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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Strangling with emotion

Nuffnang has their very own inaugural Nuffnang Asia Pasific Blog Awards and it is basically going to be held in Singapore.
Anyone can be nominated of any awards that have been highlighted or could nominated the one you think deserve to win those title.
I have nominated somebody :p well, basically I think he/she deserves anyway... and anyone could be in this right?

But, deep in my heart, I wonder how are they really going to judge it. Or it is just back to reality, only those famous blogger only could win? Like Fourfeetnine, Cheesie, SuetLi? Haha~

Later, I'm going for a charity work at Ipoh at 3am++ with mummy, aunty and my cousin. I wonder what charity work that need to get me moving so early in the morning.
But, I hope it will be a good experience and after this I will be more good enough to handle my own time cause I have been procastinating since yesterday!

For God sake, I also don't know what the hell happen to me and once and once again I have been so lazy. So lazy until I can't describe it. Hate it! Hate it! FML!
If this continuing, I might screw for my final and this is the thing I won't want to see it. Never again! Sigh~

Eyes damn itchy and watery now, headache since evening, what happen to me? Damn it! Stress! Sometime, i also don't know what the hell I am stressing myself. But, the feeling of stress is really appears!


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