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Friday, May 6, 2011

For every of YOU ♥

Looking out from the window from my room, recalling the first time I moved in to here, and there was 4 years back!
How time flies! It's just like a bullet train! 4 years memories in Kampar, I'll never forget.
The first year in Kampar, I remembered how I wanted to get graduated and finish my degree but until now, I just realize I started to wish time could turn back.
Pardon me, I really wants to get graduated on time in this year without any obstacles, but what I'm longing is my precious time in Kampar with my come-and-along friends.

No doubt, in this 4 years, indeed friends come-and-go in my life; coming to my life, being a good friend that I could never ask much for and then leaving me, just like that.
I felt sad of course, but I know, this is a real world.
Friend will never stay long, and friendship does got it expiry date.
The first lesson for me in Kampar is about friendship. I see how this friendship could simply rotate in just less than a day, and life is not a bed of roses in Kampar as always.
Besides coping with social life, study is the second pressure to me!

I'm not an excellent student forever in my studies, but I just know I never want to disappointed myself, my goal, my family and towards all the friends that cares about me.
So, in this 4 years, I never really play a fool in my studies, takes thing for granted and indeed works out more as each semester approaches.
Every semester that I've gone through throughout my study in UTAR, I was getting pressure particularly with arithmetic!

I thought taking Business Administration, I will face lesser of arithmetic, but still every semester, there was at least a subject involving arithmetic.
That's was my biggest weakest and enemy in my studies!
I still remembered, during Y1S2, I need to cope with 2 accounts, 2 quantitative subjects and 3 theories papers.
If I couldn't get survived during that semester, I think life would change by now!
That particular semester was really painful, teary nights, sleepless nights, and I really wish to thanks to her! She is the one never stop encouraging and by my side.
Even, past few months, I had problem in my relationship, she still stands by me, protecting me and taking good care of me! How could I ever express my indefinite thanks to you for coming into my life. How could I ever thanks to Him for creating a bridge between us, and get us connected! You are really a best friend that I'll never regret knowing and I really wish this friendship will last long. Please promise me to do that, Ms. Shirley Kwong Chee Ai!

Life still gets on although might not be a bed of roses during this entire 4 years. What I've learned, I will always remember and treasure it! Life ahead just about begin to start, though I might not know how results will ought to be, but I really pray everyday that I'm able to graduated on time, this year. Uncertainty arises, will even make me to outperform and do my very own best! Fingers crossed, that everything will goes smoothly as how it supposed to be.

Though life is tough in UTAR, but I really glad that I've known variety of friends in my life. Some will study with you, some will play with you, some will pillow-talk with you, and of course there are indeed numerous of categories of friends just suited for you, regardless of any mood you had. For me, if I wish to have a sweet escape, definitely there are friends that can bring laughter and make me forget the reality for a while, and thanks to them, there's how I can work out from my pressure. As I'm not good expressing in words, I just want to let you all know that, regardless of any friends that I've known, I'll treasure and always keep in my memory, not wish to show any priority to any bunch of friends and neglected any side as well ;)
I all my friends!

Badminton Superstars' gang, which added me in their group in Facebook. At first, I thought, what the heck is that, and felt awkward to be invited to a group which I barely even know each and every person in that group. Seeing them updating and spam the wall before I knowing them, I felt wanna say something inside that group, but due to my personality which will freeze from doing anything with peoples I'm not familiar with, I hesitated and just be one of the stalker in that particular group. Knowing them is through badminton, and the first time playing with them is in Rakan Muda's court. From that moment, we played frequently and obsessively due I need training for the inter-faculty badminton tournament in UTAR. At one time, we even played until 2am in the morning and straight for mamak until 4am something, and I still remembered I will have class on 8am on that day. Though it's tiring, but I have fun with every each of them. Though the period of knowing them is barely 2 months which is not considered long, but all of them are simply awesome

Throughout my studies, I also feel grateful that there is always someone that could offer help in my studies when I encountered difficulties. The last group of friend which I've only known for a day which is the last day of Week 14 although they have been my lecture mates for 3 years! They are simply awesome, and never reluctant or hesitate to offer me help in business taxation and allowed me to join their group study. Although you all might not come across to my blog to see this, but here I sincerely wish all of you all the best in future undertakings!

To put all words for the freaking 4 years' life in Kampar is really not enough and I might need to come out with a book, perhaps, but each of every bits will forever restored in my eternal memory and never ever get deleted. This thing I can assured! Looking forwards for the new chapter in my life...

Thanks for everything, thanks for the memories each and every of you that have given to me, thanks for the ups and downs; THANK YOU is the 8 simple letter words which I could offer to each and every of you sincerely! All the best to all my friends in whatever you guys are doing, and must always remember me!!!

P/s : God, thanks for all the memories you have given to me! Please continuing to bless me to graduate on time!

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