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Friday, December 17, 2010

Shopping ♥ Shogun ♥ Movie

tThe next day, which is 15/12/10 before he starts off his new career in Accenture, Ray brought me to Sunway for glutton-ing, shopping and movie purposes. Indeed a caring bf he was because he knew that the following day he will not able to bring me go around, thus we spent our day fruitfully on that day =)

We reached Sunway around 11am, and since we wanted to go for Shogun which their buffet will only be operated at 12pm, we went for shopping and he got his hair-cut. I managed to get myself some new apparels, which are two pieces of lovely floral vintage-ish dress. 
the dresses and of course him a lot, cause he bought that to me =)
Photos are not shown as Imma lazy to capture and I don't have a nice camera to shoot, and which results the photos below are so in low quality. My w705 seriously is not getting any better in capturing photos but still there are handy when I don't have camera. Er, if you notice the post we in Genting-KL, the photos all are taken by my sis's digital Sony TX-5.
Can I  have a camera for my christmas wishlist? * Santa Claus, can you hear me?!* Lol!

Ok, enough for crapping, I shall continue. Before we went for Shogun, we went to Krispy Kreme to have donuts to fill up our growling stomach. Original glazed is always my favorite though it is simple with just sugar coating it. Other than that, it never get into my nerves as Krispy Kreme, is rarely available in the place I am living now. If you asked about Big Apple, I got at least top 5 favorites :P

 Notice the hair-cut that he got for himself? He's been complaining and until now, he is still complaining, which you can see it in his quite latest status in FB.

 We at Shogun before start to glutton =)

The varieties food we had, and of course, there are lots more, perhaps due to my priority is just on the food, this is consider better already compared to TAO *giggles*

After glutton-ing, shopping and so on, is time for us to go for movie. I been always wanted to watch the new movies that will be screening soon which is on 16th Dec 2010 featuring my favorite, 'Xiao Xiao Bin', but that day is only 15th! Hmmpph, and I hope TI will be screening it, or else I think I will get my butt up to Ipoh for that =) We went for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of Dawn Trader. It was still a nice movie though I don't get to watch the first and second of Narnia movies.
We went home right after movie because he needed to prepare for his stuffs for his job the next day. 

The day is fun with his companion, though sometimes, he likes to mess with me, makes lame jokes and makes me angry. Well, sometimes he is just so adorable when you seeing him acting like a child. I you a lot, Ray Chow! Do you me too? Lol!

Everything is just so wonderful when I'm with you


【✿艾丝特】 said...

Babe, I love u too...XD

kAhYe3 said...

i love u too babe... muacks muacks muacks

edd said...

manyak sejuk oooo