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Friday, November 13, 2009

Mister Potato

Lol! Can this photo caught the attention of the voters?
Log in to http://misterpotato.com.my/home.php and find this photo above and vote ya...
Votes begin 29th Nov 2009 - 5th Dec 2009
All my friends, please do vote me! Hehe~
Btw, I'm still finding the suitable Mister Potato's misai...


Anonymous said...

it's all your fault!!! why did you hack the voting system?! now all the pictures gone..

kAhYe3 said...

wtf? who r u? since when i hack the system? you thinks is easy to hack a system? so naive!!! the pictures are still there! if you dare to come in comment, plz leave ur name instead of bcome anonymous barking here!