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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Disgusting Message and the Mishaps

Ok! Whatever has passed will be aside and will blog it when it is the correct time.

Since everyone so interested to know about what the message that I got in my FB's message inbox, so I might as well share it here so that everyone could avoid this person too. FYI, this person is not in my fb's friend list and he is just so disgusting. Ewww!!~

I rofl so hard when I see the message and guess this pathetic person is just so boring and got nothing better to do. Haigh! Why this world is full of this kind of person, that is so damn sickening!

Another thing I wanted to share was those mishaps that had happenned in Kampar.
1st, it was the bridge collapsing and resulting death and injuries.
2nd, serious car accidents that involved 3 cars(if I'm not mistaken).
3rd, latest is today's mishap where 2 boys and 1 girl of UTAR suspected and fear drowned at Kampar waterfalls.
This news spread so fast and those people was msn-ing to get the latest news cause I'm from UTAR Kampar and guess I'm suppose to know that. (You should know is you, :P) Wtf right?
Next, auntie was calling to ask me not to go out especially to waterfall. Lol~
and I thought mum would call also to tell me about this but I'm wrong. Instead, I called her and let her know what have happened.
She is too busy having supper with gu ma and the cousins that have come back from KL. How I wish I were there too!
Back to those mishaps, hope that's the end of it. Pray that everyone in Kampar will be safe. Amen!

P/s : Fighting moment again!

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My Profile said...

lol. pity. but in a good way, u shud be happy that indian likes u too. =p