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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Giant @ T.I

Giant opening at TELUK INTAN on 28th May 2009 and the respond are overwhelming as you could see the picture below.

Seriously, their stuffs are ain't cheaper as what they always self-proclaimed.

But, overall we enjoyed hanging at Giant cause the 'feel'. I think only for those who hanging out with me will have the same kind of 'feel' too. :P

-I got No.229. Praying to got a space!-

Kampar here I come

I'm going back to Kampar in an hour time. Seems like I feel sad because this semester break, I have lots of fun with my buddies and friends. To be precise, my feelings kinda all mix up and eventually it turns out into the positive side. You see ya, before got my result, I felt worried, sad, eat lesser and can't enjoy to the max, but after got my result, damn man, I played like that's no tomorrow. Hanging out with friends exactly every nights, went for movies, crazying in newly open Giant, have my dinner twice and filled my stomach with supper again. So, can you imagine how I looks like now?
A super duper FAT girl!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Genting Trip at 19-21 May 09

Genting trip, here I come! I went to Genting with my dear and several of his friends. To be exact 5 couples of us. We went there on the 19th-21st May 2009. We spent our 3 days 2 nights at Genting having fun. Really fun and enjoying[it depends you been there with who :)] although I been there thousand of times since I'm at the age of 1, until now!

We been to dinner together(10 of us) on the first night at there. After that, we sort out at our own. Dear and I went for pool. After watching Snooker King, I had wanted to have a game of pool. Finally! Later, we had our supper at mamak stall at Rsc4 and we headed to casino for a walk. Really! I just walk in only and didn't gamble cause I'm a good girl!

The next day early morning, we went to Hao Mei for our breakfast. The foods there are so so only and costs us nearly RM50. Damn expensive! I will never dine in there anymore. After breakfast, we bought ourselves theme park tickets which enable us to play in indoor and outdoor. I thought myself will never go in the theme park cause I've been there quite often and yet the games are still the same. But, I did enjoy myself cause I felt that I got fully utilized the wrist band and play 'kao kao' whether at indoor or outdoor :) At night, we went to Pavilion for the Dreamz show. Nice show I should say! We enjoyed afterall! Oh ya, the night before I've mentioned I went to casino right, the second night we went in also with one of the couple and we lost 25 bucks! They won 10 bucks :)

Our last day at Genting, we went to the indoor playing machine games. Dear won me something! And it is so adorable. I love it! Thanks dear!

-Cute right?-

-Photos time :P-

-Random photos that we taken @ Genting-

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Previously, I've mentioned that I want to blog about chee koon's birthday, lynette wedding dinner night and her big day on 22/05/09... So, here I come with all packed in together due to my laziness yet I want to share everything during my semester break.

16/05/09 - Chee Koon a.k.a. Seng's 22th birthday

-The present we gave him-

-Birthday boy with all the pretty hot chics!-

-Birthday boy with all the hunks-

-5 handsome hunks (",)-

-S.H.E to be?-

Seng invited us to attend for his birthday celebration dinner as usual in Szechuan Restaurant. We had great time together as like small reunion for some who managed to attend. After dinner, seems like everyone is so damn energetic and here come we have 'Truth or Dare' session in Chee Koon's house after we been chased away by Ash's grandma(supposingly we are playing at Ash's house). The night is fun with all buddies and friends together but I only managed to resist until certain time and I doze off there while they still continuing until the day come.

17/05/09 - Lynette's Wedding Dinner Night

-Tyan-Phengy-Peik Mun-Me-


The charming bride with us-

-Bridegroom & bride with all of us-



-Congratulations, my dearie!-

17/05/2009, we were invited to Lynette's wedding dinner night at Poh Loong Restaurant. Once again, I'm here to wish that you and your hubby will be loving and happy together and do remember to give birth to at least half dozen of cute babies ya. (",)

22/05/2009 - Lynette's Big Day

-Lovely couple weds on 22/05/09-

-Bride of the Day-

-Me and the charming bride-

22/05/09, Lynette's big day as she ''chut ka" on that day. I didn't managed to snap more pictures and some of the pictures above might be in bad quality because it was taken with my 2.0mp camera phone. The other reason is because I'm busy with my duties as "pun leong" a.k.a. bride's maid. 1st time experience, so not really know what to do on that day but it was a memorable experience. I'm happy to see my friends happily married to the guy whom she hearts alot. Here I wish that you guys will be "pak tou dou lou"

-Genting trip up next!-

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally... They are released

Yo!!! I want to SHOUT OUT LOUD because I'm too happy!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to announced that I have PASS all my 7 subjects!!!

