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Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm lost right now but I know I'll find my way soon

Every people or maybe most of the people will know what they want in their life and find their way easily but for me, I'm totally lost. I'm not alone but yet I feel lonely most of the time. Friends are many out there, but friends who are willing to share my downs are really hard to find.(Are you the one?) Sometimes, I tend to be so passive until I mess out everything. I also don't know since when I become someone who will get emo and passive frequently but I really don't wish to be like that. I'm working hard to control my emotion and find my way back. And at the same time it works but it might fail also at certain times. Exam is getting nearer which makes me feeling stress easily. Ray told me to pray to HIM so that I feel better but will HIM listen to me as I not belong to HIM? I think I'm not. Then who am I? Where do I belong to?

If YOU are really listening to me, I pray that YOU grant me strength to endure all this weeks until the exams finish. I pray that YOU give me wisdom to make me understand better of what I'm learning. I pray that YOU enlighten my days with shinny sun and not cloudy rain. I pray that YOU reduce all my stress and emo feeling. I pray that YOU bring peace and joy into my life. I pray that YOU bless my family members so that they live happily and healthily. I pray that YOU bless all my friends so they are doing great all the time. I pray and hope that YOU actually listening to me...

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Raymond@HenRayes said...

Lord will bless you not because the Lord wanna you to believe that He got listened to you but the Lord do it bcoz He loves you. To get the Love is not about questioning but is about faith.