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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crapping entry

Haiyo! It is already Wednesday night. I have been so free and doing nothing.
Seriously nothing!
I've been progressing so damn slow cause I'm damn lazy
Can I blame it to my auntie? :X
She's the one who make me felt so restless, whole body ache, sleepy and yawning all the time although I have enough sleep.
I got a lot of things which to be done by this week and I do hope I can accomplish everything by this week.

Let's see...

I want/need to...
(1) print out past year exam paper(which I am doing now! cause I'm too boring. Wtf.)
(2) clean my wardrobe
(3) clean my room(cause I felt it is too messy! :P)
(4) filing all my certs in the new file that I bought(checked this morning :) )
(5) start my revision for final exam
(6) attend career talk by ex-company this Saturday
(7) attend soft-skill(thinking out of box) this Sunday to fulfill my soft-skill marks
(8) do a lot of things which now I still can't figure it out

Tomorrow I got a presentation but I don't know why I didn't preparing anything. Hmm, I'm not flattering that I'm a good presenter and seriously, I think I'm the worst in the class.(please don't compare with those bad, but those good one)
Perhaps, I do the whole assignment, that's why I think no one will understand the contents more better than me :P which is also the reason for me procastinating

I can't log in to my MSN. I miss him :( We been communicating less recently. :(

I noticed that my post containing more words than photos recently.

To Ashlee, let me show you my look-alike-kid's fringe that you want me to show you.

P/s : I want to learn Photoshop. Anyone willing to teach?

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