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Saturday, June 4, 2011

End of NEET life and welcome to the REAL life

Ok, is my fault again! I'm just so lazy to update the part 2 of Malacca trip just because of many many reasons! As you see, being a NEET is not fun at all, no income=no happiness (shopping, travelling, self-pampering and etc) So, I 'm happy as I have ditched the title far far away for time being.

Remember after my trip, I'm back to TI, if I'm not mistaken, spent a week doing exactly nothing, everyday just sit at home, mushrooming and re-watch the dramas that I ♥ and not even moving my ass to do my resume until the very last minutes, until I'm bored of mushrooming, until I think there is a need to really move on, which is to face the reality, thus I turn on the job-hunting mode which also means I neglect on blogging.
My job hunting is pretty simple which is done not even 2 weeks, and zappp, I've got my first job! Yea, you didn't got wrong, and I'm working next Monday *sounds scary* which mean even before my 1 week HK trips!

I remembered I seriously applied through Jobstreet, browse every day from am to pm on 27th of May, and then I've got the first call asking me when can I travel to KL for the interview, and then I thought of following one of my friend who has just got offer to work in KL and will be travelling to KL on 30th, so I set up the date, hopefully can be accompanied of my friends to the freakout place because the dumbass me is so freak out of KL.

What to do, since KL got so many job opportunities, all big companies or even SME also are in KL, and the best thing is I can be close to buddies and my beloved, so I got no choice but to be brave to step out from a small hometown of mine, to venture, to get my first salary and the first satisfaction ;) *sounded so ba gan, and I know that, pls forgive me* WTF!

Coming back to this all stories, I considered that myself went for 3 and a half companies for interview session, and I tell you how the half got up with ;)

The first interview was the Aaa company which is doing outsourcing for it clients and job matching for people like us, the fresh graduates which is situated in Menara Standard Chartered in Jalan Sultan Ismail. Because of not seriously wanted to do the job, I didn't even prepare anything and just straight knock up the place and hoping to get the experience of interviewing. My first ever formal interview session ni! It ended up 3 freaking hours of that interview which including doing tests and ask-and-talk session. 1st was the consultant, then next the manager, and I vividly remember that manager scare the hell out of me! Seriously, and because of her, my mindset is made up that interview is scary, is just so FREAKING SCARY! Ultimately, all those confident level sinks so down until I'm just so not want to face all those interview, if possible. Yet, in reality, I know I can't unless I've got a job :(
Pity my friends that wait me for freaking 3 hours there and barely can do anything, and at the same time, I'm very glad that they are just so awesome, they don't even mind for that, but still I feel so sorry to let them wait for me for so long. Oh ya, it haven't ended, they called me up for the final interview to meet with the country manager, and seriously, I like her a lot, she is only 33! and now, she is the country manager of that company, and she does inspires me and teaches me a lot! But, too bad, even if I'm so fortunate so be shortlisted and employed, I just need to reject because that is not my first job ;)

The second one is really bullshit, the title sounds nice *management trainee* but in the end, what they want is only people doing sales. Sounds scamming huh?! I understand management trainee is kind of job rotation to learn everything including sales, but the job is mainly focus on sales. Words can be beautiful, and he said I can change to the position that I'm interested if I think I'm not suitable to do sales, but who can guarantee I will not forever stuck in the sales area. Seriously, I do not want to take the risk, and the pay is not attractive, though it will be when there are commission of the sales. Furthermore, the basic given also not enough for me to cover my expenses, so, how to work? Everything has it own pros and cons, and actually, in my pure and mere opinion based on my first impression, it will be a nice working environment if you are salesperson oriented cause the fun part is this job will requires you to travel often nationwide in Malaysia, it sounds interesting as can meet with a lots of people. Furthermore, the manager is so so so so naissss! A young manager in the age of thirties, and I don't even feel the pressure of being interviewed by him. Perhaps, he got less questions ;) and most importantly, he looks more like a friend than a boss. *OMFG! and I haven't reply yet to reject the job*

The third interview that I have went for is the job that I will be start working next Monday! The job which is my primary choice, which is in HR field. Of so many job interview I went, I do told them I wanted to involve in HR field, but somehow rather they like wanted to change my mind to sales. Ugh! Why HR? I have no reason, and to be frankly, I just know the surface of the job scope but I not even have single clue how it varies with what I have thought of. Perhaps, I realized that my degree doesn't take me far, or at least specialist in something, thus I left with no choice but to choose something that I think the most basic, HR. In my opinion, HR is one of the job that can let me understand everything from A-Z about a company, about how company runs, manages it company, which provides me clearer picture. And once again, everything is merely my opinion and since I'm fresh graduates, I really don't know much more about the society and because of my limitation of general knowledge of most of the thing that happen in the country, it makes me even less competitive. How sad :( But, it never too late to start learning from now, right? Many have asking about how my salary, and the pathetic me of cause not getting much more than any of my friends that are already working  in quite reputable companies, like Shell, IBM, Accenture and the banks, which simply earn them above 2.5k a month. But, it's ok cause it is just temporary and I do believe that! And if you wanna know why, simply come and ask me personally ;)
I shall refrain from making any comment of how the company looks like as I have no idea, but I hope that everything is smooth under my control and within my control as how it used to be. Why say so? I went interview on 2nd of June at 3pm and they call and offer me to work the next day before 12pm. The fastest response I have got compared to the 2nd interview which they are hiring, just waiting me to say a 'yes' or 'no'
I told them my availability date will be after HK trip, with approximately after 17th June, but yet they still said is ok, I shall start working next Monday and I can apply unpaid leaves from 10th until 17th, that sounds cool, but at the same time so not appropriate as working for 4 days, and then holidays for 6-7 days. I hope I can adapt to this company and I can perform well so after 3 months, I can get higher adjustment for my salary *fingers crossed*

The fourth is Bbb company in Wisma Genting, which I considered the half interview that I went for. Why? Part of me after receive offer for working in my current company, I also not in the mode of attending that interview and thought of call it off, but the damn line, I can't get through to the person-in-charge and I don't want blacklisted for not showing up in interview, so I went, and just hoping for a short interview, to please them. FML! The moment the person-in-charge interviewed me, she asked me one question and said I must answer honestly, did that job I'm looking for is what I want when she saw I wrote my expected salary of 2.5k, cause that job only pay basic of 1.3k and it varies a lot! I told her, I'm not as I'm looking for HR job and that job is so varies with HR job as well although the company is so reputable, that's why I'm clicking to that job hoping perhaps the job offered at least the pay that I am expected, but reality isn't as good as I imagine. FML! So, she wrote what I want and told me she will pass it to the HR and will alert me once they think got a job that could suits my preference one day ;) I thanks her and walked away, and thanks god, the nightmare of interviewing end for temporary until I wish to switch job ;)

What a long post I had did, and I'm not even realized that. Heh! Yea, I shall stop now as I'm going out to buy stuffs I need for next Monday! Pls wish me luck for my first job yeah~ ;)

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