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Sunday, April 17, 2011

B for Birthday, and it's 24th!

Once again, is your birthday again!
The last birthday celebrated with you was like 3 years back before you went to further your studies at UMS.
I'm so glad that this year I could make it and celebrated with you, accompanying you throughout your birthday :)
I still remembered the first time I did a fresh cream blueberry cake for you was for your 19th, and now you are already 24th!
How time flies!
I do hope you will love the cheese cake that I made, and I hope every year I could make a different type of birthday cake for you :)

I do hope you will like the pressie that I gave you, the surprises that I do for you and everything that I did for you.

Hope that all your wishes will come true and promise me to stay happy everyday :)
Don't wish to see you always worrying over things.
Remember, you are not alone, you still have me, your family as well as my family :P

Happy 24th Birthday my dear, with loads of loves and hugs from me :*

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