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Saturday, November 28, 2009

♥ Happie 20th Birthday ♥

Happie 20th birthday, my lil sis!
Though we might not chat, talk, laugh, meet often, but you are still my greatest sis that I ever have in my life!
Just want you to know that I love you heaps ♥, my sis!

Us, the gorgeouses! ♥

My gorgeous lil sis with my gorgeous mummy.
If the mummy not gorgeous, how can she give birth to the gorgeouses and hunks!
More0ver, 2 hunks and 2 gorgeous! ♥

Friday, November 27, 2009

Great Outing ♥

As the previous post mentioned, I had a great day outing with Shirley and Jason, so this post mainly about the1st day of Mega sales hunting experience!
Yeah, everyone told me go KL ways better if go for Mega sales but who doesn't know a "mother is a woman"(please translate to Canto for better understanding :P)
If got choice, I wouldn't choose to go Ipoh! But, Ipoh is the nearest!
OK! I might need some time to recap what we had done that day since is almost a week after that Saturday!
As usual, we camwhored a lot. Seriously a lots!

Oh yeah, before we head to Parade, we had our brunch in somewhere at Ipoh. Forgive me cause I really don't know where is that place but just know that the shop sell the famous 'nga choi kai hor fun' and it is ways 1000000000x better than 'Lou Wong'. Trust me!

-Thean Chun-

Seriously, it is crowded 24 hours if it does open 24 hours :)

Ever try this so called 'char dan'?
Shirley said it is weird but I find it is still ok :)

The main dish, hor fun with chicken and prawn slices
Thumbs up! ♥

'Nga choi'

The trio ♥

Once we reached Parade, we can feel the so Christmas environment with the deco in the Parade. Christmas tree decorated with colourful deco really make us felt so CHRISTMAS! ♥

Can you feel the CHRISTMAS?

Next, we went to get us the ticket of 2012. In case you are wondering how many times I watched it, yes, is the 2nd time! FTW right? I have no choice as both of them haven't watch it so I tag along, or else what can I do at 10.30pm alone at Parade?

We walked around the small shop near the cinema and try to get something for ourself but heck there wasn't anything so suitable for me after all. In my opinion, the place is quite seafoodish with those seafood styles. Lol! Not all but some. There even got a shop that sell hello kitty stuff. Seriously, even Hello Kitty oven!

The apparel looks so good on Shirley's

Same with the 'hat'
But, I don't know whether she bought it or not

The boring-ness looks on him while waiting for Shirley

and me, SS-ing alone with the shop as my background!

Hello Kitty oven ♥

Take note that I'm not Hello Kitty fanatic fan. I just thought some may be interesting with Hello Kitty. At least I know, Kyan ♥ Hello Kitty! Am I right?

We went to many many shops and outlets and I just couldn't remember. I think we went to almost ALL the shops there! Seriously, ALL!

I went to Niko to look for the heels that I wanted for so long and kind of regret cause didn't bought it the last time I went there. Thus, in the hope of wanted to have the heels so desparately, I went in and they don't have the size of the design I wanted :(
Feels so sad, but on the bright side, I have found another ♥

The heels no doubt is lovely but is not the design that I want, so I give up!

Nah, my ♥, but I bought the gold instead of silver. They said silver is not nice on me

We walked and walked until we stop and started to camwhore! Wtf right? But, we enjoy it!

♥ em'

We went to BlodyGlove as BodyGlove is Jason's fav! Never thought of buying anything at BG but instead I got myself 2 polo tees! Broken to the max after this outing! :(

One of the polo

Shirley's polo

Can you notice our polo and Jason's looks-alike-zebra sweater?

She is a bit 38 but indeed she is so friendly!

She is so helpful for trying some clothes that Shirley wants to buy for her sis!

Before I forgot, I met a chio guys! So effing chio!!! Haha~ I even snap a photo of him leh. Of cause 'curi-curi' la... Haha~ He works in the same company as mine!(ex-company-NSS)
Means he is my colleague leh.. Haha~ Really FTW, I know that!

I'm getting lazy to write and write so I might post up the photos of us in the last shop where we bought our ♥, our dinner @ Kenny Rogers and the thai fair. I know I'm lazy but I have a reason to be lazy. I'm officially sick! I'm having fever! I think I don't have enough sleep that resulted towards my fever. FML! I want to get recover soon cause final is coming!!!

