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Thursday, May 12, 2011

NEETs in Malacca [Part1]

The NEET 1st destination of holiday-ing is in the historical town which is Malacca!
Being a NEET for almost 5 days, finally, my first vacation is in Malacca with the Badminton Superstars' gang (several of them). Yeah, the gang that I've mentioned in my previous post.

We departed at 6am from Kampar's mcD and before reached, we stop at Seremban for breakfast.Visited Seremban's famous Siew Pow and they bought some to have a try on it.

We reached Malacca after few hours drive and we did get lost few times before we reached our destination. Thanks to the GPS system that we had relied all the time, it definitely helps a lots! I think I need to get one too if I would be driving in KL. I remembered on the first day we reached, we wasted a lots of time just to find our lodging place, we searched up and down, and I think it took us almost 2-3 hours just to find our lodging place. End up, we gave up and proceeded to our 'jalan-jalan cari makan'. This is because instead of insisted to find the best suited lodging place for 8 of us, we might end up doing nothing on the first day! 

Had Malacca famous chicken rice ball for our lunch, but I'm not sure whether I went to the authentic one or just another random imitator of the chicken rice ball. It was my first try on the chicken rice ball, and I found it was not bad, or perhaps I was too hungry? 

After our lunch, we walk around ...

We walk, and walk, eat, and eat...

Later at night, we had satay celup in Jln Ong Kim Wee... and not forgetting the thrilling Day 2 in A Famosa as well as our last day in Malacca...
Er, guess I should resume my post later on in next post.
This is because the NEET will continue her journey to KL tomorrow to meet with her beloved , and she seriously need a good sleep tonight!
Good night peeps, and good luck for Mika in her last battle later at 9am.

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