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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dedicated to the Irresponsible "Person"

Please allow me to release my anger and frustration here.
Btw, this is my blog and why I'm asking permission? Wtf.

Damn [A]ngry, [F]rustating, [I]rritating, [F]laming I'm right now!

I tried my best to control my anger and feeling towards this particular "person" but yet I failed cause of some irresponsible answer that the "person" finally gave me at 21:51pm

Let me just highlight the problem that occured,

Today, mood of attending class is so so as I considered I woke up quite late, 9.30am(due burning midnight oil) to get prepared for the early class and quickly got myself dress up and prepared for the only class for today which is 10am-12pm. Take note that I'm not fortunate enough to obtain car sticker this semester that causes me to drive all the way to East gate, got parked, walk all the way to Block D, D116 and once I stepped near the class, I realized that it is empty and asked Jason to call somebody to ask. And that somebody said class is cancel and he received notice of class cancellation roughly at 8am plus

Based on above explanation, do you think that I can be not fcuking FLAMING?

Let me tell you what the "person" had said.
"Person": I went back hometown last night, my phone din have your contact number, so cannot tell you. I just come back only(21:40pm)

The question is, I asked the "person" why didn't inform that the class cancel to me.. And I really think the "person"
is bullshitting a lot by saying, "I went back hometown last night" which I don't think is necessary to inform me your whereabout.

Ok! Fine! Since the "person" don't have my number, the "person" HAS Jason number!

About the bullshitting things the "person" said just now really make me wonder whether is true or just a lie. But I don't think there's the need to lie.
Going to and back from JB approximately needs 10++hours if only by car and more than that if taking public transports and I last saw the "person" on Monday 5pm. Going back on Monday, 5pm and seeing the "person" on Tuesday,4pm++ online but the "person" told me, "I'm just back!"(21:45pm)

Is it possible? It is really puzzled me! and at the same make me thinks that it is quite impossible(take note : merely my own assumption)

The more I think, the more I got pissed off! Wtf.
I don't know why I'm wasting time to talk on worthless "person" for me here instead of getting my butt on the real business that I should have focusing right now!

When the angers just couldn't get off, you will see the horrible side of the girl bitching about the "person" right now!

Is time to get on cold shower and let all the angers GONE! All GONE

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