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Monday, March 9, 2009


I thought going back home will be better but it turns out to be not so...
I don't know why am I so emo in this semester. I'm really. Really never feeling happy and relax like how I used to be in last semester as I know I can't accept the feeling of failing. It totally hurts and traumatized me!

I still have 2 midterms left in this trimester which falls on Saturday. Both subjects had been tested in midterm test 1 and the results I've got simply not delighting which means I need to double up my effort but since midterm test 1 the result I've gotten is so bad, how could I do well in midterm test 2?

Sometimes, feel giving up but the moment I think about the efforts I've been forking out since foundation, I know I simply can't because that is my choice. I can't change my destiny anymore but yet I know I can work hard.(Can I?) Really hard to move forward. Furthermore, there are 2 peoples here are waiting for me, waiting for my graduation. I just don't want them to feel disappointed. I know they are giving the very best to me and they are working hard to provide everything that I've ever needed it. They are the only reason on why I am still holding on.

I've thinking of finding a job if I really can't hold on(I really want them to attend the convocation of mine), I've thinking of changing course if I really can't do well(but that will lead to wasting time of 2 semester), I've thinking to work things normal and just let it be(I failed, I couldn't and I'm too weak)

Tasks ahead that have to be done:-
10/03/09 - Tutorial Presentation
11/03/09 - Law Assignment Presentation
12/03/09 - OHR Assignment Presentation
14/03/09 - QTII midterm test 2 & Econ midterm test 2

I need guide from someone. Please tell me what should I do.


evelicious said...

why are u givin up so fasT?? just take it as a test! if u able to go tru all this i think u can do better in ur future! don let those small thingy disturb ur mind! just try ur best! as u said u wan them to attend ur convo the possibility to do so is high if u never think of givin up yet!

jia you ba! think it positively...

i knoe the stress n pressure u r having but this doesnt means u need to put everything away!

SinTzeAdamLoo said...

1st, you need a sleep and that will do. It stops at least a few portion of stress. I just passed these period week ago. Don't give up!!! Think it's an extreme challenge!! Do all averagely, avoid the imbalance of results. Be optimistic a bit!! Cheer up girl!!

kAhYe3 said...

feel like crying when seeing all these encourage words i got... i wil try hard.. i wil!