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Sunday, September 26, 2010

mcD Run 2010

I can't even believe that me, Ng Kah Yee @ 5plus2 @ nKy successfully completed 7km mcD run just now located at Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur! Woots~ I feel so proud of myself that I'm able to nail it. Fyi, I know is not a big fuss about that, but if you ever know me, you will know why I'm so hype about that (",)

-Before depart to LRT-

-Finding "treasure"-

Together with cousin Ade and her bf and my coursemate, SukLin, we departed around 7am in the morning to the Wangsa's LRT, and by that time, we saw quite a number of contestants with the numbering on their mcD's tee. By that time, we haven't got ours as it is kept by someone that registered for us, I assumed. Getting excited to see more people coming to hook into the LRT with mcD's tee :)

-Not forgetting, camwhoring is a must! -

-The hype me-


-Lovey dovey couple- :)

-Those that are going to run too-

Once we reached, we saw they were hundreds of people started to run from the starting line. This means that we were late to join at the starting line, but is alright and we just follow the groups and started our run!

We ran, we jogged, we walked and finally after more or less than an hour, we reached the final line. Can't imagine what should I do if SukLin didn't accompany me to run. First, cousin Ade ran damn fast and ditched us far far away :P Second, my leg's muscle started to feel ache and I started to vomit :(  Third, the authorities incharged for the whole event and logistics are damn poor. Waters are only given after left approximately 2km. Fourth, St. John ambulance are just so shit! They don't have those Counterpain or whatever medi that can help me to relieves my muscular aches.

Anyway, I'm proud to say that I did it! Wulala~

Yes! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Night without Light

The night, before exam week but yet close to the study week, there is a sudden blackout in the place where I stay which left me no choice but to spend my time at the lake side with several friends of mine, beering while enjoying the cool breeze. 

Kampar no doubt is a dead town for most of the people, but for me I simply adore that for the simpleness of it.

Enjoy the night where after dinner, we went for the K-session just because the adrenaline rush for it, and once we decided to go back after everything, we been told that there is no electricity, thus we decided to buy beers and chilled near the lakeside. FYI, I'm still a good girl that ain't into or addict with beers or whatsoever liquors :P

 -The lakeside-

 -Ryan @ LCC- 



 -Ben Hew-
He finally let me to take a more decent photo of him after so many snaps.

 -I need no introduction-

By, the way, this is not related to the content of the post, but this is my uni's library. I just found out that my library is not that "bad" to me during night time, and yes, I study at there til late at that night :P

Imma still so freaking awake though now it is 5.53 am. Been insomnia-ing quite some time and I seriously need to overcome it, or else, my body will seriously damaged or easily get old which is something bad for me :(

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kickoff the "Unlucky" Semester

It's quite some time I refrain myself from doing any update cause I don't feel they joy of sharing my ups and downs in public. My life is just pathetic, the tendency of downs is way higher than the ups, so is good not to being emotionally displayed in public about my feeling, everything that causes dismay to others as well.

Just officially end the "toughest" semester in my entire degree life for me, everything happened have changed me, physically and mentally.I have no idea why I can become like this, become so passive and no confident in everything that I'm doing.Yet, I can be so calm when I don't even know how to cope with my examination as in I have zero knowledge in this semester. Yes, I've wasted this entire 14 weeks without achieving anything! I know, is pathetic!

Still, exam did ended anyway. What I can do now is just to look forward and buckle up myself to move on, never look back, improve myself, improve in handling my EQ and most importantly, be tough and strong to face whatever difficulties that might arise in future. I hope so! I really hope I can be that strong again, find back the lost me.

It's holiday and is a month holiday but I don't feel the excitement of it, nothing there to be excited this semester break. Previously, I will get excited and anticipate as this is the time we can get closer to each other, but not now anymore. Thus, Imma as well get used of it for the rest of my 2 more semesters.

I'm clueless of pressing my keyboard for the next words, sentences and paragraphs as I scare I will get dwell into making this post seems negative.

So, let's not plan things but goes according to what God determines... will it be better? Afterall, life is full of uncertainty and I just know I shall be happy-go-lucky like what Kenny Nam suggested? Or to be sarcastically don't care anything, just be sarcastic throughout my entire life?

By the way, I owe a big thank you for some of my dearest friends that no matter what, always by my side to help me to get through when I'm down and always be there to encourage me without leaving me, help up with my studies for this semester and everything or even comforting me after I teared randomly without fail. Names shall not be mention as if you are the one, and you are reading it, yes, it is you that I mean! I'm glad that in my life, I have you all and I truly appreciated this friendship and what you all have done for me too! I will work hard to be better for not wanted to disappoint you all! Fingers crossed ok?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Midgets inspired me!

Final is approaching in less than a week.
Apparently, there are indeed a lots to do but somehow rather procrastination is always there.
I know I can only depend myself to study on my own as there is no one out there is able to help me from A-Z.

Giving up will always not my style, though I might not get a good result this time, but I know as long as I give my best in it, God knows!

Just now, while I was at market having my breakfast, out of sudden voices coming out from somewhere else where I was trying hard to find the source of the noise.
The noise getting nearer and I saw there were 2 midgets there singing and performing to earn their living. One of them is on the wheelchair and handicapped. I did not captured any photo as I don't want them to feel that we were despising them and thought they were funny.

Indeed, they are brave enough to give their performance in front of crowds. Though they were not physically fit, but they never give up and live their life well and not depend on other instead by their ownself.
Their never giving up spirit inspired me that I too shouldn't give up too especially when I just come across a minor obstacles!

From them, I also learned that we must appreciate with what we had and how God creates us as a normal human being compared to the less fortunate which might born as psychically unfit person. Thus, we must love ourself more before we start to love others, if not, we are not even qualified to say that we love and care about others.

 Is time to work hard! Never give up! God, hope that you can lead my way...