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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Im so unlucky T.T

I wish to CRY out loud but Im too weak, and no strength.

Why does this happen to me?

LAW, for sure I will fail cause I even didn't manage to do ALL the questions given because I left out the things I supposed to read about. The marks is 40 for 2 questions. I didn't do 1 whole question which means I lost 20marks. Remaining 20 marks is impossible to grab it all because I don't know how to do in the correct way! Why?!

(Lacks of studying LAW and because of stupidity=Ignorance of the IMPORTANT cases)

OHR - After I get into the exam hall, I found out my hp missing and I went out before papers distributed so that I can find my hp. To my disgrace, I couldn't found it and I just rushed back to exam hall. Inside the exam hall, after the papers distributed, and I requested to the invigilator to let me out to search for my hp because I remembered I went to the ladies before that(She is the nicest lady I ever met). And once again, Im disappointed because there is no sign of any dropped hp in the ladies. Thus, this leads to bad concentration while doing the OHR paper. Missing hp=Lost concentration in OHR.

The questions is not hard and to be frankly it is the easiest I've saw in my entire life and I hope I can score high marks since I will fail my LAW.

Does miracle once again exist?

P/s : Regarding my hp, I found out at the floor in an OPEN area!! Thanks god, I've found you! and luckily today there are not many students in that block D, if not.... I surely will CRY OUT LOUD!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

SALUTE Zubedy A.

Dear Anas Zubedy,


Hope that they can really hear your plea...

Click the link below to know what's happening... and you'll find he is great and cool!

(From: letusaddvalue.blogspot.com)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

HELP me!!!

Hey, please give me strength to study leh....

Plz stop raining as it makes me sleepy....

I got test on Saturday leh....

I don't want to FAIL

Can YOU hear me?!

Monday, February 23, 2009

TheStar's Interview?

Hey, UTAR calling me again! It was like, what I owe them? Proposals? Minutes? Sometimes, get frustrated when I got call from UTAR cause they gave me endless "trouble". But this time, around 5.18pm, while I am doing my assignments with my friends, I got called from UTAR... and I was like thinking, should I received that call? To my suprised, Miss Serena is on the line and she is telling me that TheStar want to interview me. Interview?! What is that all about? I'm getting shocked and at the same time, excited to hear that. After further questions and her's explanation, I get a more clearer picture on what is moving on. She said that TheStar actually wants to interview students that worked for UTAR. Yeah, I did do that in my last semester. I worked as Student Assistant in ICTC but the things that make me puzzled a while is like, I really don't know what I've gained from there cause my jobs are, to sit at there waiting for the students to get the laptop and projector, helping the officer-in-duty if they need helps, "kap luiz and chaiz", chat with the officer-in-duty and read Kak's Lina novel. Is that contributed to the benefits I've gained for working there as there might be this similar question from them.

P/s: I'm not very sure whether they will really did an interview on us as you can imagine, "Who carez about this?"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Same people, not same life

Mummy just go back...... and I only can see her after 2 weeks time. Hope that the day come faster than usual as I miss her and home so much. I miss daddy and my siblings also. I hopes that they are doing fine in everything. If can, I really don't want mummy to go back and I want her to stay with me 24 hours but I know I can't be so selfish. Inside my mind, just one thing. Going back home when the day come.

Tight schedules starts from tomorrow. Monday-Friday, I have to study for 3 midterms(OHR, BLAW, BACII) by hooks or by crooks because next Saturday I have OHR and BLAW's midterms while the BACII's midterm is on the following Monday. Meanwhile, assignments also have to be follow up as there are 3 unfinished assignments(OHR, BLAW, BACII) and the due date is 6/3/09.

The progress of this assignments if according by rating, OHR done 40%, BLAW 1%(cause I count at least reading and knowing what the questions want, we did something) and BACII-0%(I don't even know what they want!!! - I hate accounts)

Can you imagine why I suffer so much? Why I so worry about everything and seems no one going to worry if the things haven't done

This proves that same people, not same life according to those old chinese

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Mum called me just now said that she will pay me a visit tomorrow morning. I am so excited as I miss her so much. I really miss her. Being stuck in Kampar after CNY, I hardly can spare my time go back my hometown due to unfinished tasks, assignments and midterms. My life really dull in Kampar ever since I come back. Pressure from study and emoness in feeling really makes me can't breath all the time. I really wish that this awful semester will end soon.


Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hey there, the results of registration for car park balloting finally out... well, all UTARIANs, you all can check through Utar Portal.

As for me, updating this blog means I SUCCESS in applying car sticker so that I no need to drive all the way to the East Gate and park in the road that is too dangerous to my babe as heavy vehicles move in and out there frequent. No.95 really didn't make me disappointed. Good!

No:88=Failed, No:95=SUCCESS, No:116=Failed
P/s : Muk and LimWei, hope others of your gang success ya!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Early morning wake up at 8am not because of what I want, but by forcing cause I have class at 9.30am.

Haigh... Today is 18th. When 6th March 09 will come? 16 days to go and it is freaking slow!!!

Why the days in February ends fast as everyday is important as I need to rush assignments, prepare for mid-terms(4 to go, this Sat, 1mid-term, next Sat, 2 mid-term, after that Mond, 1 mid-term) etc... BUT yet is hard to end this misery February.

As usual, being pampered by mummy and daddy a lot, I'm homesick again. If possible, I really want to go back as soon as possible. But I can't do that. I can't go back as long as there is still a lots of heavy burden that had not been done and completed.

I really miss daddy, mummy, sister and brothers. I really want to know what's happening at home. Lil bro tell me that he's working now and I was like, "WTH, you no need study meh?" and he replied me, "bu yao gei zi ji ya li, man man lai" Oh my god! I just want him to know that working doesn't matter as long as you didn't neglected your studies. Like or don't like, we also need to complete our SPM. Didn't have guts to ask mummy about that cause I don't want her to think so much and fruss about that...

I'm really HOMESICK!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Horrible and Terrible

It is so TERRIBLE and HORRIBLE once the registration for car park balloting starts at 12.01am on 17th February 2009.

Muk's ballot No:88, mine's N0:95 and limwei's No:116... But this happened NOT just even 5 seconds!!!
To all UTARIANs, let's hope that we success to apply the parking lot... because is just limited to 200 cars.

P/s : No.95, don't make me and my friend disappointed. *Wink* (",)

Monday, February 16, 2009

14/02/09 = Valentine Day

Remember that in my previous blog in friendster that I've mentioned I received parcel from someone? Actually deep in my heart, I already guess that it could be from him. Thanks for the Valentine gift all the way from Kota Kinabalu. I love that and it is so sweet with your written note.
-From Him-

So, this is my return to you, my dear. I think by today only you can get it cause I just post it by CityLink last Saturday. Sorry for the delay but well, is better than nothing. I don't know you will like it or not, but this is really done by me from the very single thing to the completed version. From a simple card, to the written and decorated, from 2D to 3D. You might think that this is very cheap and simple, but this is sincerely from me. The very 1st time I do a card with all my heart.
-For Him-

P/s : Happy Valentine, my dear.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've shifted here

Finally, I've made a DECISION that is to continue my blogging spirit in this current blog, kahyee14.blogspot.com. Please be noticed that the previous one, http://kahye3.blog.friendster.com will no longer be updating but if you are interested to follow me up since the very first note of mine, I will be posting the friendster's blog link in this blogspot.

Under Construction

I've done for almost quite some time but I just couldn't make a decision of how this blog going to be finalized. Too choosy or too dumb about bloggie's thing? But anyway, my friendster's blog will be update frequently until this blog have been finalized and settle down. Sorry for any inconvenience.