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Monday, November 22, 2010

We in Genting-KL ♥

Hey there,
I know it's been some time since the last update!
Ok! I got reason for this! I'm having a very very SHORT semester in this semester! I traveled a lots back then very weekend with my dear! I been as while busy coping with fyp/assignments/studies!
Er, I lied..... cause the ultimate reason behind of not updating is because, "IMMA LAZY" :X

Let me rewind some sort of things I have done previously. Just a random one, ok? Cause I found out myself don't remembered well things that are past.

#1 I have been to Penang during Deepavali with my dear. So good of him to plan a short vacation with me during Deepavali, when both of us are free since it is public holiday. He wanted to bring me to TAO, as he always complimented how good the food was. I probed then, and asked, "Why not in KL? TAO has another outlet in Sunway Giza" He told me that he want to run away from the 'stress city' once in a while. Poor him, has to face the stress of working in KL. Hope it would be better for him when he move to Accenture. Alright, let's get back. We went to have the best Cendol and Penang fried Kuey Teow. Satisfaction achieved! I personally felt if you have been to Penang, and yet didn't get to taste the delicacies that I have mentioned, don't even said you have been to there :P Later on, we went to War Museum, the Aquarium and had a stroll in Autocity before we went for TAO, which is the ultimate reason for this short vacation :)
The food there no doubt was sumptuous, but the best is doubled up when you having your companion by your side for everything :)
By the way, thanks to Pun Chong and his gf for the hosting and the ride during our entire day in Penang :)
P/s : Photos of Penang is in FB, go and have a look if you are my friend in FB XD

#2 Last week, Haji's holiday, which is another public holiday, I went to Genting-KL with my dear and we went there on Tuesday late evening. November month is full of holiday in between 2 weeks, and this enables us to take a break from our daily routine to go for a short vacation. It has been a year plus since we last went there. Things doesn't change much there. We been to casino, because I dragged him in, since at 12 am, everything is closed and we have got nothing much to do after the dinner at GICC.

 Some sort of stationery association dinner held at GICC

 The funny him tried on the pampers and see whether it absorbed water or not. How silly he was. Lol! I have no idea too why pamper is included inside the pack of gifts because it is supposed to be all stationery inside.

This is taken early morning before we went out for our buffet breakfast :)

 and this? Lol! He insisted to back for toilet break after breakfast. I must admit that his digestive system is way too efficient :P

The earring from him ♥ and I have another 2 pairs
Please ignore my chubby face! :(

#3 So, on that day itself, we went back to KL, which is on Wed afternoon due to transportation problem we were facing. This is because we suppose to meet up our friends but we had to back before they even arrived. Since we can't do anything, why not we back to KL and we still can chill out at KL ♥ Reached KL around 2pm if I'm not mistaken. Back to home to drop our luggage and waited to go out for our lunch, and we went to Station One at Taipan USJ, 10. The food served was yummylicious ♥ 

 I must admit that Imma way too health conscious recently and sky juice is the only beverage I ordered every time I went out for meal. Does this sounds aging? Oppss :X

 His meal



Seafood spaghetti

After meal, we went for pool session. It was not fun at all because I kept losing to him. 
Hmmmm, is guy is more talented in every sports compared to girl? Duh, I must nail him one day, er, if possible. Lol!
We then went to Summit for movie, watched Megamind, which is some sort of cartoon-ish movie. He might be mature from outside but childish from inside, that is why Megamind? Lol! But, I still  him a lots! I enjoyed the movie but he told me he almost fall asleep because he was too tired. Poor him.

We ended our night again at Station One near Sunway because we promised to meet up with friends that we were not able to meet up at Genting. Chilled for a moment and I was just too tired to really have a nice talk with everyone there. I guess it will be ok cause I will meet them soon coming Saturday for our lil princess Hayley 1 year old birthday bash party. Can't wait for that because everyone can gather and meet up because this opportunity is rare after everyone has their own life after graduate from high school

I must admit that I took a lot of time to just finish up this post! Hmmmm, my ability of blogging is getting weaker due to Imma clueless for words. FML! *yawns* Time to hit to bed, and I will update more if possible :) 


【✿艾丝特】 said...

Babe,sweet hor..keep it on ya...^^

kAhYe3 said...

sweet? hehe.. thanks oh my dear... :)

S h e a T e n g said...

swweeeetnyer!!! dah berdating tak kenal d. :(

kAhYe3 said...

Mana berani. Agaknya tak tau siapa tak kenal siapa. Ish