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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Im awake, finally!

Hey ya, I'm here again. I woke up early in this morning and I realized how wonderful in this morning as I smell the new of me. This morning initially covered by tears but ended up with a breathe of release. Ouch, I feel so lighten up. Thanks dear for accompanying me this early morning. We chat, we communicate and it feels great and mean so much to me. The quote of my feeling right now, there is another brand new days for tomorrow even though today you feel is a bad day for you, accept it and remember tomorrow is a brand new day. Oh yea, life is about 2 choices according to Ash's latest post. It is meaningful and I choose to live life meaningfully instead of complaining of life. Not forget that a mail I read this morning, is a story to those who take life for granted and in this story, simple humility and communication tell us that it could resolves most of the problems as well as patience. It touches me also and of cause it refresh me and let me know that to start live a life free of grudge and most importantly communication is the main key!

Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm lost right now but I know I'll find my way soon

Every people or maybe most of the people will know what they want in their life and find their way easily but for me, I'm totally lost. I'm not alone but yet I feel lonely most of the time. Friends are many out there, but friends who are willing to share my downs are really hard to find.(Are you the one?) Sometimes, I tend to be so passive until I mess out everything. I also don't know since when I become someone who will get emo and passive frequently but I really don't wish to be like that. I'm working hard to control my emotion and find my way back. And at the same time it works but it might fail also at certain times. Exam is getting nearer which makes me feeling stress easily. Ray told me to pray to HIM so that I feel better but will HIM listen to me as I not belong to HIM? I think I'm not. Then who am I? Where do I belong to?

If YOU are really listening to me, I pray that YOU grant me strength to endure all this weeks until the exams finish. I pray that YOU give me wisdom to make me understand better of what I'm learning. I pray that YOU enlighten my days with shinny sun and not cloudy rain. I pray that YOU reduce all my stress and emo feeling. I pray that YOU bring peace and joy into my life. I pray that YOU bless my family members so that they live happily and healthily. I pray that YOU bless all my friends so they are doing great all the time. I pray and hope that YOU actually listening to me...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour for 2009 is coming soon... to be exact 2 hours plus.

Let's work together to save our EARTH

Switch off all the lights!(ALL)

You and I could make a difference!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another random post

Hey peeps, here I am doing nothing but just to blog. Nothing much to blog actually but just want to do a new post. Well, to be exact, post for nothing. Nothing special happen recently and I'm well behaved enough to calm down and reduce my emoness. A big applause for myself and HIM as well. Oh ya, something I'm happy for today which is the result of the QT midterm2. I got 40/50. Really out of my expectation.. Really happy because I'm always being the weakest in arithmetic, but yet I proved that I can improve as well.

Well, one more thing... I'm so useless. I spent my entire Wed night doing nothing but just hooking up with the laptop and dramas. Supposingly, I should do some revision but instead of it, I end up wasting my time until now and currently blogging. Too bad~ I should punish myself that tomorrow no laptop for me and just focusing on revision. Promise yourself, ok? Fully revision day for tomorrow since tomorrow no class and you can back home on Fri and enjoy weekend with your dearest family members and continue the battle once you come back again to the "war field"

To my dear little bro, I don't know actually you read or not but I just want to tell you that we all love you and care so much about you. We care and love you as much we could and we do have faith in you, that you are good enough and you know what are you actually doing. Sometime we scold, nag or advise you is for your own good and you must bear in mind that never hide anything from us. Be a good boy ok? If got anything, must tell jie jie and promise me never hide things from us. Talk to any of us what's on your mind whether is good or bad and we definitely will listen to you.

