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Friday, December 17, 2010

Shopping ♥ Shogun ♥ Movie

tThe next day, which is 15/12/10 before he starts off his new career in Accenture, Ray brought me to Sunway for glutton-ing, shopping and movie purposes. Indeed a caring bf he was because he knew that the following day he will not able to bring me go around, thus we spent our day fruitfully on that day =)

We reached Sunway around 11am, and since we wanted to go for Shogun which their buffet will only be operated at 12pm, we went for shopping and he got his hair-cut. I managed to get myself some new apparels, which are two pieces of lovely floral vintage-ish dress. 
the dresses and of course him a lot, cause he bought that to me =)
Photos are not shown as Imma lazy to capture and I don't have a nice camera to shoot, and which results the photos below are so in low quality. My w705 seriously is not getting any better in capturing photos but still there are handy when I don't have camera. Er, if you notice the post we in Genting-KL, the photos all are taken by my sis's digital Sony TX-5.
Can I  have a camera for my christmas wishlist? * Santa Claus, can you hear me?!* Lol!

Ok, enough for crapping, I shall continue. Before we went for Shogun, we went to Krispy Kreme to have donuts to fill up our growling stomach. Original glazed is always my favorite though it is simple with just sugar coating it. Other than that, it never get into my nerves as Krispy Kreme, is rarely available in the place I am living now. If you asked about Big Apple, I got at least top 5 favorites :P

 Notice the hair-cut that he got for himself? He's been complaining and until now, he is still complaining, which you can see it in his quite latest status in FB.

 We at Shogun before start to glutton =)

The varieties food we had, and of course, there are lots more, perhaps due to my priority is just on the food, this is consider better already compared to TAO *giggles*

After glutton-ing, shopping and so on, is time for us to go for movie. I been always wanted to watch the new movies that will be screening soon which is on 16th Dec 2010 featuring my favorite, 'Xiao Xiao Bin', but that day is only 15th! Hmmpph, and I hope TI will be screening it, or else I think I will get my butt up to Ipoh for that =) We went for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of Dawn Trader. It was still a nice movie though I don't get to watch the first and second of Narnia movies.
We went home right after movie because he needed to prepare for his stuffs for his job the next day. 

The day is fun with his companion, though sometimes, he likes to mess with me, makes lame jokes and makes me angry. Well, sometimes he is just so adorable when you seeing him acting like a child. I you a lot, Ray Chow! Do you me too? Lol!

Everything is just so wonderful when I'm with you

Is HOLIDAY again

Exam for Year3 Sem2 is officially ended 13th of December 2010, which means I will have a month plus of holiday before marching into the real final semester of my degree in Utar Kampar. Anticipating to get graduated because friends around me are either graduated or already working for at least 2 years. Hmmmph..

Ok, Ray come and find me and together we back to TI before headed to KL as we planned before I finish my exam. Thanks god that the time pretty matched up cause he just resigned IBM and was very free until today, he started his new career in Accenture. And me coincidentally, finish my exam just on the right time. 

After a day in TI, dinner with his family and going back to my home to meet my beloved family, we went to KL on 14th. We reached around 3pm plus in the evening and went for our lunch. He brought me to Subang USJ19, and we had steambot at 100°C Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant. 

100ºC is a unique restaurant which offers diners more than 10 different types of steamboat soup to choose and more than 20 different varieties of sauces to dip. All this make it special especially when we have our own individual pot of steamboat, thus making it more convenient and hygienic. All their steamboat ingredients are freshly prepared daily making it irresistible just by looking it. I personally love their own hand-made fishball. Feeling so QQ :) Is a must-try!


Sharkfin soup base and fish head soup base
 100ºC at USJ19

That night itself, we went to Snowflake with another gf of mine, ShinYing. I was buzzing at his ear a lot until he have to bring me to go though he complaint a lot. He complaint that is very traffic jam, but hell yeah, I don't care cause I don't always get my butt up to KL, and the reason why I always wanted to go to Snowflake is because I heard a lot about this place that selling yummylicious Taiwanese dessert. 
Seriously, I in ♥ with snowflake bestseller. Just now I went for the second attempt, thought to tried the other such as taroball series cause I love taro balls. So chewy~ But to my disappointment, it was not as good as when I had it with the bestseller's version.

