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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Raining, raining and keep raining? What has happen to Kampar?
Some people said Kampar has been cursed, with tragedy and fatal..
How true it was? Nobody will ever know.. FYI, ever since those tragic, some minor cases too happened but just getting not much attention from public, as for the reason no death involved, perhaps?

I'm still in one piece, no stress and waiting for another final to approach and I will off to Sabah for my year end vacation :)

Probably, some might find I have been MIA due to not updating this blog of mine.
Reason? Nothing special much to share(cause my life at Kampar currently is dull) except my awesome semester break, which is fulfilling!(which is an expired matters) to be shared.
But, i remembered I promise to blog about it. So, I have too! -_-"
Maybe just some summary of the expired semester break, k? Haha~
How should I start?
(1) I worked during my 3 weeks semester break.
Pros : Earn $$, have new mobile phone, get to know a lots of friends and some suppliers so that can purchase at the best price in future (FYI, if anyone happen to find any regarding phone or phone accessory, come find me! You won't regret k?)
Cons : Felt cheated by my stingy boss! Damn it!

(2) I pokered most of the nights with my male buddies. Poker is so much fun and addictive :P

(3) I hang out most of the nights with my male buddies too.

(4) I stay at home accompanied parents when I'm not hanging out with my male buddies.

(5) Just before this semester started, I went to Genting with the family for Miss Chinese Astro Live Pageant. It was awesome watching LIVE although you might sit at the farest possible area :P

(6) After the show, I went to KL. Have great time in KL with family accompanied by cousins.

(7) and that is Monday again, which is the day of new sem started. I drove back to Kampar at 7am. Wtf!

For you, it might not an awesome schedule for semester break but for me, it was so fulfilling and so much fun. Before semester break, I studied hard and the results I gained was a rather good one as I have improvement. It meant a lots to me cause my effort hasn't wasted :)
After final, I work! I work hard, play hard and utilize my days even though people always told me, 3 weeks better stay at home rest, but I don't think so!
Haha, that's me! I enjoy challenges and wouldn't like to be daddy&mummy's daughter that always stay at home and be protected all the time :)

Anyway, since new semester have started and now I'm already in W4, so I have to work hard for final which is approaching soon. Wish to get more better results :) *hands cross*
and, I can't wait to be back home again this Friday~

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