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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random post

It's Sunday now which means I'm so free and finally have guts to continue to do the next new post. Mummy called me past few days and worried about me cause she saw my post in the blog. At that moment, I felt so sorry cause make her worry about me and my tears rolled down and I can't controlled myself and I bloat everything out and make her stress too. Sorry, my dear Shirley and thanks for always being there for me when I needed it. I'm so touched and feel great when I know out there, I'm still being cared and blessed. Supposedly, being an adult, I should know how to take care of my emoness, stress and whatsoever shitty negative attitude of mine, but I just failed. But, mummy, I promise you that I will stay strong and take good care of myself. I will be brave enough to handle all those challenges that had been assigned to me well. I will disclipine myself and get motivated in life. I will stand up and won't give up.

Back to those few days of what was happening and to cut it short, let't start on last Wednesday when my nerves were getting tense when I've known that I still couldn't handle yesterday midterms, I started hooking up with notes, tutorial questions and those 3 days are totally awful cause I'm so tense and stress when I couldn't able to anwser anything and I couldn't remember the things that I need to remember for the sake of the midterms... Last 3 days are totally absolutely hard for me and well, I did make it and here am I now. I'm so obedient as I studied, sleep and eat ONLY. No entertainment at all. No laptop. No movies. No games.

Because of being so obedient, well I managed to anwser in my midterms(perhaps Econ not doing so well). I did felt proud of myself cause I kill all those evil peeps within me. Guess what, they are Mr.Fear and Miss. No Confident. Thanks to all the support from all my dear friends as well.

From Wednesday till Friday night, I'm not at home fyi and I was staying at 1318 Westlake in one of my cute dear best friend house to do revision. I really want to thanks her for this 3 nights and really sorry if I might bring any inconvenient and dsturbance to you.. But, I know you are too good and you won't mind right?

-B1, Westlake 1318-

-The place where I study that 3 days-

-Shirley Kwong Chee Ai-

Well, let's me talk bits about this pretty lady that I've got to know her. I think I got to get close with her around the end of the last year semester. We are both born in the year of rabbit and I think that what make us have so many things in common, is like we have chemistry, besides my babes, Ashlee(don't get me wrong, I'm not lesby). She is very kind-hearted and humble person I can say. She is willing to teach you anything you could not understand and will make sure you understand what she is teaching you, in another words I can say, patience. And she has positive attitude to go through every obstacles that she currently facing(don't worry ya, I will alway support you!) and because of her never giving up spirit, this has inspire me not giving up as well. Good job, gal!


Chemhoster said...

What stress, emo you have, gotta deal with it! I thought you're a pretty strong girl. Haha...Anyway...hope that you're fine and you will always be fine and kicking! Cheer...:)

kAhYe3 said...

thankz... :)