This beeping UFO is given to us and when it "light" at the above photo, means your dessert are served and ready to be taken =)

The above is the 'snowflake bestseller' which combination of "grass jelly series" + "taro ball series".
The bottom one is grass jelly series which the combination of set 4(Red Bean+Taro+Pearl)

That's the end of my first day at KL.  Wanted to update for the next day, but I guess I can't because I need to wake up at 5am later, so, is best to sleep now :) 
Tomorrow will be shopping day again, but sadly, alone. FML betul :(

Yes, I am always lucky and blessed when I have YOU beside me

Friday, December 3, 2010

Call me the Ms. Emo

I wish to update, but yet I don't have mood and time to do so.
Final is next Saturday, but I didn't even have the spirit to start revision.
Pathethic betul!
Feeling emo recently for don't know why, and I hate this kind of feeling.
Could be due to exam stress or my own personal matters.
Anything, I just hope everything could go right, and I don't think so much that make me become more and more emo. Hmmm, and hope I really could do that.
There is something that you wouldn't know, and I hope you are the one who will be the one who understand my feeling

Monday, November 22, 2010

We in Genting-KL ♥

Hey there,
I know it's been some time since the last update!
Ok! I got reason for this! I'm having a very very SHORT semester in this semester! I traveled a lots back then very weekend with my dear! I been as while busy coping with fyp/assignments/studies!
Er, I lied..... cause the ultimate reason behind of not updating is because, "IMMA LAZY" :X

Let me rewind some sort of things I have done previously. Just a random one, ok? Cause I found out myself don't remembered well things that are past.

#1 I have been to Penang during Deepavali with my dear. So good of him to plan a short vacation with me during Deepavali, when both of us are free since it is public holiday. He wanted to bring me to TAO, as he always complimented how good the food was. I probed then, and asked, "Why not in KL? TAO has another outlet in Sunway Giza" He told me that he want to run away from the 'stress city' once in a while. Poor him, has to face the stress of working in KL. Hope it would be better for him when he move to Accenture. Alright, let's get back. We went to have the best Cendol and Penang fried Kuey Teow. Satisfaction achieved! I personally felt if you have been to Penang, and yet didn't get to taste the delicacies that I have mentioned, don't even said you have been to there :P Later on, we went to War Museum, the Aquarium and had a stroll in Autocity before we went for TAO, which is the ultimate reason for this short vacation :)
The food there no doubt was sumptuous, but the best is doubled up when you having your companion by your side for everything :)
By the way, thanks to Pun Chong and his gf for the hosting and the ride during our entire day in Penang :)
P/s : Photos of Penang is in FB, go and have a look if you are my friend in FB XD

#2 Last week, Haji's holiday, which is another public holiday, I went to Genting-KL with my dear and we went there on Tuesday late evening. November month is full of holiday in between 2 weeks, and this enables us to take a break from our daily routine to go for a short vacation. It has been a year plus since we last went there. Things doesn't change much there. We been to casino, because I dragged him in, since at 12 am, everything is closed and we have got nothing much to do after the dinner at GICC.

 Some sort of stationery association dinner held at GICC

 The funny him tried on the pampers and see whether it absorbed water or not. How silly he was. Lol! I have no idea too why pamper is included inside the pack of gifts because it is supposed to be all stationery inside.

This is taken early morning before we went out for our buffet breakfast :)

 and this? Lol! He insisted to back for toilet break after breakfast. I must admit that his digestive system is way too efficient :P

The earring from him ♥ and I have another 2 pairs
Please ignore my chubby face! :(

#3 So, on that day itself, we went back to KL, which is on Wed afternoon due to transportation problem we were facing. This is because we suppose to meet up our friends but we had to back before they even arrived. Since we can't do anything, why not we back to KL and we still can chill out at KL ♥ Reached KL around 2pm if I'm not mistaken. Back to home to drop our luggage and waited to go out for our lunch, and we went to Station One at Taipan USJ, 10. The food served was yummylicious ♥ 

 I must admit that Imma way too health conscious recently and sky juice is the only beverage I ordered every time I went out for meal. Does this sounds aging? Oppss :X

 His meal



Seafood spaghetti

After meal, we went for pool session. It was not fun at all because I kept losing to him. 
Hmmmm, is guy is more talented in every sports compared to girl? Duh, I must nail him one day, er, if possible. Lol!
We then went to Summit for movie, watched Megamind, which is some sort of cartoon-ish movie. He might be mature from outside but childish from inside, that is why Megamind? Lol! But, I still  him a lots! I enjoyed the movie but he told me he almost fall asleep because he was too tired. Poor him.