-My cute lil bro-

Sunday, March 22, 2009


When I was small, I wish I grown up and now, I'm an adult but I wish to turn back the times. As an adult, there are really many things to fuss about. Sometimes, I think I am over-reacting over some particular matters but I just couldn't help myself not to worry about it. And in the end, I kept thinking and stressing about, I pull myself so hard and sometime at one moment, I find myself couldn't breath. Really hard to breath and feeling so struggle. Once I worried about studies+exam and of cause the worry will have never ending until the day it finish. Then, there come about my little brother and now is my mum! I will not exaggerate the contents much as it won't help to solve problems. Maybe you are right, I should take medication, Ashlee. Or maybe it was all about me should keep myself loose and not worry over unpredicted things? Or maybe I should just don't bother everything that is within my control? God, please give me direction.

P/s: I think I should continue "Winter Melon Tale" before I really goes mad!

Friday, March 20, 2009

100 Tag

babe, you've got TAGGED!!! by a pretty lady. muahaha
Nah, I've done, pretty LADY...

001. Real Name:
Ng Kah Yee

002. Nickname(s):
5+2=7, kayu(by Cik Nona), xiao tian tian(by Muk)

003. Age:
Born in the year of RABBIT

004. Horoscope :

005. Male or Female:

006. Elementary:
Tadika San Min

007. Middle School:
SK Convent TI

008. High School:
SM Convent TI, SASTI (",)

009. College School:
(U)niversiti (T)ak (A)da (R)ehat

010. Hair colour:
Black, Brownish and Yellowish(Highlight once)

011. Long or Short:
Curl Long(Will be straight again next year :P)

012. Loud or Quiet:
Quiet and yet can be Loud whenever I want

013. Sweats or Jeans :

014. Phone or Camera:
Both :P

015. Health Freak:
Big germs eat smalle germs

016. Drink or Smoke:
Hate both but yet wish can DRINK, coz I cant DRINK!

017. Do you have a crush on someone:
Not anymore

018. Eat or Drink:
Eat. To Ash: (I already went with you just now, Ashlee)

019. Piercings:
Once enough

020. Tattoos:
I scare coz it will be with me FOREVER

021. Social or Anti- Social:
Social, i guess :P

023. First piercing:
5 or 6 years old... and the LAST

024. First relationship :
Let it just be memory. Sealed it forever

025. First Best Friend:
Yeoh Suet Yee(I wonder where and how is she now)

026. First Award:
Did I ever get one?

027. First Kiss :
I couldn't remember and don't want to remember it

028. First Pet:
I don't have but I wish too!

029. First Big Vacation:
I don't know when but Thailand consider big vacation?

030. First Love at first sight :
This world no fairy tale, believe me

031. First Big Birthday:
Thanks mum. Coz you, I'm here

032. First Surgery:
I don't want any!

033. First sport you joined:

This or That
034. Orange or Apple juice:
Can it be both? Orange + Apple

035. Rock or Rap:
R&B can?

036. Country or Screamo:

037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys:
neither one

038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera:
Go Britney!

039. Night or Day:

040. Sun or Moon:

041. TV or Internet:
Internet with TV?

042. Playstation or xbox:
Nintendo Wii?

043. Kiss or hug:
Hug is warm but kiss might be watery. Yuckkss~ Hug for me!

044. Iguana or turtle:

045. Spider or bee:

046. Fall or spring:

047. Limewire or iTunes:
Limewire better than iTunes

048. Soccer or baseball:

Currently - want to enjoy my time with daddy and mummy
049. Eating:
Eaten with daddy and mummy(3 of us)

050. Drinking:
Have it during dinner

051. Excitement level :
100% coz I at home

052. I’m about to:
Sleep but I can't. 48 questions to go~

053. Listening to:
Tv's ad

054. Plan for today:
Spend my time with family

055. Waiting for:
My final and sem break

056. Energy Level:

057. Thinking of someone:
No one right now

058. Want kids?:
Yes but friend told me is hurt!

059. Want to get married?:
6-8 more years to go

060. When?:
Look up!

061. How many kids do you want:
3 would be ideal

062. Any name on the mind:
Too early for that

063. What did you want to be when you were little:

064. Careers in mind:
Successful executive. Those high high post with high high salary that less less work

065. Mellow future or wild:
What the heck is this?

066. Something you would never try:
Commit suicide

067. When do you want to die:
Definitely not now!

Which is the better in the boy/girl you like (in the future)
068. Lips or Eyes :
Sexy lips and big big and watery eyes

069. Romantic or Funny?:

070. Shorter or Taller?:
Taller than me

071. Protective or Caring?:
Of coz both!

072. Romantic or Spontaneous?:
Spontaneous + romantic

073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?:
Nice body please!

