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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Update #1

While waiting for the "old man" to go back together, I decided to do a quick, short post on my current status. I have not updating my blog here for a thousand years! (trying to give more emphasis on how long I eventually stop updating my blog)

Aside from job changing to another company, I knew I was never ever updated it frequently too after my university life. I shall come back to the main point, and yes, I have resigned from my previous company obviously and joined my current company, DHL for a better prospect and to challenge myself to step out from my comfort zone all this while when I was in my previous company.

It was not easy at all, and until now I still couldn't get used to it, in terms of the time management and of cause the workload pressure sometime that I might face.

For the time issue, life was not a bed of roses anymore where I can have long idle time in bed rolling over waiting for the time to strike 8.00 am every morning before I out from house. NOW, I need to wake up the latest by 6.15 am (provided I don't need to wash my hair / iron my working attire). Reason is I need to go out to work at 7.00 am to make sure WE can reach there before 8.00 am! FML!

To clarified some questions that might popped up; #1 I'm now car-pooling with the OM because I don't want to drive, #2 If we go out early, we might reach about 7.30 am or 7.40 am to catch up for breakfast together, #3 I don't have enough time apparently is because we need to tolerate with each other when we want to go back, so like now, I'm using my idle time at office to update this blog while I already off work at 5.30 pm and eventually can go back sharp!

For the work issue, it's totally different from what I did in Leeden. But, one thing for sure, I learnt a lot of Excel skills during this short period of time in DHL! I was amazed that in fact, all of my colleagues are Excel's guru! They are so awesome and never failed to share their knowledge as well. Fainted one point when I calculated totals of 30++ reports I need to send every month aside from day-to-day adhoc reports requested by the business partner! From managing approximately 130++ HC, now I'm in-charged of two entities(DHL Supply Chain and DHL Global Forwarding) which the totals of HC are approximately 1200++

To be continued... *OM called and I can go back now* :)