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Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday de 13th

Fingers crossed that it will eventually be a good day despite today is Friday, the 13th

I will be back soon! Real soon! *pinkypromise*

Monday, October 14, 2013

What my BLOG means to me

I'm not sure where to start off. I got a lot of things running in my mind.I'm kind of losing the mojo or direction to blog. Yet, I would not wish to quit. Reason is because this blog has been documented my growth and I believe when I look back this in future date, it definitely mean something for me and that's the reason why I should go on. Sometime I do amazed that how could I write so much during my university life. Perhaps I gossiped and complaint a lot?

I wish to do so much changes to my blog, I wish to change the layout, I wish to just revamped my blog; to delete all the posts and to get the real deal of what's the objectives of blogging, something like finding a theme to go with it. So much of thought but so less of action. Lol! Yeah, forever like that. If you know me, you should know! Heh!

Started this blog 5 years ago, which is in 2008. Most of the contents displayed about my life, my thoughts and my feeling. I suppose not a very mature post, and what's more none other than many deficiency vocab, grammatical errors and etc. However, every time when re-reading back, I'm amazed how God has change my life, and how my past experiences has shape me to whom am I today (though nothing much changes :D )

Today, I wish to come back to write. To write about everything, just everything that I want to and let this to be re-read in future date. I wish I could do this and spent at least once a week to write of the event I have been thru, the people that I've met and the thought of the week and posted with a lot of photos to beautify this piece of my land. I hope I'm able to do it!

Ending today's post with a photo of my recent activity. I hope I could blog this one day. I'm not sure about my feeling to rock climbing but the satisfaction of able to reach the top is so awesome! I'm not sure whether I'm really into it or not, but this is something new or unusual I would do.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


First of all, want to rant over blogger.com.my. Why the access to blogger seems harder?! I'm suppose to blog about SHAPE / Skechers GoTrain workshop which was already expired, but I can't seem to log in until today when I got the sudden urge to jot down few thoughts or things which is happening in my life.

So... what's about the decision? You're wrong if you think I'm gonna say I'm getting married because obviously that's not going to happen so soon, not within this year or next year. Even though so many of the age of mine is walking down the aisle, but I'm still not so fortunate enough to be wedded. FML!

Everyone's make decision every day and every moment. Thus, whether it is a good or a bad, you just got to accept whatever consequences of the results you will receive. Currently, I'm given an opportunity to learn foreign payroll. The plus point is I will be getting much broaden exposure and it could build up my resume as well. When there is a plus point, of cause there will be the drawbacks. The drawback that I'm going to face is to let go of the current process that I'm doing. It's quite pity and heavy-hearted to let go of the things you have bought up quite well. Besides, the hardship of starting again from the scratch is just too horrendous!

Right after I agreed to take up the opportunity, when I had my first day of doing bits of transition, I felt so tense up because everything seems so alienated to me! My subconscious mind keep rejecting whatever I learnt. I felt so moody to work, that's the sign that I know I must stop immediately, or else, I can't enjoy work and have no passion into it anymore.

Luckily, I'm very fortunate to have my own manager that I could always seek advice and blurted my worries and my concern. At least, at that moment, I feel better because I'm no longer keeping all those problems that I've encountered, my worries and etc. I'm more delighted that they found way to help me to go through and guide me along way. Feel so bless that I'm surrounded with good peoples at work. Besides, today just right after I thought myself couldn't carry anymore and almost wanted to give up, a senior colleague of mine had a talk with me, and he really help me a lot! He help me to clear up my mind, make me to understand what's my direction suppose to be, encourage and definitely enlighten me!

So, decision is made! I won't give up that easily, I will accept challenges that I'm facing quite soon, I just need to always prepare myself to be physically and mentally ready to accept the next phase of working life, which is to grow :D

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