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Saturday, December 3, 2011

One-of-the-crap OTY

It is December now! How's your almost-one-year of 2011?

Recalling back this January up till now, I've been through many ups and downs, but life is getting more challenging as I step into another phase of life. I don't know or predict when is the time for again another phase of life, but thanks God cause I'm still breathing and living in this world.

Well, of cause certain things might change so we just have to go with the flow of how it wants to lead us to.
I believe when you gain, you will lose on the other hand. Morever, the more you gain, don't expect you will forever same because you can read the proverb itself, "No pain, no gain" 
But, I am more greedy than anyone else out there, "Can I just gain, but without pain. or maybe lesser pain?"

Blogging have not been consistenly in my mind as I hardly can put in words of my thoughts, I feel that myself is weak in expressing myself. I rather choose to be silent even though there's been harmless miscommunication, or in one term we named it, "lazy" Yea, I'm forever a lazy bitch but tell me, is any out there is "hardworking"?

I went for a movie yesterday midnight with my colleagues, I felt touched by the story plot. I just hate why ppl tend to keep silent in their heart rather than voice it out their preference towards each other? Will it be just so sorry that the two souls are deeply in love but just can't be together? Why? Why? Why? I know it  is sweet if the two forever stay in that stage of ambiguity, just the world for both of two, BUT, I just feel so amiss or sorry! It is such a waste! This world is never a happy-ending world, but why since small, we are fed by all those happy ending fairy tale stories? Ain't it just so cruel to shattered a small kid dream?
I always said this this and that that, but when it really hit my butt, I failed to do what I've just said this this and that that. FML! I know I'm such a failure!

Crap is done! Welcome to my real crappy world, as if I'm healed, I will come up with more proper blog post!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Bear in mind, you need to have the above characteristic/skill in your working world!

"Drench yourself in words unspoken.
Live your life with wide arms open.
Today is where your book begins.
The rest is still UNWRITTEN"
-Natasha Bedingfield-

Friday, November 11, 2011


I spent the beginning of 11/11/11 with a very sweet movie

“Once upon a time, there was a fisherman who loved a girl.
But the girl buried her heart at the bottom of the sea.
The fisherman could not get to it no matter how hard he tried.
 So he became a chef and named a dessert after that girl’s heart.
So he’ll be reminded of her when he tastes it.”

How you spend your 11/11/11 that won't come for another 1000 years?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

那些年, 我們一起追的女孩 ace in HK Box Office!

The other day, as usual, was radio-ing all the way to work, except that just the channel being turned to OneFM!
Surprisingly, this song '那些年' caught my attention and it come together with a movie (You Are The Apple Of My Eye) that will be released in M'sia cinema starting from TODAY!
And based on Twentieth Century Fox Film HK Facebook Note, "You Are The Apple Of My Eye" has set a whole new record in becoming the best selling movie in a mere 18 days, surpassing Sex and Zen 3D!

This is a comparison of the top 3 Mandarin movies in 2011 in HK's Box Office
MovieBox OfficeNo. of Days in Theatres
You Are The Apple Of My Eye
HK$42,235,426(**until 6 Nov) 公映18天
Sex and Zen 3D
I Love Hong Kong

In addition, You Are The Apple Of My Eye ranks number 4 in Hong Kong's Box Office 2011 and judging from its current stance, the possibility of setting another new record is absolutely imaginable.
Box OfficeNo. of Days in Theatres
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2
(哈利波特:死神的聖物 2)
Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
You Are The Apple Of My Eye
(**until 6 Nov)

So, what do you think?
I'm wondering what will be the rating in Malaysian's market for this film.
I can't wait to watch this movie! Anyone want to date me for this? Teehee~

The song that can make you recalled of your so called first love / puppy love or whatsoever love you can name it.

P/s: Thanks to HTML code!

Friday, August 12, 2011


get my blog updated
get back hometown to meet with dearest mummy and daddy
get new heels and plenty of nice apparels
get plenty of rest




Until now, I still couldn't come out with a proper post. Oh yea, and since I'm at Penang for some recruitment activity (runway from heavy workload and pressure in Shah Alam's office), thus I'm able to hit some notes into this place of mine. It's been really a long hiatus!