We ended our night again at Station One near Sunway because we promised to meet up with friends that we were not able to meet up at Genting. Chilled for a moment and I was just too tired to really have a nice talk with everyone there. I guess it will be ok cause I will meet them soon coming Saturday for our lil princess Hayley 1 year old birthday bash party. Can't wait for that because everyone can gather and meet up because this opportunity is rare after everyone has their own life after graduate from high school

I must admit that I took a lot of time to just finish up this post! Hmmmm, my ability of blogging is getting weaker due to Imma clueless for words. FML! *yawns* Time to hit to bed, and I will update more if possible :) 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top 10 reasons go for MBA

You may be a fresh graduate from college or one with some working experience. Perhaps you want to do something more with your life, something with a higher purpose. Well have you ever thought about pursuing an MBA?

As the pace of change accelerates, we can take comfort in knowing that the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree is still a ‘constant' worth embracing. Indeed for many, an MBA continues to be the cornerstone for the success they're looking for.

There're many reasons why an MBA might be perfect for you. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should take the plunge:

  1. Earn a widely-recognized top credential
    An MBA is a degree, granted after one to two years of graduate-level university study that provides training in both the theory and practice of business management. It certifies that you have a general competency in all the major functional management roles in the modern corporation. In fact, an MBA is recognized throughout the world as a *high-level* credential and may be your passport to a promising career.

  2. Flexible study arrangements:- Full time, part time and online program are available.
    MBA programs can be taken at your chosen pace but must be completed within a maximum of five years. Some MBA programs are designed to minimize disruption to normal work demands and home life, so even if you are still studying or working, you could choose to attend classed in the evenings and the occasional weekends.

  3. An increase in earnings potential.
    From an income point of view, statistics show that on average, a person with an MBA will start off at about 12% more than someone with a basic degree. Ten percent more each month for one year is 120% and in a 10 year span, that amounts to a very large sum. Your MBA is an investment in yourself and as with any other investment, you have to decide if the potential return is worth the time and money spent.

  4. Greater opportunities to work in a country or geographical region of your choice.
    One word: mobility. Everyone hits the wall at some point and longs for an opportunity with more responsibility and different duties. MBA programs give you the competitive edge you need to separate yourself from the competition. An MBA degree can also be used to improve social, environmental and economic standards in private and non-profit businesses throughout the world.

  5. Grow your networking resources.
    An MBA acts like a magnet attracting talented people from every corner of society. These professional relationships will serve you well throughout your career, providing essential mentoring and contacts. Such networking is not limited to fellow students but includes internship opportunities, drawing upon a highly qualified faculty. These qualities make the fabric of the MBA experience a good and comfortable fit for almost anyone.

  6. Polish your communication skills.
    Communication skills are just as if not more important than the other business analysis skills as it is the key to business success. A survey conducted by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business rated listening skills and the ability to manage change in the workplace as the most crucial skills to succeed in today's business.

  7. Advancement in Career.
    MBA also at times serves as an entry ticket to many organizations, whose doors are open most exclusively for MBA graduates. A Master of Business Administration prepares you for a managerial role in your current field, whether or not you're already in the business world. Medical professionals, publishing professionals, real estate agents and tech support specialists are among the many that benefits from an MBA degree and attain a more rewarding position in their existing career.

  8. A chance to learn standard tools for organizing business activity and managing business processes.
    MBA is a managerial qualification that is all about learning leadership. MBA provides the tools, techniques and resources needed to run a business, namely risk management plans, performances plans, and project management as well as marketing plans. Managing a business is a strategic asset. Just like job promotions, you get recognized for the work you've already done and not based on the work you are going to do. Start taking up more responsibilities in handling business activities both in good and hard times as you will never know when you will be facing a crisis in future.

  9. Be your Own Boss with an MBA.
    If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, an MBA course can help you reach your goals. The leadership skills and management training gained can be turned into something profitable which includes bringing a new business to life. If you have the creativity, people skills and drive to start a business, a good graduate program will train you in critical areas like business planning, venture financing and small business management.

