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Friday, September 24, 2010

Night without Light

The night, before exam week but yet close to the study week, there is a sudden blackout in the place where I stay which left me no choice but to spend my time at the lake side with several friends of mine, beering while enjoying the cool breeze. 

Kampar no doubt is a dead town for most of the people, but for me I simply adore that for the simpleness of it.

Enjoy the night where after dinner, we went for the K-session just because the adrenaline rush for it, and once we decided to go back after everything, we been told that there is no electricity, thus we decided to buy beers and chilled near the lakeside. FYI, I'm still a good girl that ain't into or addict with beers or whatsoever liquors :P

 -The lakeside-

 -Ryan @ LCC- 



 -Ben Hew-
He finally let me to take a more decent photo of him after so many snaps.

 -I need no introduction-

By, the way, this is not related to the content of the post, but this is my uni's library. I just found out that my library is not that "bad" to me during night time, and yes, I study at there til late at that night :P

Imma still so freaking awake though now it is 5.53 am. Been insomnia-ing quite some time and I seriously need to overcome it, or else, my body will seriously damaged or easily get old which is something bad for me :(

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