♥ it so much!

Isn't she looks gorgeous with the tank top that I've recommended?

Our dinner @ Kenny Rogers after done shopping!

That's Jason's
3 of us have this glass engraving thingy
So cool ♥

All of us with the thai that great in engraving skill

Finally, the last photo of us!
♥ you guys~

P/s : Forget about the rest post that I've mentioned I will do, cause Im lazy and exhausted :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

♥ nky's ♥

My weekend again was totally awesome and a fab one!
Wanted to blog about the Mega sales hunting experience in Parade located in a small city, Ipoh on Sat, great night dinner at Hoi Ngoi Tin and outing with the family on Sunday and last but not least the birthday celebration for the cutie lioness shirley just now that we had for her!
It was a great one. We successfully throw her a small yet memorable birthday suprises that she will never forget, I guess...
Feeling great when the things run smoothly as planned, thanks to the brilliant me who actually requested help from my dear

♥ xoxo

P/s : FML! The exam ends not even in a week(END 16th)~ And I had booked on 30th. Really FTW!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy ending

I guess everything is fine now!
Thanks for everyone concern...
Well, the previous post is not about him.
To all my friends, is not about Raymond I'm talking about...
Finally, she JUST called me!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Remaining silent ...

We have been silent for almost 3 days... and I'm so not used to it...
I wish to hear from you but yet I'm afraid...
I wish you could ask about me but you didn't (so far this 3 days)
Everytime when there is a call from 012-5*****8, I thought it could be you, but yet I know it wasn't from you...
Perhaps, I should speak to you in the first place to avoid embarrassment or to let things cool down but yet I never take the step.
But, is either my fault too!
That's why I have been silent even when you insisted it was my fault!
I don't blame him for creating this mess but I never known you will have such big reactions towards this sesame things.
What should I do so that we could be like as usual as how we used to be?
On the other hand, I know he have been caring for me as usual and scare that I will get upset about this, thus he calling me quite often this few days to make sure I'm ok.
Yes, I'm still fine, that's the only things I could reply to you.
Ah, how good if everything is within our control...

P/s : Taste buds also getting upset :(

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How good

if you were here
if you were here with me right now
if I can talk to you
if I can whisper to you
if you can listen to me right now
if I can let you listen to my rant
if I can let go all my emoness in front of you
if I can sulk in front of you
if I can laugh out loud with you
if we could go for food hunting together
if we could to for movies
if we could go for vacation
if we are not in distance

Monday, November 16, 2009

Will 2012 happens?

Will "2012" actually happens?
I'm having my goosebumps when everything just end in a second, like zap it goes.
Even a city or a country could actually just gone!
Indeed, it is the best ever movie if were to compare to X-men, Transformer.(so far I think)
Can anyone tell me whether is it real that we will face "2012" in 2012?
Seriously, I hope not so!
If not, all of us need to have at least 1billion euro to be safe and get the ticket to the " gigantic ships"

Movie rating(purely my rating) : 9/10
*Nothing is flawless, k?*

-P/s : Gotta sleep now! Need to drive at 6am++ later! FML!-

Sunday, November 15, 2009

As I alway mentioned, hometown is superb. Yes, indeed it is!
With the companion of family, besties and friends, you can alway feel blessed, that's what I'm feeling whenever I at home!

Reach hometown on Friday afternoon, and the first thing to do was washing my 2324358676459138955 pieces of clothes cause the washing machine in Kampar had broken down. FML! While waiting the clothes at the washing machine, tidy here tidy there, that's so not me! I guess I have change alot! Not only that, preferences have change too! For eg, I madly in love with vintage styles. Hp hanger, shoes, clothes etc etc... That night itself, went out to chill at T-corner(should not be this name, but I forgot the cafe's name!) with the mummy Lyne, Karfay and BoonAik. Chilling session continue at Lyne's house and it lasts until 2am! Omg, never realized time passed so fast cause we chit-chatting nonstop from A-Z!

Saturday, as usual pokering in CheeKoon's house but that night, we have extra guests! The mummy Lyne and BoonAik. We drank, I guess! One sip also can make me felt dizzy, so, drinking actually is a big No No for me. Hehe~ But, have to entertain Saf cause he bought the liquors all the way from his house. I guess have to give face to him, right? Yeah, he told me that girls have to know how to drink to avoid being cheated. Is that the truth?
Some random photos of the night without caption. Im lazy for that!

