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Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Title

Holla everyone!
Almost to the end of week 1 of the new semester.
Speaking about the new semester, having new environment of studying in new blocks.
Sounds great?
But, definitely a big NO for me!
The reason simply because I got lost on the 1st day to class!
If comparing to other local universities, the new blocks are still far behind, and the fat me is really lazy to walk! Haha~ Perhaps that's the reason why I don't like studying in new blocks!
Hmm, suppose to post up about last year's vacation but still in the process, so maybe another week?
I'm not busy at all but I just don't know why I am so lazy! Lazy to do things, and even online! (But, rajin in drama-ing! FML!)
Mayb could be my H1N1 illness that on off and on! Seriously, getting ill is so terrible, horrible, vegetable and fuckatable!
I also vomitted sometime once after foods, and that's make me fucking hate it!
Maybe of all that, it leads to poor concentration and mood swing of mine this few days and resulted me hiding in the room if I don't have class.
Hope for fully recovery so that I can be on the right track.
By the way, tomorrow I'm driving to KL, so pray for me have a safe journey cause is my 1st time of driving to KL!

P/s : Seriously, KK's post next post!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bye 09, Hello 10

I know I'm suppose to come out with the KK's vacation as it was suppose to be, but let me just blog this so randomly stuff and thought of mine.

I know 2009 ends already but yet I have a few says about it.
I gone through 2009 with failure, success, happy, sad, thrill, lonely, emo but stills I know it ended anyway. Indeed I have gone through a lots!
From friendship until relationship, everything is a total mess for me but yet I accepted whatever that is happened and I never blame or regret what had happened. All this things make me realize that I must be strong and think positively. Although I don't have many friends, but I believe I don't need that. All I need is those who are real with me, never betray me and really accepted me not because I need one but he/she mean it. I believe I really have such few friends/buddies and I shall not mention any names as only my real friends will know that they are definitely in the list. Thanks for being my friends as always and always be there to support me when I needed most.

Not forget to those who are my "friend", thanks for making me realize this world is so realistic and because of you all, I will grow stronger and stay undefeatable as I want to prove even without you, I'm still living and this world is still rotating. Thanks for betraying me for making me realize trust can be so fragile. Thanks for making me to accept that this world is full or sarcastic out there and because of "you", I have met the the real one!
I know I might not perfect still, but at least I've keep changing to be better as I always will! This is the promise I had made to myself.

Hatred and grudge will be buried in 2009 and high-spirited feeling will be along 2010. I will never live life with hatred, always be myself, but no one, treasure my friendship and relationship, be it my family, my dear, and my friends.

Though 2009 is not a really a remarkable/fantastic/awesome/great year for me, but I know there is still 2010 there. I will live my life to the fullest as it is already to the end of my study life. Definitely, I will enjoy it to the max!

New semester is about to begin and I really hope I can score good grade in this new semester as previous semester, I don't achieve something I'm aiming for. Totally disappointed but that is a past. I shall look forward and move on.

Speaking about 2010 resolution, I think I shall not restricted myself for achieving something but I will let myself to explore everything that come into my life and live to the fullest.

Bye 2009, and Hello 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010


don't abandon my blog. :P
I shall update soon!
Back from KK this Thursday and yet feeling so sick till now!
Cough that is never ending really make me felt tired!
Lots of things to be shared, particularly to the place that I had visited, the foods and some random stuff at KK (to be precise, the different between WM and EM)

Today is the bro's 18th birthday, thus went shopping with him in Ipoh with mummy and his gf. We had great time shopping for CNY clothes. Is awesome! He bought a lots! Seriously, a lot!
The bro is so good and kind enough to treat Bobby a packet of snack and bought him collar too! 
I also managed to grab some apparels which make me definitely satisfied and is worth of being the driver of the day. WTF!

Will do a proper update soon, perhaps!

Last but not least, here is my simple wish for him, "Good luck in everything you do and hope you have a blast and memorable one. Love you a lots, my brader!"

P/s : So effing hungry and boring now! Everyone is so busy to entertain me. FML!