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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Friday, April 24, 2009

Dedicated to miss ASHLEE

Ok.... I know I said I want to minimize blogging due to exam mode that I'm currently facing


this post is specially dedicated to one of my bestie,

miss Ashlee







yang akan menyambut hari jadi yang ke-22 tanggal 25th April 2009

Dengan dukacitanya, saya memohon maaf kerana tidak dapat menyambut hari jadi lu tahun ini

tetapi saya sudah menyediakan satu hadiah yang cukup istimewa untuk lu dan berharap lu

akan menyukainya....

(WTF! My BM so so so kns)
-Enough crap-

Hope you have a memorable birthday this year(2009)


Wish that all your dreams will come true


All the best in your future undertakings


Bestie forever~

Love ya, MuackzZz

Happie 22th Birday

Monday, April 20, 2009

May GOD bless me!

My 1st paper on this semester will be on 29th April 2009 9.00am and my last paper will end at 11th May 4.30pm

I didn't expected too much nor to get good grade in all my 7 subjects but at least I hope I can PASS all my subjects.

Well, I know I've been not preparing so much until now but I hope as time come, I can cover all and done the very best with all my subjects that I'm covering this semester.

May God bless me so that I'm doing fine. Bless all my friends too~

P/s : Will not frequent update blog during exam mode

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am

going BACK home at 2pm++

Happy!!! Excited!!! Worried!!!

No matter what, I will fully utilized my days in TI to study what I already planned

and I will come back again on Monday to spend the rest of my study weeks with BOOKS + NOTES

I know I can do that IF I want to do it. Nothing can beat me down!

Not even you, Mr Emotion!!!

Daddy, mummy, sista, bro...... I miss you all so much and I will be back in 5 hours ++ to meet you all~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear, Happie Burfday!

Happy 22th Birthday!

May all your dreams come true

Hope that you can do well in your final exam as well

Wish that every year can by your side and celebrate birthday with you but...

anyway, just want to tell you that I MISS you so much~


Monday, April 13, 2009

Sushi King Bonanz-ed

Sushi King Bonanza totally sucks and yucks!

People, never try to go at Kampar Tesco outlet

Can you see how disappointed the three of us? (Mayb not! Cause we are smiling and is just for the sake of photographing)

Can you look at the food quality?


So, do you still want to go?

If YES, you will know what I mean

If NO, yeah, you make the right choice!


I scare Sushi King will kill me if I still continue to criticize them
(Strictly for Kampar Outlet)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't read the CONTENTS!

We talked for 3 hours and that is freaking long but I feel sad. I sad cause it ended up with awkward conversation. I cried and still I'm crying. Tears roll profusely without me even realize the reason of it. Loving someone is just so hard. There are never right or wrong when you are doing something. I tried to be giving in this relationship instead of asking for it. I changed but will you ever take a break and realize it before you start giving me death penalty? You told me to stop questioning whether there is right or wrong in that conversation but I can't cause I'm taking everything in my life seriously including relationship with you that had been built for almost 4 years. All I want are faith and trust. Choosing to hide something from each others is not the way of it. You said I'm fragile but it is just your mere opinion towards me? I'm NOT! I accept all my weakness and critism from you. I don't want between us got any barrier that holding us to be frank with each others. All I want is you to be frank with me. That's it! I've just commented with Anggu that is freaking fugly to blog about relationship thingy and now I'm doing so! WTF! I'm so fugly ugly! I'm so contradicting with myself. No wonder, I'm such a failure!

P/s: To you, sorry just now. I hope that once we wake up tomorrow, all will be GONE! Everything will go to recycle bin. Promise me!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spot the difference!

Out of sudden, we bought 1251 BUT ...

How's your reaction when you spot that is just different by 1 digit?


Friday, April 10, 2009

Believe it or NOT

Treat anyone the way you wanted to be treated as like you reap what you sow.
So, if you do good, of cause you will be just doing fine but if you aren't you will have your own "repay"

I've seen so much of unfair things happen around me and I admitted sometime at one particular moment, I contributed to the bad things as well but at least I admit and I know where is the limit but to some certain of peoples, they don't and yet they are not admitting it. Shame on you!

Purpose of this blog is that I feel that the world is unfair, full of bias and perception. People will 'by' you when you are pretty/handsome, trendy, knowledgeable and most of all got 人缘. Or in another way round, you will be boycotted if you don't have any element of that. Well, sometime, the only and one reason you been boycotted because is in your forehead stated that please boycott me! Believe or not you have to accept it! That's simply represent someone or anyone out there but I don't think this/these people deserves to be boycotted. Really! I am fully sympathize on you. Is not fake and I know how's your feeling. Just bear with it if you think you are the one I am mentioning. Hey people, remember there's KARMA. I do believe that! How about you?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

in the name of Jesus Christ...

I pray that YOU will bring peace into my life, wash away my worries

I pray that YOU will grant me wisdom to face the exam and life

I pray that YOU will give me strength to endure all my days

I pray that YOU will bless Raymond, Ashlee, Shirley, ShiaoPing, Jason and all my friends(that I couldn't list all out) are doing fine and great in studies and life as well

I pray that YOU will bless that all my family members are living great, happily and healthily every moment and every day

I pray that YOU will bring world peace to everyone

I hope that YOU can listen to all my prayers

Friday, April 3, 2009


So sudden, the feeling come... and once again, I'm HOMESICK.

At this time, past week and past 2 weeks, I will be at home helping mum to serve dinner and then will enjoy drama until 10.30pm and chit-chatting of cause but I think I can only do that on 11th May onwards :(

Dear God, please give me STRENGTH! Give me strength to overcome every negative feeling and be positive to strive forward

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Be Positive (",)