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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

♥ nky's ♥

My weekend again was totally awesome and a fab one!
Wanted to blog about the Mega sales hunting experience in Parade located in a small city, Ipoh on Sat, great night dinner at Hoi Ngoi Tin and outing with the family on Sunday and last but not least the birthday celebration for the cutie lioness shirley just now that we had for her!
It was a great one. We successfully throw her a small yet memorable birthday suprises that she will never forget, I guess...
Feeling great when the things run smoothly as planned, thanks to the brilliant me who actually requested help from my dear

♥ xoxo

P/s : FML! The exam ends not even in a week(END 16th)~ And I had booked on 30th. Really FTW!

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LiOneSs ShiRleY said...

Thanks dear!! i really got SHOCK!!!! even my leg is shaking while you all sand b'day song!!!~~~ (shame~~)...but i really very happy about this super celebration!!!! i never expect is you!!! i really thg u at home!!! haha...i love the present!!! searching around in parade that day....can't get any nice jacket!!! so sad....but when i opened the present paper....OMG!!! i love that jacket very much!!!! Thanks again....i shall say this here....i love the surprised contribute by you all!!! terima kasih!!! i love you guys so much!!! this night will become the most wonderful birthday surprised i had!!! .....really happy about that!!! i will never forget about this day!!! cause i can scare by you all!!! you are really clever...normally i won't get scare by peoples!!! but this time...i don't have defend chance...is a wonderful and unexpected brilliant wonderful birthday surprised!!!!!!i love you dear~~~