Every thing that I have been through now is worth! DEFINITELY!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

End of NEET life and welcome to the REAL life

Ok, is my fault again! I'm just so lazy to update the part 2 of Malacca trip just because of many many reasons! As you see, being a NEET is not fun at all, no income=no happiness (shopping, travelling, self-pampering and etc) So, I 'm happy as I have ditched the title far far away for time being.

Remember after my trip, I'm back to TI, if I'm not mistaken, spent a week doing exactly nothing, everyday just sit at home, mushrooming and re-watch the dramas that I ♥ and not even moving my ass to do my resume until the very last minutes, until I'm bored of mushrooming, until I think there is a need to really move on, which is to face the reality, thus I turn on the job-hunting mode which also means I neglect on blogging.
My job hunting is pretty simple which is done not even 2 weeks, and zappp, I've got my first job! Yea, you didn't got wrong, and I'm working next Monday *sounds scary* which mean even before my 1 week HK trips!

I remembered I seriously applied through Jobstreet, browse every day from am to pm on 27th of May, and then I've got the first call asking me when can I travel to KL for the interview, and then I thought of following one of my friend who has just got offer to work in KL and will be travelling to KL on 30th, so I set up the date, hopefully can be accompanied of my friends to the freakout place because the dumbass me is so freak out of KL.

What to do, since KL got so many job opportunities, all big companies or even SME also are in KL, and the best thing is I can be close to buddies and my beloved, so I got no choice but to be brave to step out from a small hometown of mine, to venture, to get my first salary and the first satisfaction ;) *sounded so ba gan, and I know that, pls forgive me* WTF!

Coming back to this all stories, I considered that myself went for 3 and a half companies for interview session, and I tell you how the half got up with ;)

The first interview was the Aaa company which is doing outsourcing for it clients and job matching for people like us, the fresh graduates which is situated in Menara Standard Chartered in Jalan Sultan Ismail. Because of not seriously wanted to do the job, I didn't even prepare anything and just straight knock up the place and hoping to get the experience of interviewing. My first ever formal interview session ni! It ended up 3 freaking hours of that interview which including doing tests and ask-and-talk session. 1st was the consultant, then next the manager, and I vividly remember that manager scare the hell out of me! Seriously, and because of her, my mindset is made up that interview is scary, is just so FREAKING SCARY! Ultimately, all those confident level sinks so down until I'm just so not want to face all those interview, if possible. Yet, in reality, I know I can't unless I've got a job :(
Pity my friends that wait me for freaking 3 hours there and barely can do anything, and at the same time, I'm very glad that they are just so awesome, they don't even mind for that, but still I feel so sorry to let them wait for me for so long. Oh ya, it haven't ended, they called me up for the final interview to meet with the country manager, and seriously, I like her a lot, she is only 33! and now, she is the country manager of that company, and she does inspires me and teaches me a lot! But, too bad, even if I'm so fortunate so be shortlisted and employed, I just need to reject because that is not my first job ;)

The second one is really bullshit, the title sounds nice *management trainee* but in the end, what they want is only people doing sales. Sounds scamming huh?! I understand management trainee is kind of job rotation to learn everything including sales, but the job is mainly focus on sales. Words can be beautiful, and he said I can change to the position that I'm interested if I think I'm not suitable to do sales, but who can guarantee I will not forever stuck in the sales area. Seriously, I do not want to take the risk, and the pay is not attractive, though it will be when there are commission of the sales. Furthermore, the basic given also not enough for me to cover my expenses, so, how to work? Everything has it own pros and cons, and actually, in my pure and mere opinion based on my first impression, it will be a nice working environment if you are salesperson oriented cause the fun part is this job will requires you to travel often nationwide in Malaysia, it sounds interesting as can meet with a lots of people. Furthermore, the manager is so so so so naissss! A young manager in the age of thirties, and I don't even feel the pressure of being interviewed by him. Perhaps, he got less questions ;) and most importantly, he looks more like a friend than a boss. *OMFG! and I haven't reply yet to reject the job*

