our hand together as we grow old! *Canwe?*

His simple Vday gift!

His return for me 

Dessert gluttoning time 

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