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Saturday, December 3, 2011

One-of-the-crap OTY

It is December now! How's your almost-one-year of 2011?

Recalling back this January up till now, I've been through many ups and downs, but life is getting more challenging as I step into another phase of life. I don't know or predict when is the time for again another phase of life, but thanks God cause I'm still breathing and living in this world.

Well, of cause certain things might change so we just have to go with the flow of how it wants to lead us to.
I believe when you gain, you will lose on the other hand. Morever, the more you gain, don't expect you will forever same because you can read the proverb itself, "No pain, no gain" 
But, I am more greedy than anyone else out there, "Can I just gain, but without pain. or maybe lesser pain?"

Blogging have not been consistenly in my mind as I hardly can put in words of my thoughts, I feel that myself is weak in expressing myself. I rather choose to be silent even though there's been harmless miscommunication, or in one term we named it, "lazy" Yea, I'm forever a lazy bitch but tell me, is any out there is "hardworking"?

I went for a movie yesterday midnight with my colleagues, I felt touched by the story plot. I just hate why ppl tend to keep silent in their heart rather than voice it out their preference towards each other? Will it be just so sorry that the two souls are deeply in love but just can't be together? Why? Why? Why? I know it  is sweet if the two forever stay in that stage of ambiguity, just the world for both of two, BUT, I just feel so amiss or sorry! It is such a waste! This world is never a happy-ending world, but why since small, we are fed by all those happy ending fairy tale stories? Ain't it just so cruel to shattered a small kid dream?
I always said this this and that that, but when it really hit my butt, I failed to do what I've just said this this and that that. FML! I know I'm such a failure!

Crap is done! Welcome to my real crappy world, as if I'm healed, I will come up with more proper blog post!

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