The third interview that I have went for is the job that I will be start working next Monday! The job which is my primary choice, which is in HR field. Of so many job interview I went, I do told them I wanted to involve in HR field, but somehow rather they like wanted to change my mind to sales. Ugh! Why HR? I have no reason, and to be frankly, I just know the surface of the job scope but I not even have single clue how it varies with what I have thought of. Perhaps, I realized that my degree doesn't take me far, or at least specialist in something, thus I left with no choice but to choose something that I think the most basic, HR. In my opinion, HR is one of the job that can let me understand everything from A-Z about a company, about how company runs, manages it company, which provides me clearer picture. And once again, everything is merely my opinion and since I'm fresh graduates, I really don't know much more about the society and because of my limitation of general knowledge of most of the thing that happen in the country, it makes me even less competitive. How sad :( But, it never too late to start learning from now, right? Many have asking about how my salary, and the pathetic me of cause not getting much more than any of my friends that are already working  in quite reputable companies, like Shell, IBM, Accenture and the banks, which simply earn them above 2.5k a month. But, it's ok cause it is just temporary and I do believe that! And if you wanna know why, simply come and ask me personally ;)
I shall refrain from making any comment of how the company looks like as I have no idea, but I hope that everything is smooth under my control and within my control as how it used to be. Why say so? I went interview on 2nd of June at 3pm and they call and offer me to work the next day before 12pm. The fastest response I have got compared to the 2nd interview which they are hiring, just waiting me to say a 'yes' or 'no'
I told them my availability date will be after HK trip, with approximately after 17th June, but yet they still said is ok, I shall start working next Monday and I can apply unpaid leaves from 10th until 17th, that sounds cool, but at the same time so not appropriate as working for 4 days, and then holidays for 6-7 days. I hope I can adapt to this company and I can perform well so after 3 months, I can get higher adjustment for my salary *fingers crossed*

The fourth is Bbb company in Wisma Genting, which I considered the half interview that I went for. Why? Part of me after receive offer for working in my current company, I also not in the mode of attending that interview and thought of call it off, but the damn line, I can't get through to the person-in-charge and I don't want blacklisted for not showing up in interview, so I went, and just hoping for a short interview, to please them. FML! The moment the person-in-charge interviewed me, she asked me one question and said I must answer honestly, did that job I'm looking for is what I want when she saw I wrote my expected salary of 2.5k, cause that job only pay basic of 1.3k and it varies a lot! I told her, I'm not as I'm looking for HR job and that job is so varies with HR job as well although the company is so reputable, that's why I'm clicking to that job hoping perhaps the job offered at least the pay that I am expected, but reality isn't as good as I imagine. FML! So, she wrote what I want and told me she will pass it to the HR and will alert me once they think got a job that could suits my preference one day ;) I thanks her and walked away, and thanks god, the nightmare of interviewing end for temporary until I wish to switch job ;)

What a long post I had did, and I'm not even realized that. Heh! Yea, I shall stop now as I'm going out to buy stuffs I need for next Monday! Pls wish me luck for my first job yeah~ ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Real Random

The best relationship is when you two can act like lovers and best friends.
It's when you have more playful moments than serious moments.
It's when you can joke around, have unexpected hugs and random kisses.
It's when you two give other that specific stare and just smile.
It's when you rather chill inside to watch movies, eat junk food and cuddle than go out all the time.
It's when you stay out all night just to settle your arguments and problems.
It's when you can completely act yourself and they can still love you for who you are.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

NEETs in Malacca [Part1]

The NEET 1st destination of holiday-ing is in the historical town which is Malacca!
Being a NEET for almost 5 days, finally, my first vacation is in Malacca with the Badminton Superstars' gang (several of them). Yeah, the gang that I've mentioned in my previous post.

We departed at 6am from Kampar's mcD and before reached, we stop at Seremban for breakfast.Visited Seremban's famous Siew Pow and they bought some to have a try on it.

