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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Finally, 1 day fasting from on9 since yesterday, I'm back into action again!
Last mid-terms officially end today, and that's the good news...
Well, the bad news are 2 assignment haven't done and deadline due next week. Argh!
So, which means is still the same, no play hard for me!
Mid-terms result? All are just average and so so...
But, just not happy with finance's mid term result.
Can you imagine my roomie exaggerate and yell about losing just o.5 marks and how about me, myself and other some of the classmates been deduct 9 marks which equivalent 3.6 marks for just putting a tiny marks that we shouldn't put... not fair!
Hmmm, what to do? We are just students and we have to accept the lost of 3.6 marks... Damn! 3.6 marks! It does make a lot of different wey! Wtf.
Can't wait to be back next week!
I want to watch Hannah Montana in TI's cinema. Who's interested?

P/s : Should I absent for MIS next week? -_-"

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