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Monday, November 16, 2009

Will 2012 happens?

Will "2012" actually happens?
I'm having my goosebumps when everything just end in a second, like zap it goes.
Even a city or a country could actually just gone!
Indeed, it is the best ever movie if were to compare to X-men, Transformer.(so far I think)
Can anyone tell me whether is it real that we will face "2012" in 2012?
Seriously, I hope not so!
If not, all of us need to have at least 1billion euro to be safe and get the ticket to the " gigantic ships"

Movie rating(purely my rating) : 9/10
*Nothing is flawless, k?*

-P/s : Gotta sleep now! Need to drive at 6am++ later! FML!-


ktee @ Calvin said...

NASA had all answer to ur question


David said...


2012 is fiction, a movie based on several books bases upon very poor interpretations of the Mayan calendar.

Another link to calm your fears.

This will download a pdf by Noted archaeoastronomer E. C. Krupp explains all the details, and the history of this mania.

Did the Mayans really think this? Is the astronomy for real? Do we actually have anything to worry about? The answers, not surprisingly, are "no," "no," and "of course not."

To make a long story short, December 21, 2012, really is a big flip-the-page date in the ancient Mayans' calendar. But there's no evidence that they believed the world would end then, and a fair amount of evidence to the contrary. Not that it would matter if they did. As for the planetary and galactic lineups that latter-day doom-mongers have tried to associate with that date, they're flat-out wrong.

But you probably have friends and family who are getting nervous that America and rest of the world will crack apart into cookie crumbs, tsunamis will sweep over the Himalayas, Earth's poles will flip, and a secret invisible planet will smack us down like a bowling pin. And they will be turning to you, the astronomy person, to ask about it.

Feel better now? Go on and enjoy a blessed Christmas season and ring in the New year and CNY with high hope and joy!