I think my W705 Is damn suck at photo! Miss the K550i of mine cause definitely it won't fail me in photographing!

Sunday to be continued... Now have to prepare to go for 2012! I will let you all know whether is it damn nice as commented by those who have watched it earlier!

Signing off,

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mister Potato

Lol! Can this photo caught the attention of the voters?
Log in to http://misterpotato.com.my/home.php and find this photo above and vote ya...
Votes begin 29th Nov 2009 - 5th Dec 2009
All my friends, please do vote me! Hehe~
Btw, I'm still finding the suitable Mister Potato's misai...

Thursday, November 12, 2009


My laptop is haunted!
Err, I think so...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Raining, raining and keep raining? What has happen to Kampar?
Some people said Kampar has been cursed, with tragedy and fatal..
How true it was? Nobody will ever know.. FYI, ever since those tragic, some minor cases too happened but just getting not much attention from public, as for the reason no death involved, perhaps?

I'm still in one piece, no stress and waiting for another final to approach and I will off to Sabah for my year end vacation :)

Probably, some might find I have been MIA due to not updating this blog of mine.
Reason? Nothing special much to share(cause my life at Kampar currently is dull) except my awesome semester break, which is fulfilling!(which is an expired matters) to be shared.
But, i remembered I promise to blog about it. So, I have too! -_-"
Maybe just some summary of the expired semester break, k? Haha~
How should I start?
(1) I worked during my 3 weeks semester break.
Pros : Earn $$, have new mobile phone, get to know a lots of friends and some suppliers so that can purchase at the best price in future (FYI, if anyone happen to find any regarding phone or phone accessory, come find me! You won't regret k?)
Cons : Felt cheated by my stingy boss! Damn it!

(2) I pokered most of the nights with my male buddies. Poker is so much fun and addictive :P

(3) I hang out most of the nights with my male buddies too.

(4) I stay at home accompanied parents when I'm not hanging out with my male buddies.

(5) Just before this semester started, I went to Genting with the family for Miss Chinese Astro Live Pageant. It was awesome watching LIVE although you might sit at the farest possible area :P

(6) After the show, I went to KL. Have great time in KL with family accompanied by cousins.

(7) and that is Monday again, which is the day of new sem started. I drove back to Kampar at 7am. Wtf!

For you, it might not an awesome schedule for semester break but for me, it was so fulfilling and so much fun. Before semester break, I studied hard and the results I gained was a rather good one as I have improvement. It meant a lots to me cause my effort hasn't wasted :)
After final, I work! I work hard, play hard and utilize my days even though people always told me, 3 weeks better stay at home rest, but I don't think so!
Haha, that's me! I enjoy challenges and wouldn't like to be daddy&mummy's daughter that always stay at home and be protected all the time :)

Anyway, since new semester have started and now I'm already in W4, so I have to work hard for final which is approaching soon. Wish to get more better results :) *hands cross*
and, I can't wait to be back home again this Friday~

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Disgusting Message and the Mishaps

Ok! Whatever has passed will be aside and will blog it when it is the correct time.

Since everyone so interested to know about what the message that I got in my FB's message inbox, so I might as well share it here so that everyone could avoid this person too. FYI, this person is not in my fb's friend list and he is just so disgusting. Ewww!!~

I rofl so hard when I see the message and guess this pathetic person is just so boring and got nothing better to do. Haigh! Why this world is full of this kind of person, that is so damn sickening!

Another thing I wanted to share was those mishaps that had happenned in Kampar.
1st, it was the bridge collapsing and resulting death and injuries.
2nd, serious car accidents that involved 3 cars(if I'm not mistaken).
3rd, latest is today's mishap where 2 boys and 1 girl of UTAR suspected and fear drowned at Kampar waterfalls.
This news spread so fast and those people was msn-ing to get the latest news cause I'm from UTAR Kampar and guess I'm suppose to know that. (You should know is you, :P) Wtf right?
Next, auntie was calling to ask me not to go out especially to waterfall. Lol~
and I thought mum would call also to tell me about this but I'm wrong. Instead, I called her and let her know what have happened.
She is too busy having supper with gu ma and the cousins that have come back from KL. How I wish I were there too!
Back to those mishaps, hope that's the end of it. Pray that everyone in Kampar will be safe. Amen!

P/s : Fighting moment again!