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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Im awake, finally!

Hey ya, I'm here again. I woke up early in this morning and I realized how wonderful in this morning as I smell the new of me. This morning initially covered by tears but ended up with a breathe of release. Ouch, I feel so lighten up. Thanks dear for accompanying me this early morning. We chat, we communicate and it feels great and mean so much to me. The quote of my feeling right now, there is another brand new days for tomorrow even though today you feel is a bad day for you, accept it and remember tomorrow is a brand new day. Oh yea, life is about 2 choices according to Ash's latest post. It is meaningful and I choose to live life meaningfully instead of complaining of life. Not forget that a mail I read this morning, is a story to those who take life for granted and in this story, simple humility and communication tell us that it could resolves most of the problems as well as patience. It touches me also and of cause it refresh me and let me know that to start live a life free of grudge and most importantly communication is the main key!

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