Please feel happy for me ok? Cause I'm been under hyperstress, hypertension and sad for the past 7 months because worrying what my result could be!!!

Thanks GOD and all my dearest friends that had been through with me all this while. I really appreciate it! You guys are the best!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I just want to let you know I'm really NOT happy.

Seriously, I don't know WHY but I just don't LIKE it!

I know I might be SELFISH but just NOT this time, and this "PEOPLE" please!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Little Update

Just a short update to let you all know that I'm still alive. Just back from movie at cinema at our very first BIG CINEMA at Teluk Intan. I watched Night at Museum 2 but somehow rather I think that Night at Museum 1 is better. Life getting hectic too during my semester break. I feel that I never have a proper rest and busy with stuffs eversince 12th till now. And the sad thing is I'm gonna going back to the "hell" approximately in 5 days time. SIGH~ Lots of things to share but I'm damn tired right now, I think I shall continue tomorrow. Will update my trip at Genting, bday and wedding celebration night and of cause my friend's big day today~

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today is the 4th day I've been lazying in my hometown... Lazy to do things and just watch little nyonya days and nights, nights and days, yet I'm still not done with it... After today will be slightly busier cause my time is packs with dinner. Tonight birthday dinner and tomorrow night wedding dinner. Hope I won't gain weight cause I'm dieting. Seriously! Haha~

Today wake up pretty early because already promise to have breakfast with him and his friends because his friends are leaving to KL for holiday before heading to the Genting trip.

I thinks now is the mango season for his mango trees, that's why there are alot of mango waiting to be pluck and two of us like "sor poh sor lou" excitedly pluck and pluck until we get hurt by those big red ants. Poor him. He get stinged quite a number of time but I just got once for it. It was fun. I wonder if I ever been to an orchard, the feeling is sure great for me. We plucked alot and yet there are still alot hanging on the tree. We even gave some to the aunty that passed by. The feeling is so good. And of coz, I grabbed alot of it cause I'm a mango maniac. Haha~ I love mango alot!!! The most important thing is, I enjoyed the process of plucking mango with him. (",)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coming back should be excited because finally I can meet my parent and my siblings and him. But, why is different from what I imagined? It's totally different! I hate that! Have you ever considered my feeling? Have you ever asking me how I feel? I been trying to attend to you even though I'm tired. Tired like hell! I been sleeping not more than 2 hours and I drive, when I reach home, I'm doing all the house chores and dinner with you but what's after that? Fine! You said I'm showing off my black face and letting out my temper? Am I? I'm not! I'm tired but have you ever asking me how's everything going on me? You never even a single word and blame me showing off my face to you and your friend. Wth? Why am I been blamed everytime? It's fine! Getting an sms from you is hard but seeing you sms-ing other is so easy. I thought I could received sms from you now since you are going for 3 days trip. But not even a single sms! Being an understanding gf, I know and understand that this is not what you want and of cause you should entertain your friends that are coming from faraway. I really mean it. But, have you ever just show your concern to me? An sms to me is just fine but yet I'm waited for more than 2 hours but I guess this is worthless indeed. To be precise, I don't think I stood a position in your heart and I'm won't be ur priority of cause. Never will! I don't even see myself inside your eyes anymore!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Year1 DONE!

Exam end officially today, 11/05/09

My prediction of the possibility of failing is strong!

Failing of QT1 and BAC2 is super duper strong!

God, I just hope I can't pass all my papers! Plzzzzzzz~

Year One done and Year Two ahead after the semester break.

Please welcome me back to UTAR with passing all my papers this SEMESTER!

P/s: Next, heading to Ipoh now!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Finally, tears roll down...

Dad called me and asked when my last day of exam... and told me he couldn't view the picture message that I sent to him on his birthday(7/5/09) and on the phone, I could heard that mum kept asking him to ask how's my exam... How's everything so far...

Then, dad passed the phone to mum. Mum asked me not to stress myself out. Seek for friend's help if couldn't solve or understand the question. Ask me remember to eat, drink more water and pray for HIM.

Ever since 21/04/09 until now, I told myself I have to bear until 11/05/09 and I dare not to call home even though I miss them so much. The same goes with them.(I guess they don't want to stress me out) I scare I can't hold myself from my tears. And even daddy birthday falls on 07/05/09, I also didn't call and instead sent him 2 messages because I thought of maybe he can't view picture message in his phone, so there still a simple yet a meaningful texted message for him this year.

I miss them so much!!!