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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quarter of Century!

Officially quarter of century on the 5th June 2012!
Feel like not wanted to admit that I'm such old, you know, quarter of century neh!
Who ever wanted to admit that they're old? Lol!
This year nothing much different from previous year, except that I've got cake! Not only one but TWO! Lol!

 From the Bafutians, advance bdae celebration at Poh Loong @ 3rd June 2012

From my babe, Ashlee, just a moment ago at Nando's

Back from Pangkor, the gang decided to have dinner at Poh Loong before headed back to KL, thus steambot we go! And I've never expected them to celebrate with me though, considered it was still early, and very surprised when they did it! They really surprised me, the forever smart one without me being suspicious to any of them!  

Just look at the surprise face of mine! Ahahaha~ One word, priceless! I still remembered, I was telling the boyfie, who sat next to me that, "Look, there's someone bdae!" which I thought is the behind table of us! But surprisingly the lady was walking towards me with a bdae cake! Omg! Feeling blush because the place is pack with a lot of peoples! Nevertheless, I did appreciate for the Bafutians for this lil surprise! Thanks everyone and you know who you are!

So, today, on the exact of my birth date, my bestie celebrated with me at Nando's just a moment ago! Thanks to her for a simple celebration, the meal and the cake! A cake without a candle yet with a candle after her creativeness as usual! Hee! Torchlight will be replaced by burning candle and off it went after the fake blowing cake ceremony! Wtf! One of something special at least in my 25th! And I will always remember that! Lol!

So, what about the boyfie? Guess everyone will point this question to me! As usual, he is not a romantic guy and I've give up on hoping or wishing for something special from him! Not to say I've give up on him but just that, I know he will definitely did better or at least, I know how much he cares for me of all the time! He gave me this!

Something which is more practical and something that I love! Never thought that he is so detailed and remembered I did complained about my skin is dry after Pangkor getaway and he bought me this moisturizer as my bdae pressie! I know I'm so easy contended with such a small pressie but at least a sincere heart of a sender will make me become a happy receiver! I'm just as simple as that!

Look at him, the background of the gift! I told him to hold that and I wanna take a photo of him holding the gift but he refused, thus secretly captured that when he was obsessed with his tower defense! Aahahaha!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, thanks for everyone's warm wishes and regards via SMS, FB or personally called me via phone to wishes me bdae! Nothing much I can return back but a sincere thanks and appreciated the effort of remembering and drop me some wishes although FB did alerted everyone that is my bdae today! At least, the effort of scribing something at my wall does matter! THANKS!!! :)