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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Due to final

I have back to Kampar once again although felt so reluctant being here.
The feeling of alone, emo, lost, etc..etc.. all so sudden pop out
I sick of being here aimlessly doing nothing and being alone all the time.
The feeling of alone can be felt deep in my heart only by myself.
You see me nothing, yet doesn't mean I'm ok!
Haigh! I need to buck up myself.
Only myself can help me from being so miserable.
Ppl, I'm fine! I'm just fine!
You know what? I hate bitch! Those fugly bitch that likes to pretend innocent and vulnerable.
Just get pissed off and outta my life!
Btw, I'm alone, emo, lost, etc.. etc.. is not because of anyone. Or the above "people"
Gotta seriously buck up, be tough and courage to face tasks that assigned to me as a uni student.
Quote of today, "Do it slowly, step by step BUT continuously, eventually you will find your pace"

Initially, charity work at Ipoh supposed to be the next post but just no mood. Will be blog it soon when I find my pace! :)

P/s : STRENGTH and PERSISTENT is the keyword of success for me

1 comment:

shirley...the lioness said...

hi dear....
Thanks for the encouragement from u!!
i guess u having same emotional like me!!!~~cz every time during examination period...u will getting very worried!!! i think the "step by step " is nice!!~~i love it!!!ye...really need to go by steps hope i can see u again next semester...actually ...i really very scare this sem...
i not sure whether will i c u again!!anyway...i hope i can graduate 2gether with u!!!i will try my best this time...hope i can accompany the last two years!!!!gambateh dear...cheer cheer too dear!!u can do it...cz everytime i c the style u study...i sure my fren can get well in her study n exam
...that's my believe in u....love u fren...b strong too~~~don't think too much...when u alone...then cm my house...we study 2gether la!!