  10. Gain an in-depth understanding of the business world.
    The world of business is ever changing and complex. It is composed of many fields and principles that all interact with each other at the same time. An MBA program is a well-rounded degree that covers a variety of business areas for an in-depth picture of the business world.
Did any of these 10 reasons appeal to your situation? Well whatever your reason for getting an MBA may be, the bottom line is that an MBA will teach you a lot about business in response to the challenges of today's fast paced and increasingly complex global business environment. As much as it is a hefty investment on your part, it could open doors of opportunities that were closed to you before. Good luck!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today is 10-10-10, so why not update a post since I've got nothing to do.
Ugh, is a memorable day to do something but yet, I done nothing. :(
Let's see, today is the Nike 10km run! And I miss it thanks to Miss Wong Shin Ying, who failed to register for us.
Do you remember you said if Shiao Ping and I ffk you, we will treat you, so you failed to register = ffk, thus you need to treat us back. I don't care *evil laugh*
Back to 10-10-10, since I failed to join Nike 10km run, let me update about the Nike volunteer job I went through on 4th and 5th Oct, which is on last week too!

 Inside the booth

View from inside of our booth, where the people suppose to queue up to get their race entry pack collections

 View from top, including Nike showcase

 View from top, particularly the booth we work at


 Angulicious Ang :)
 Before we started to play


 Group photo with all the volunteers :)
It's fun working with you guys

Back to the volunteer job, I tell you, it was fun, everyone is nice and friendly, not forgetting a troop of guys were way too hilarious, never failed to crack jokes in between dull time where there were less people came and collected their race entry pack collections.

P/s : I miss you :(

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tears drop again after so long...
I wish to cry out loud for no reason.
I know I'm not happy, but what else can I do just to regain back the smile that is hidden for so long?
Mr. Confident, please stay with me, like forever...
Miss. Smile, please stick with me all the time...
Mr. Optimistic, I know I need you so badly...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

mcD Run 2010

I can't even believe that me, Ng Kah Yee @ 5plus2 @ nKy successfully completed 7km mcD run just now located at Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur! Woots~ I feel so proud of myself that I'm able to nail it. Fyi, I know is not a big fuss about that, but if you ever know me, you will know why I'm so hype about that (",)

-Before depart to LRT-

-Finding "treasure"-

Together with cousin Ade and her bf and my coursemate, SukLin, we departed around 7am in the morning to the Wangsa's LRT, and by that time, we saw quite a number of contestants with the numbering on their mcD's tee. By that time, we haven't got ours as it is kept by someone that registered for us, I assumed. Getting excited to see more people coming to hook into the LRT with mcD's tee :)

-Not forgetting, camwhoring is a must! -

-The hype me-


-Lovey dovey couple- :)

-Those that are going to run too-

Once we reached, we saw they were hundreds of people started to run from the starting line. This means that we were late to join at the starting line, but is alright and we just follow the groups and started our run!

We ran, we jogged, we walked and finally after more or less than an hour, we reached the final line. Can't imagine what should I do if SukLin didn't accompany me to run. First, cousin Ade ran damn fast and ditched us far far away :P Second, my leg's muscle started to feel ache and I started to vomit :(  Third, the authorities incharged for the whole event and logistics are damn poor. Waters are only given after left approximately 2km. Fourth, St. John ambulance are just so shit! They don't have those Counterpain or whatever medi that can help me to relieves my muscular aches.

Anyway, I'm proud to say that I did it! Wulala~

Yes! :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Night without Light

The night, before exam week but yet close to the study week, there is a sudden blackout in the place where I stay which left me no choice but to spend my time at the lake side with several friends of mine, beering while enjoying the cool breeze. 

Kampar no doubt is a dead town for most of the people, but for me I simply adore that for the simpleness of it.

Enjoy the night where after dinner, we went for the K-session just because the adrenaline rush for it, and once we decided to go back after everything, we been told that there is no electricity, thus we decided to buy beers and chilled near the lakeside. FYI, I'm still a good girl that ain't into or addict with beers or whatsoever liquors :P

 -The lakeside-

 -Ryan @ LCC- 



 -Ben Hew-
He finally let me to take a more decent photo of him after so many snaps.

 -I need no introduction-

By, the way, this is not related to the content of the post, but this is my uni's library. I just found out that my library is not that "bad" to me during night time, and yes, I study at there til late at that night :P

Imma still so freaking awake though now it is 5.53 am. Been insomnia-ing quite some time and I seriously need to overcome it, or else, my body will seriously damaged or easily get old which is something bad for me :(