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Sunday, November 15, 2009

As I alway mentioned, hometown is superb. Yes, indeed it is!
With the companion of family, besties and friends, you can alway feel blessed, that's what I'm feeling whenever I at home!

Reach hometown on Friday afternoon, and the first thing to do was washing my 2324358676459138955 pieces of clothes cause the washing machine in Kampar had broken down. FML! While waiting the clothes at the washing machine, tidy here tidy there, that's so not me! I guess I have change alot! Not only that, preferences have change too! For eg, I madly in love with vintage styles. Hp hanger, shoes, clothes etc etc... That night itself, went out to chill at T-corner(should not be this name, but I forgot the cafe's name!) with the mummy Lyne, Karfay and BoonAik. Chilling session continue at Lyne's house and it lasts until 2am! Omg, never realized time passed so fast cause we chit-chatting nonstop from A-Z!

Saturday, as usual pokering in CheeKoon's house but that night, we have extra guests! The mummy Lyne and BoonAik. We drank, I guess! One sip also can make me felt dizzy, so, drinking actually is a big No No for me. Hehe~ But, have to entertain Saf cause he bought the liquors all the way from his house. I guess have to give face to him, right? Yeah, he told me that girls have to know how to drink to avoid being cheated. Is that the truth?
Some random photos of the night without caption. Im lazy for that!

I think my W705 Is damn suck at photo! Miss the K550i of mine cause definitely it won't fail me in photographing!

Sunday to be continued... Now have to prepare to go for 2012! I will let you all know whether is it damn nice as commented by those who have watched it earlier!

Signing off,

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