074. Sensitive or Loud?:

075. Hook-up or Relationship?:

076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant?:
Both also don't want, can ah?

077. Muscular or normal:
Not too normal and not too muscular

Have you ever
078. Kissed a stranger:
Would it be exciting?

079. Broken a bone:

080. Lost glasses or contacts:
I didn't wear any so how could it be lost?

081. Ran away from home:
Home is too sweet, how could I let myself to run away

082. Held a gun/knife for self defence:
Nop. Nobody want to attack me

083. Killed somebody:
No way!

084. Broken some one’s heart:
I don't know did I but I clearly know I've broken by others

085. Had your heart broken:
Yeah... T_T~

086. Been arrested:

087. Cried when someone died:
Ya! When Mr. Wahab pass away

088. Liked a friend more than a friend:
Yes or No?

Do you believe in
089. Yourself:
Yes, if not, who wil believe in me?

090. Miracles:
Yes, definitely craving all the time

091. Love at first sight:
As I said, there is no fairy tale in this world. Plz, I'm grown up

092. Heaven:

093. Santa Claus:
Did Santa Claust really exist?

094. Tooth Fairy:

095. Kiss in the first date :
Why not?

096. Angels:
Could you be mine?

Answer Truthfully
097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?

098. Are you seriously happy with where you’re in life now?
Not so but I believe I got my family and friends to support me

099. Do you believe in God?

100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people.(Can I not tag?)
This is the first time I do with this tagging stuff coz I give face to Ashlee. But I wish not to tag anyone coz it seems to be troublesome! But, if you're interested, follow me to do this and just said is from me!

Finally I've done!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exam's coming

Just checked out the draft examination timetable. I don't like the arrangement but I couldn't complain as if looks nice(no 2 exams in a day except the last day) although is a disaster. Well, at least, no clash but on the last day of the examination, I got 2 exams. Hope it will be fine for me!

Tentatively main examination time-table as drafted by the officer:

Wed(29/04/09) - Business Accounting I(RS) - 9am
Thurs(30/04/09) - OHR(M) - 9am
Mond(04/05/09) - QTII(M) - 9am
Tues(05/05/09) - Economics(M) - 9am
Fri(08/05/09) - CBLaw(M) - 9am
Mond(11/05/09) - QTI(RS) - 9am / Business Accounting II(M) - 2pm

P/s : Luckily the exam ended same as everybody in BA course.. If not, TT..

P/s : Hope the things is fixed also. No changes!

Gambate everyone!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random post

It's Sunday now which means I'm so free and finally have guts to continue to do the next new post. Mummy called me past few days and worried about me cause she saw my post in the blog. At that moment, I felt so sorry cause make her worry about me and my tears rolled down and I can't controlled myself and I bloat everything out and make her stress too. Sorry, my dear Shirley and thanks for always being there for me when I needed it. I'm so touched and feel great when I know out there, I'm still being cared and blessed. Supposedly, being an adult, I should know how to take care of my emoness, stress and whatsoever shitty negative attitude of mine, but I just failed. But, mummy, I promise you that I will stay strong and take good care of myself. I will be brave enough to handle all those challenges that had been assigned to me well. I will disclipine myself and get motivated in life. I will stand up and won't give up.

Back to those few days of what was happening and to cut it short, let't start on last Wednesday when my nerves were getting tense when I've known that I still couldn't handle yesterday midterms, I started hooking up with notes, tutorial questions and those 3 days are totally awful cause I'm so tense and stress when I couldn't able to anwser anything and I couldn't remember the things that I need to remember for the sake of the midterms... Last 3 days are totally absolutely hard for me and well, I did make it and here am I now. I'm so obedient as I studied, sleep and eat ONLY. No entertainment at all. No laptop. No movies. No games.

