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Sunday, March 22, 2009


When I was small, I wish I grown up and now, I'm an adult but I wish to turn back the times. As an adult, there are really many things to fuss about. Sometimes, I think I am over-reacting over some particular matters but I just couldn't help myself not to worry about it. And in the end, I kept thinking and stressing about, I pull myself so hard and sometime at one moment, I find myself couldn't breath. Really hard to breath and feeling so struggle. Once I worried about studies+exam and of cause the worry will have never ending until the day it finish. Then, there come about my little brother and now is my mum! I will not exaggerate the contents much as it won't help to solve problems. Maybe you are right, I should take medication, Ashlee. Or maybe it was all about me should keep myself loose and not worry over unpredicted things? Or maybe I should just don't bother everything that is within my control? God, please give me direction.

P/s: I think I should continue "Winter Melon Tale" before I really goes mad!

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