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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hmmm~ I did said I will post about semester break rite?
Mission failed so badly as now it is already end of week2!! Lol~
Blog seems to me so unfamiliar with me but trust me, I still love to blog cause I love to share good things and also the bad things of me. Haha~
Now, I'm just feeling so tired and sleepy after a badminton game with my friends in Kampar.
FYI, I didn't go back to my hometown cause the assignments and some revisions need to be carried on cause the duedate is nearer. Next weeks to be exact!
I shall blog again after next week's midterms?
Notice that it was a three-rows-exam from Thursday until Saturday. FML!
Btw, lil bro's bday just pass! Hope that he will really grown up and be a good boy. *fingers cross*

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