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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exam's coming

Just checked out the draft examination timetable. I don't like the arrangement but I couldn't complain as if looks nice(no 2 exams in a day except the last day) although is a disaster. Well, at least, no clash but on the last day of the examination, I got 2 exams. Hope it will be fine for me!

Tentatively main examination time-table as drafted by the officer:

Wed(29/04/09) - Business Accounting I(RS) - 9am
Thurs(30/04/09) - OHR(M) - 9am
Mond(04/05/09) - QTII(M) - 9am
Tues(05/05/09) - Economics(M) - 9am
Fri(08/05/09) - CBLaw(M) - 9am
Mond(11/05/09) - QTI(RS) - 9am / Business Accounting II(M) - 2pm

P/s : Luckily the exam ended same as everybody in BA course.. If not, TT..

P/s : Hope the things is fixed also. No changes!

Gambate everyone!!!

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