We reached Malacca after few hours drive and we did get lost few times before we reached our destination. Thanks to the GPS system that we had relied all the time, it definitely helps a lots! I think I need to get one too if I would be driving in KL. I remembered on the first day we reached, we wasted a lots of time just to find our lodging place, we searched up and down, and I think it took us almost 2-3 hours just to find our lodging place. End up, we gave up and proceeded to our 'jalan-jalan cari makan'. This is because instead of insisted to find the best suited lodging place for 8 of us, we might end up doing nothing on the first day! 

Had Malacca famous chicken rice ball for our lunch, but I'm not sure whether I went to the authentic one or just another random imitator of the chicken rice ball. It was my first try on the chicken rice ball, and I found it was not bad, or perhaps I was too hungry? 

After our lunch, we walk around ...

We walk, and walk, eat, and eat...

Later at night, we had satay celup in Jln Ong Kim Wee... and not forgetting the thrilling Day 2 in A Famosa as well as our last day in Malacca...
Er, guess I should resume my post later on in next post.
This is because the NEET will continue her journey to KL tomorrow to meet with her beloved , and she seriously need a good sleep tonight!
Good night peeps, and good luck for Mika in her last battle later at 9am.

Friday, May 6, 2011

For every of YOU ♥

Looking out from the window from my room, recalling the first time I moved in to here, and there was 4 years back!
How time flies! It's just like a bullet train! 4 years memories in Kampar, I'll never forget.
The first year in Kampar, I remembered how I wanted to get graduated and finish my degree but until now, I just realize I started to wish time could turn back.
Pardon me, I really wants to get graduated on time in this year without any obstacles, but what I'm longing is my precious time in Kampar with my come-and-along friends.

No doubt, in this 4 years, indeed friends come-and-go in my life; coming to my life, being a good friend that I could never ask much for and then leaving me, just like that.
I felt sad of course, but I know, this is a real world.
Friend will never stay long, and friendship does got it expiry date.
The first lesson for me in Kampar is about friendship. I see how this friendship could simply rotate in just less than a day, and life is not a bed of roses in Kampar as always.
Besides coping with social life, study is the second pressure to me!

I'm not an excellent student forever in my studies, but I just know I never want to disappointed myself, my goal, my family and towards all the friends that cares about me.
So, in this 4 years, I never really play a fool in my studies, takes thing for granted and indeed works out more as each semester approaches.
Every semester that I've gone through throughout my study in UTAR, I was getting pressure particularly with arithmetic!

I thought taking Business Administration, I will face lesser of arithmetic, but still every semester, there was at least a subject involving arithmetic.
That's was my biggest weakest and enemy in my studies!
I still remembered, during Y1S2, I need to cope with 2 accounts, 2 quantitative subjects and 3 theories papers.
If I couldn't get survived during that semester, I think life would change by now!
That particular semester was really painful, teary nights, sleepless nights, and I really wish to thanks to her! She is the one never stop encouraging and by my side.
Even, past few months, I had problem in my relationship, she still stands by me, protecting me and taking good care of me! How could I ever express my indefinite thanks to you for coming into my life. How could I ever thanks to Him for creating a bridge between us, and get us connected! You are really a best friend that I'll never regret knowing and I really wish this friendship will last long. Please promise me to do that, Ms. Shirley Kwong Chee Ai!

Life still gets on although might not be a bed of roses during this entire 4 years. What I've learned, I will always remember and treasure it! Life ahead just about begin to start, though I might not know how results will ought to be, but I really pray everyday that I'm able to graduated on time, this year. Uncertainty arises, will even make me to outperform and do my very own best! Fingers crossed, that everything will goes smoothly as how it supposed to be.

Though life is tough in UTAR, but I really glad that I've known variety of friends in my life. Some will study with you, some will play with you, some will pillow-talk with you, and of course there are indeed numerous of categories of friends just suited for you, regardless of any mood you had. For me, if I wish to have a sweet escape, definitely there are friends that can bring laughter and make me forget the reality for a while, and thanks to them, there's how I can work out from my pressure. As I'm not good expressing in words, I just want to let you all know that, regardless of any friends that I've known, I'll treasure and always keep in my memory, not wish to show any priority to any bunch of friends and neglected any side as well ;)
I all my friends!