Because of being so obedient, well I managed to anwser in my midterms(perhaps Econ not doing so well). I did felt proud of myself cause I kill all those evil peeps within me. Guess what, they are Mr.Fear and Miss. No Confident. Thanks to all the support from all my dear friends as well.

From Wednesday till Friday night, I'm not at home fyi and I was staying at 1318 Westlake in one of my cute dear best friend house to do revision. I really want to thanks her for this 3 nights and really sorry if I might bring any inconvenient and dsturbance to you.. But, I know you are too good and you won't mind right?

-B1, Westlake 1318-

-The place where I study that 3 days-

-Shirley Kwong Chee Ai-

Well, let's me talk bits about this pretty lady that I've got to know her. I think I got to get close with her around the end of the last year semester. We are both born in the year of rabbit and I think that what make us have so many things in common, is like we have chemistry, besides my babes, Ashlee(don't get me wrong, I'm not lesby). She is very kind-hearted and humble person I can say. She is willing to teach you anything you could not understand and will make sure you understand what she is teaching you, in another words I can say, patience. And she has positive attitude to go through every obstacles that she currently facing(don't worry ya, I will alway support you!) and because of her never giving up spirit, this has inspire me not giving up as well. Good job, gal!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I thought going back home will be better but it turns out to be not so...
I don't know why am I so emo in this semester. I'm really. Really never feeling happy and relax like how I used to be in last semester as I know I can't accept the feeling of failing. It totally hurts and traumatized me!

I still have 2 midterms left in this trimester which falls on Saturday. Both subjects had been tested in midterm test 1 and the results I've got simply not delighting which means I need to double up my effort but since midterm test 1 the result I've gotten is so bad, how could I do well in midterm test 2?

Sometimes, feel giving up but the moment I think about the efforts I've been forking out since foundation, I know I simply can't because that is my choice. I can't change my destiny anymore but yet I know I can work hard.(Can I?) Really hard to move forward. Furthermore, there are 2 peoples here are waiting for me, waiting for my graduation. I just don't want them to feel disappointed. I know they are giving the very best to me and they are working hard to provide everything that I've ever needed it. They are the only reason on why I am still holding on.

I've thinking of finding a job if I really can't hold on(I really want them to attend the convocation of mine), I've thinking of changing course if I really can't do well(but that will lead to wasting time of 2 semester), I've thinking to work things normal and just let it be(I failed, I couldn't and I'm too weak)

Tasks ahead that have to be done:-
10/03/09 - Tutorial Presentation
11/03/09 - Law Assignment Presentation
12/03/09 - OHR Assignment Presentation
14/03/09 - QTII midterm test 2 & Econ midterm test 2

I need guide from someone. Please tell me what should I do.

Friday, March 6, 2009

All Done

3 assignment declared DONE at 1.00am 6th March 2009...
FINALLY, can relax and going back home tomorrow..
Miss home so much~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Broke T.T

I went to Tesco just now for my meal. At first the initial plan is to KFC but somehow rather, my legs were dragging me into Sushi King and I really can't resist the temptation of it cause the very last time I went to Sushi is in January after the new semester begins. That's freaking long time no Sushi for me!

-Before meal-
-Posing at the "blank"ATM with Angulicious-

And I'm currently craving for Sushi King's bonanza which falls on 13-16/4/09!!!

-Meal @ Sushi King-

We did shop after Sushi...

and this make me spent even more...

Oh, I'm so BROKE!!!

But, I love the pairs of shoes that i bought... (2 pairs @ RM40 ONLY)

and the hair accessories as well (all items got 50% discount leh...)

Gotta stop blogging as need to do assignment as we need to pass up this Friday!!
... and it simply means that I'm going back home on the same day as well after the last class

Memories of 2009 CNY