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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Current Me :)

So, this is the current me, with Michele Mika camwhoring at library in Week 2 of this semester!
And I blonded my hair! Yes! This is true, because the color which is chosen by my dearest sister is "very Light-Golden Blonde"
Luckily the outcome is still acceptable, if not I guess I will be the laughing stock until I get back to the original color. Heh! :)
So, do you like it or you prefer my hair in black?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tawau - Part 2

Basically, this post is about some local delicacies in Tawau that I thinks it awesome 
As promise, this is the Indo Cafe that we went on a random day to have our tea-time,  about the specific location, I don't have any idea, but I tell you, they served the best ever uniquely 'pisang goreng'. The uniqueness of the 'pisang' is when they served added with gula melaka and shredded cheese.
OMG! It's heavenly yummylicious I can assured you =)
I personally ♥ 'pisang goreng' topped with gula melaka + cheese =P

-Outside and Inside view-

 -Pisang Goreng with the topping of gula melaka + cheese-

 Closer view of my

Besides, they also served several types of 'pisang goreng' but we ordered those highly recommended and   hearts by the peoples there. Another type is 'pisang penyet'. Normally, they will crush the banana and then flatten it and fried it to achieve the crunchiest state and it can dipped with sambal. Those sambal is more or less the same like those we can find in 'nasi lemak'. It wil not be my favorite cause it is not sweet. Personally, I feel that eating banana must be sweetened or sweet, if not it will be weird. But, not harm giving a try :P

 -'Pisang Penyet'-

Dessert, this is the freaking awesome yummylicious mango sago that I ever tried.
Words can't describe the awesomeness of it. The plus point is, I'm a mango lover, and this definitely is in my top list of dessert that I ever had =)
I don't even think I can find this in West M'sia. *Disappointed*
Hmmm, what I can do is to have second attempt before flying back to West M'sia to compensate my craving for it.
 -Mango Sago -

Coming to Sabah never have seafood is kinda waste, and we are so fortunate that ShiaoPing's aunt, who is staying in Tawau gave us a treat at Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant. According to my Cheryl, this seafood restaurant is the most grand in term of it expensiveness. The foods served was fresh and there are a lots of variety of seafoods we can find in that restaurant, and some even have funny name.

-It this kind of grouper common or exist?-

 -ASP's aunty and uncle-

-Group picture of us-

Till here... and I gotta fully enjoy my last day in Tawau with those kind of awesome delicacies!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tawau - Part 1

Tawau vacation as per-scheduled has already reached, and yes we are going to rock Tawau, and too bad someone ffk-ed us which resulted only 3 of us heading to Tawau with our host, Cheryl and several of her Tawaurian :) Our flight was on 3th of Jan and basically, we wasted the 3th with TI-LCCT-TAWAU which took us roughly about 12 hours ++

And as now, is Day 3 me and my friends had been staying in Tawau, in Sing Onn, which is Cheryl's house, that is pretty relaxing and comfortable, and close to mother nature. I likey

Recapping events or activities throughout our vacation until today is not an easy task, because I have a smaller space of memory installed in my mind but luckily, photos that been captured enlightened me a lots!

Tuesday - 4/11/2011
4th in the morning, had Cheryl's favorite Soto at Kopi Yuan Yuan, Megah Jaya. According to her, that place we went for our soto is her favorite that she thinks is the best, and she bought several of West Msia's friends before us, and they all claimed it was best and like it very much! However, 3 of us find it was so-so. Heh, she must be disappointed!

 -Front of the shop-

I don't eat beef thus I ordered Seafood Soto. Seafood soto comes with variety of fresh hand-made seafood, such as prawn balls, fish balls and fish slices. Soto give me the impression of a Malay's delicacies because when I was in primary school, my school canteen do selling soto, and mostly Malays heart them a lot, I guess. However, it was indeed a nice try :)

-Beef Soto-

 -ABC (Ass Burning Chili)-
 Indeed spicy hot and interesting for chilli's lover

4th in the night, we had steambot buffet at Daily Q. Food was great and most important, it was big, fresh and yummy. I had most of the crab and shell-ish seafood and their own home-made fish ball. It was QQ, and I likey  

 Jason Vs KahYee

 -Eat all you can-


 To be continued...
*Indo Cafe's banana and mango sago and both are my FAVORITE
* Sang Yuk mee (er, should I repeat?)
* and etc.... 

Tomorrow's highlight : Borneo Semporna Proboscis River Cruise. Hope it will be interesting :)