Badminton Superstars' gang, which added me in their group in Facebook. At first, I thought, what the heck is that, and felt awkward to be invited to a group which I barely even know each and every person in that group. Seeing them updating and spam the wall before I knowing them, I felt wanna say something inside that group, but due to my personality which will freeze from doing anything with peoples I'm not familiar with, I hesitated and just be one of the stalker in that particular group. Knowing them is through badminton, and the first time playing with them is in Rakan Muda's court. From that moment, we played frequently and obsessively due I need training for the inter-faculty badminton tournament in UTAR. At one time, we even played until 2am in the morning and straight for mamak until 4am something, and I still remembered I will have class on 8am on that day. Though it's tiring, but I have fun with every each of them. Though the period of knowing them is barely 2 months which is not considered long, but all of them are simply awesome

Throughout my studies, I also feel grateful that there is always someone that could offer help in my studies when I encountered difficulties. The last group of friend which I've only known for a day which is the last day of Week 14 although they have been my lecture mates for 3 years! They are simply awesome, and never reluctant or hesitate to offer me help in business taxation and allowed me to join their group study. Although you all might not come across to my blog to see this, but here I sincerely wish all of you all the best in future undertakings!

To put all words for the freaking 4 years' life in Kampar is really not enough and I might need to come out with a book, perhaps, but each of every bits will forever restored in my eternal memory and never ever get deleted. This thing I can assured! Looking forwards for the new chapter in my life...

Thanks for everything, thanks for the memories each and every of you that have given to me, thanks for the ups and downs; THANK YOU is the 8 simple letter words which I could offer to each and every of you sincerely! All the best to all my friends in whatever you guys are doing, and must always remember me!!!

P/s : God, thanks for all the memories you have given to me! Please continuing to bless me to graduate on time!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

B for Birthday, and it's 24th!

Once again, is your birthday again!
The last birthday celebrated with you was like 3 years back before you went to further your studies at UMS.
I'm so glad that this year I could make it and celebrated with you, accompanying you throughout your birthday :)
I still remembered the first time I did a fresh cream blueberry cake for you was for your 19th, and now you are already 24th!
How time flies!
I do hope you will love the cheese cake that I made, and I hope every year I could make a different type of birthday cake for you :)

I do hope you will like the pressie that I gave you, the surprises that I do for you and everything that I did for you.

Hope that all your wishes will come true and promise me to stay happy everyday :)
Don't wish to see you always worrying over things.
Remember, you are not alone, you still have me, your family as well as my family :P

Happy 24th Birthday my dear, with loads of loves and hugs from me :*

Thursday, April 14, 2011

谢谢你们一直在我的身边 ♥

有你们的陪伴 让我觉得我不是在一个人的.
或许 一切 已经注定
人海茫茫之中都可以让我们 认识彼此, 我已经很感谢, 也不敢多多要求
我会记得我们一起写许多的愿望 , 为对方许无数的愿望, 而这一切都会永远记得在我的脑海里.

你们都变成我的能量水晶, 无时无刻都在支持着我, 让我感觉非常的感动.
给我惊喜, 默默的去羽毛球比赛和我打气.

To be continued.......

Tuesday, February 22, 2011











Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine 2011

2011 of Valentine, though you are apart from me, but still I want to say I LOVE YOU,
Raymond Chow Chee Seng!
Though we are unable to celebrate it together, but for me, everyday is Valentine as long as we are together happily :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Current Me :)

So, this is the current me, with Michele Mika camwhoring at library in Week 2 of this semester!
And I blonded my hair! Yes! This is true, because the color which is chosen by my dearest sister is "very Light-Golden Blonde"
Luckily the outcome is still acceptable, if not I guess I will be the laughing stock until I get back to the original color. Heh! :)
So, do you like it or you prefer my hair in black?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tawau - Part 2

