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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Broke T.T

I went to Tesco just now for my meal. At first the initial plan is to KFC but somehow rather, my legs were dragging me into Sushi King and I really can't resist the temptation of it cause the very last time I went to Sushi is in January after the new semester begins. That's freaking long time no Sushi for me!

-Before meal-
-Posing at the "blank"ATM with Angulicious-

And I'm currently craving for Sushi King's bonanza which falls on 13-16/4/09!!!

-Meal @ Sushi King-

We did shop after Sushi...

and this make me spent even more...

Oh, I'm so BROKE!!!

But, I love the pairs of shoes that i bought... (2 pairs @ RM40 ONLY)

and the hair accessories as well (all items got 50% discount leh...)

Gotta stop blogging as need to do assignment as we need to pass up this Friday!!
... and it simply means that I'm going back home on the same day as well after the last class

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