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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

H1N1 again

I don't know how the seriousness it affected my university but indeed got 1 UTAR student died of H1N1.
Seems like after the news not long, people tend to be more aware. I noticed many of the students are actually wearing mask to protect themselves from affected.
And for me? I don't really influence by the news I guess..
Right until now, I still believing that, it is not easy to get infected after all. :X
Dying of H1N1 is better than any cause you don't feel the pain.
According to Jason, it is more like a sudden death and you actually don't have any acknowledge of it and he said that is not worth cause we haven't inform of our will.
Thus, I told him, if I ever died of H1N1, all my belongings will goes to my family and please tell UTAR to burn one First Class Honour Degree certificate to me so that I died with no regret :X


Calvin said...

I'm a stranger here.
But wanna leave a comment as ur post seems interesting.
I'm not so greedy.
I just which they'll burn me a PHD cert and I hope some will everyday burn me money to use. XD

kAhYe3 said...

u r an utarian also? wow~ phd is not considered greedy?

evelicious said...

omg dear.. how come u so meant to utar.. burn ur cert for u..haha.. don think so much lar.. actually the student is nt dying becos of H1N1. so sad i talked to him last month n now he is nt here anymore..PRAY FOR him.. actually is a good thing for everyone to get alert of thiS H1N1..

u do take care.. wanna go clubbing wif u one day geh! but dono when.. hahaha