Basically, this post is about some local delicacies in Tawau that I thinks it awesome 
As promise, this is the Indo Cafe that we went on a random day to have our tea-time,  about the specific location, I don't have any idea, but I tell you, they served the best ever uniquely 'pisang goreng'. The uniqueness of the 'pisang' is when they served added with gula melaka and shredded cheese.
OMG! It's heavenly yummylicious I can assured you =)
I personally ♥ 'pisang goreng' topped with gula melaka + cheese =P

-Outside and Inside view-

 -Pisang Goreng with the topping of gula melaka + cheese-

 Closer view of my

Besides, they also served several types of 'pisang goreng' but we ordered those highly recommended and   hearts by the peoples there. Another type is 'pisang penyet'. Normally, they will crush the banana and then flatten it and fried it to achieve the crunchiest state and it can dipped with sambal. Those sambal is more or less the same like those we can find in 'nasi lemak'. It wil not be my favorite cause it is not sweet. Personally, I feel that eating banana must be sweetened or sweet, if not it will be weird. But, not harm giving a try :P

 -'Pisang Penyet'-

Dessert, this is the freaking awesome yummylicious mango sago that I ever tried.
Words can't describe the awesomeness of it. The plus point is, I'm a mango lover, and this definitely is in my top list of dessert that I ever had =)
I don't even think I can find this in West M'sia. *Disappointed*
Hmmm, what I can do is to have second attempt before flying back to West M'sia to compensate my craving for it.
 -Mango Sago -

Coming to Sabah never have seafood is kinda waste, and we are so fortunate that ShiaoPing's aunt, who is staying in Tawau gave us a treat at Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant. According to my Cheryl, this seafood restaurant is the most grand in term of it expensiveness. The foods served was fresh and there are a lots of variety of seafoods we can find in that restaurant, and some even have funny name.

-It this kind of grouper common or exist?-

 -ASP's aunty and uncle-

-Group picture of us-

Till here... and I gotta fully enjoy my last day in Tawau with those kind of awesome delicacies!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tawau - Part 1

Tawau vacation as per-scheduled has already reached, and yes we are going to rock Tawau, and too bad someone ffk-ed us which resulted only 3 of us heading to Tawau with our host, Cheryl and several of her Tawaurian :) Our flight was on 3th of Jan and basically, we wasted the 3th with TI-LCCT-TAWAU which took us roughly about 12 hours ++

And as now, is Day 3 me and my friends had been staying in Tawau, in Sing Onn, which is Cheryl's house, that is pretty relaxing and comfortable, and close to mother nature. I likey

Recapping events or activities throughout our vacation until today is not an easy task, because I have a smaller space of memory installed in my mind but luckily, photos that been captured enlightened me a lots!

Tuesday - 4/11/2011
4th in the morning, had Cheryl's favorite Soto at Kopi Yuan Yuan, Megah Jaya. According to her, that place we went for our soto is her favorite that she thinks is the best, and she bought several of West Msia's friends before us, and they all claimed it was best and like it very much! However, 3 of us find it was so-so. Heh, she must be disappointed!

 -Front of the shop-

I don't eat beef thus I ordered Seafood Soto. Seafood soto comes with variety of fresh hand-made seafood, such as prawn balls, fish balls and fish slices. Soto give me the impression of a Malay's delicacies because when I was in primary school, my school canteen do selling soto, and mostly Malays heart them a lot, I guess. However, it was indeed a nice try :)

-Beef Soto-

 -ABC (Ass Burning Chili)-
 Indeed spicy hot and interesting for chilli's lover

4th in the night, we had steambot buffet at Daily Q. Food was great and most important, it was big, fresh and yummy. I had most of the crab and shell-ish seafood and their own home-made fish ball. It was QQ, and I likey  

 Jason Vs KahYee

 -Eat all you can-


 To be continued...
*Indo Cafe's banana and mango sago and both are my FAVORITE
* Sang Yuk mee (er, should I repeat?)
* and etc.... 

Tomorrow's highlight : Borneo Semporna Proboscis River Cruise. Hope it will be interesting :)